Check Out This 71-Minute Interview with BREAKING BAD Creator Vince Gilligan

     May 9, 2011


Surely Breaking Bad fans are foaming at the mouth for more of their favorite series, and fortunately for them, the fourth season premiere is coming on July 17th this summer.  But until then, maybe we can quench your thirst with this extensive interview with series creator Vince Gilligan.  Of course, with an interview this long, he doesn’t just talk about the AMC drama, but also his days writing for The X-Files.  However, for those just interested in new tidbits on Breaking Bad, he does mention this season will get even darker (though won’t lose some of the twisted humor that has run through the series).  And what might be a cause for concern, is that Gilligan seems to hint that the series could come to an end after the fifth season in 2012.  We’ll have to wait and see what happens this season to really see where the story will be headed though.  Anyway, check out this lengthy interview after the jump.

Here’s the interview courtesy of Spoiler TV.



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  • tk421

    uh. Great uh inter- uh- view. Just wish uh that there were less uh instances in which uh the uh uh translator at the beginning uh interjected “uh”. That was as painful as reading this comment.

  • Dogg

    Epic interview! Answers every question I’ve ever had about the show.

  • Grilled Cheese

    The name is Gilligan, actually.

  • Jason

    As much as I love this show, ending after 5 seasons is actually a great thing. Too often a TV Series jumps the shark because it outlasts it’s premise due to high ratings and greed. Look how perfect The Office is as two short seasons and a special, compared to the meandering US version that is actually going to keep going after Steve Carrell has left!
    Having an end in sight means they’ll write towards it and end on top.
    We should be thrilled that the makers of this show have that kind of artistic integrity.

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