Limited Paper: Ken Taylor Does BREAKING BAD, Ltd. Art Gallery’s Video Game Series, Mondo’s New Prints for STAR TREK & THE AMBASSADOR, and More

     August 22, 2012

Been a busy past few days, has it not?  Jock released his eagerly-anticipated Dark Knight Rises AP’s, Gallery1988’s long-running Breaking Bad series came to an explosive finish (offering up a brand-new Ken Taylor screenprint and an amazing gallery show), and LtD Art Gallery announced a new video-game based art show debuting at the end of the month.  Oh, and Mondo just announced a kick-ass new poster for one of the year’s best documentaries, The Ambassador.

Wanna know more?  Sure ya do.  Meet me after the jump, my fellow Limited Paper enthusiasts.

There’s a ton of stuff to get to in today’s edition of Limited Paper—the end (or is it?) of Gallery1988’s Breaking Bad series, Mondo’s new poster for The Ambassador, LtD Art Gallery’s video game-themed Press Start show, and more–so let’s just jump right into it.  Might as well start with the exclusives, right?


We’ve covered Ltd. Art Gallery before here at Limited Paper (they’re not to be confused with LtDedition Gallery, the UK-based gallery that pre-sold Mark Englert’s The Oldest And Most Mighty Race in The Universe print last week;  these guys are based out of Seattle, Washington), and we flat-out thrilled when we learned that the gallery’s latest show would be a video-game-themed series called Press Start. Here’s what Ltd. Art Gallery’s owner, James Monosmith, had to say about the show:

(Quote) As PAX Prime descends upon the city of Seattle, we wanted to put together a really special group show to celebrate Video Games and the artists behind them.  We teamed up with two artists from VALVe to curate the show, Andrew Wilson and Erik Kirchmer.  Together they rounded up over 30 of today’s top video game artists to create a special collection of original and limited edition artwork. Hailing from Rockstar, Harmonix, VALVe, Double Fine, and more, these artists will depart from their everyday jobs to create new artwork inspired by their favorite video games of the modern era. (End Quote)

James was kind enough to forward along a few teaser images, some exclusive pricing info, and some new photos for us here at Limited Paper.  Some of these images may have been seen elsewhere, some not, but all pricing info is brand-spanking-new:

  • Rollin’ by Scott Campbell
  • 12×12”
  • $600 original watercolor on paper

  • Sokrovenno Forest by Andy Helms
  • 12×18”
  • $35 giclee edition of 5

  • Tiny Team Fortress by Willem-paul van Overbruggen
  • 12×19”
  • $40 giclee edition of 20

  • Link by Mike Oeming
  • Original

And here’s those exclusive debut images, two of which are full poster reveals…

  • Chell by Willem-paul van Overbruggen
  • 11×19”
  • $40 giclee-on-watercolor-paper edition of 20

  • Original by George Davis
  • Inspired by Street Fighter’s Dhalsim

…and a few of which are just teaser images:

Pretty snazzy, right?  This show sounds right up our alley, and it’s probably up yours, as well.  Indeed, for as much overlap as there seems to be between “gamers” and “poster collectors”, the industry seems to be suffering from a major shortage of kick-ass video-game prints.  Press Start appears poised to rectify that shortage with a quickness, and we’ll be keeping you informed with more updates about the show (including, Poster Gods-willing, some exclusive new images) as we get closer to Press Start’s Aug. 31st opening.

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