September 11, 2013


It was only about a week ago that Breaking Bad star Bob Odenkirk talked about the possibility of a prequel spin-off titled Better Call Saul.  Now word has it that AMC and Sony Pictures Television have agreed on a spin-off prequel series, conceived of by showrunner Vince Gilligan and character co-creator Peter Gould, that will tell the tales of sleazy lawyer Saul Goodman before he ever crossed paths with Walter White (Bryan Cranston) and Jesse Pinkman (Aaron Paul).  Plans are for an hour-long prequel pilot with an expected series order from AMC.  Now, the elephant in the room is that since this is a prequel series … what’s going to happen to Saul in the final few episodes of Breaking Bad?  Fingers crossed that Goodman makes it out alive.

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Parking ticket? Slip-and-fall? Mass murder? Better Call Saul! Get familiar with Odenkirk’s character in this commercial:

Here’s the official statement from AMC and Sony:

NEW YORK, NY, Sept. 11, 2013 – AMC and Sony Pictures Television confirmed today that they have reached a licensing agreement for a spinoff of Vince Gilligan’s landmark AMC/SPT series Breaking Bad. As conceived, the new series is based on the show’s popular Saul Goodman character with the working title Better Call Saul. Plans call for Saul to be a one-hour prequel that will focus on the evolution of the popular Saul Goodman character before he ever became Walter White’s lawyer.

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  • Kevin

    I’m interested to see what they are going to do with this.


    FUCK. YES.

  • sunshine

    only a week ago huh? they’ve been talking about this for over a year. way to be on point.

    • awaiken

      they are obviously talking about the most recent time odenkirk has discussed the possibility, not the first time.

    • The_Smirking_Revenge

      Yup, I thought the exact same thing. Glad I wasn’t the only one.

    • Nick

      Way to be on point? He’s clearly referring to it being a week ago that this was unconfirmed and still a major question mark.

  • scott_baiowulfgang_amadeus

    I’m all for more of the Breaking Bad universe, but think this may end up suffering the same fate as The Lone Gunmen. I’m sure we’ll get a full season order on Breaking Bad respect alone.

  • Strong Enough

    really? meh. i cringe every time Bob’s face comes on screen.

    • awaiken

      keep those drugs to yourself

      • Strong Enough

        you don’t want some?

    • bombinUSA

      You’e still the biggest idiot on collider. lol
      Strong Enough is a Big Bang Theory fan btw, obviously he has no clue about what he’s talking about. haahaa

      • Strong Enough

        Hey i watch breaking bad. but Saul’s face for an hour? too much.

        and i despise Big Gang Bang. dont you ever EVER say that again. thats worse than being called a nazi

      • Guest


      • Strong Enough

        whooo thats better

  • ThisGuy01

    I think as long as they go into with an actual overarching story in mind & not just a “On this week’s episode” style sitcom, it could work. Hopefully though it will be able to stand on it’s own two feet & won’t rely on gimmicks like Saul getting a coffee & running into a pre-meth dealer Walter White being a dorky science teacher.
    At the very least they’ll get a season out of it.
    …Might make that “Breaking Bad” Barrell Series BluRay set feel incredibly incomplete though.

  • The_Fifth_Baker

    I want to see an open-ended continuation that can go anywhere and end on its own terms, not a prequel that’s bound to lead inexorably to Breaking Bad. Hopefully the mention that it’s a prequel is just there to obfuscate Saul’s fate in the final episodes.

  • LEM

    I hope Bill Burr will be a regular on this. I just noticed it says prequel so I’m guessing he may get killed by the end of the season.

  • Daniel O’Reilly

    Could be awesome, if Gilligan and his writers are involved. If they aren’t, fugheddabouddit.

    And regardless of what happens to Saul in Breaking Bad, I’m sure we can agree he’s never going to be the same after his time with Walt anyway. So a prequel series is probably the most entertaining way to go.


    I love Breaking Bad, but Gilligan and co need to move on a make a new show with new characters. Ending with season 5 of Breaking Bad is the perfect length, making a prequel series seems like milking it.

  • Nick

    With how tight lipped everyone is about this final season, I can’t imagine they would give such a blatant hint to Sauls fate with this new. I mean it could still be announced and TVA on whether its prequel or sequel. I’m thinking this is a clue that he is gonna make it out alive, because I just don’t think theyd allow this news out otherwise. Plus, some dramatic character can thrive on the fact that we know going in, how and when he will die… But Saul is not that kinda character. How fun is it gonna be to laugh along with our favorite lawyer if we know the whole time that Jesse puts one between his eyes or Huell calls in for some help?

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  • mattritchey

    I love Odenkirk, I love Saul, but my assumption is that BCS will be a comedy? Coming off of BREAKING BAD, that has great possibilities of being a huge letdown. Sure, I’m totally jumping to conclusions as they’ve probably only just finished writing the Pilot, but Saul and Co. are comedic sidekicks. I love Skinny and Badger and I love the comedic aspects of BB, but it is NOT a comedy….. which begs the question: would a comedic Star Wars TV series based around C3PO and R2D2 work? (By the way, they did a similar thing with the X-FILES. Anybody remember the short-lived LONE GUNMEN TV series?)

  • pinkincide

    Hmmm, so is it a comedy?

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