Limited Paper: Ken Taylor Does BREAKING BAD, Ltd. Art Gallery’s Video Game Series, Mondo’s New Prints for STAR TREK & THE AMBASSADOR, and More

     August 22, 2012


We’ve been covering Gallery1988’s Breaking Bad series all summer long, and this past Monday evening we were somewhat sad to see it come to an end.  Questions remain as to whether or not this really is “the end”, however (there are still more than a few slots left to be filled on the BreakingGIFs poster chart LINK:, and the final season of AMC’s series won’t wrap until next year), but for now it looks like Ken Taylor’s poster—and the dozens of Breaking Bad-themed pieces of artwork that debuted at Gallery88’s show Monday evening—are going to be it for now.  Here’s Taylor’s poster, along with some of our other favorite prints from that show:

  • Breaking Bad by Ken Taylor
  • 24×36”
  • Metallic inks, yo!
  • $75 edition of 300 (8-10 sold at show, 200 sold online, 100 AP’s)

Shortly after this poster debuted, a few Breaking Bad fans noticed that Taylor had left out a few of the show’s supporting characters:  Walt Junior, Marie, the guy who runs the junkyard that helped Walt and Jesse kick off season five.  One character seemed more sorely-missed than all others, though, and d Limited Paper was greatly amused when Chicago-based artist Ryan Marvin (who’s got more work on display over here LINK: whipped up this totally-not-real “Variant Edition” of the poster:

  • Breaking Bad:  Huell Variant by Ken Taylor, Ryan Marvin
  • Totally Not Real, Still Funny

Let’s be clear on that one more time, before anyone goes firing off any confused emails to Gallery88 or Ken Taylor:  that’s not a real poster.  The picture above is something a fellow poster collector/artist whipped up as a joke.  It is for your entertainment only, not available for purchase anywhere.  Everyone on the same page?  Good, let’s look at the rest of our favorite Breaking Bad prints from Gallery1988’s show:

  • The Dance of Mister Heisenberg and Santa Muerte and No Mas by Matt Taylor
  • 11.75×16.5”
  • $60 edition of 50 (both)

  • Breaking Bad: The Animated Series by Ian Glaubinger
  • 11×17”
  • $50 regular edition of 30

  • Breaking Bad: The Animated Series (Spoiler Variant) by Ian Glaubinger
  • 11×17”
  • $65 variant edition of 10

  • I Am The Danger by Aled Lewis
  • 16×16”
  • $50 edition of 50

  • Laundry Day by Mike Mitchell
  • 8×10”
  • $30 edition of 75

  • The Last Bucket by Mike Mitchell
  • 8×10”
  • $30 edition of 75

  • Yo by Mike Mitchell
  • 8×10”
  • $30 edition of 75

  • Cheetos Not Fritos by Mike Mitchell
  • 8×10”
  • $30 edition of 75

Phew.  Pretty impressive, no?  There’s still a ton of Breaking Bad artwork to see over at Gallery1988’s page and I would absolutely recommend that all of you take a swing by their site to check it out.  Sadly, most of it has already sold out at this point…but there are a few pieces left for those of you who missed the drop earlier this week, including a few original pieces!  We still don’t have confirmation one way or another as to whether or not G88’s Breaking Bad series is going to continue…but until those slots are filled on the BreakingGIFs periodic table, we’re putting our money on “Yes”.  Stay tuned for more as it becomes available, folks.


Last but not least, we’ve got a trio of new prints from Mondo, who—as you might’ve noticed—has been relatively quiet lately.  The word ‘round the campfire seems to indicate that Mondo’s gearing up for a big presence at this year’s Fantastic Fest (September 20th-27th, in Austin; as someone with a badge for Fantastic Fest, Limited Paper certainly hopes that turns out to be the case), but it’s also entirely possible that they’re simply preoccupied with the rolling and shipping of the 9,000+ Dark Knight Rises prints they sold last month.  Just today, however, Mondo announced a trio of new posters, one of which has ties to Drafthouse Films’ latest acquisition…and two others that join the ranks of one of Mondo’s long-running series:

  • The Corbomite Maneuver by Todd Slater
  • 18×24”
  • $40 regular edition of 360
  • $65 variant edition of 130

Obviously, these first two factor into Mondo’s long-running “Star Trek Episodes” series, and are from artist Todd Slater (who you might recall as the guy who turned in the long-awaited Crawlspace-themed print for Gallery1988’s Breaking Bad series).  Let’s check out the other poster, for Drafthouse Film’s recently-acquired doc The Ambassador:

  • The Ambassador by Delicious Design League
  • 18×24”
  • $35 edition of 115

On a side note:  if you’ve not already seen The Ambassador, I strongly recommend that you give it a shot sometime soon.  It’s hilarious in a number of twisted ways, filled with pitch-black humor and some of the most savage truths about modern-day foreign politics that have likely ever been captured on film.  It’s absolutely worth seeking out…as is this print.  Delicious Design League hasn’t done a ton of work for Mondo so far, but what they have turned in has been pretty cool.   All three of these posters will drop sometime tomorrow—that’s Thursday, August 23rd—and you can follow @MondoNews to find out when, exactly, they’re going to be for sale over at the company’s website.

That about does it for today, folks.  We’re going to have a lot more for you this week–including yet another poster-related contest—so be sure to keep your pages bookmarked for more Limited Paper goodness in the near future (if you haven’t already turned in your artwork for our Star Wars/Gangsta contest, by the way, you have until midnight tonight to get that turned in!  We’ve had some excellent, hilarious submissions thus far, but there’s still time to get yours in.  As always, if you’re a gallery, artist, or just someone with a cool poster-related bit of gossip to share, you can reach us directly at  Everyone else should make sure they’re following us on Twitter @LimitedPaper, and once you’ve done that….feel free to sound off with your thoughts on today’s news in the Comments section below, folks!


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