Poster for BREAKING BAD: Season 5 – Part 1

     June 4, 2012


The first half of Breaking Bad‘s final season premieres in a little over a month (July 15, to be exact), and promotions for what is certain to be an explosive encounter are starting to drop like one-eyed toy bears from a plane crash overhead.

For those who still haven’t regained sufficient respiratory functions since last year’s heart-attack-inducing finale, seeing where Walter White has ended up (and more importantly, where his relationship with Jesse stands) will be a welcomed, if slightly feared, reveal. Check out after the jump how the new poster suggests the weary despot formerly known as Heisenberg might make a decent prospect to take the Iron Throne (or the Presidency). Further, take heed of Aaron Paul‘s (Jesse Pinkman) comments on how to prepare for the new season.


He is the danger. He is the one who knocks. But he really needs to consult a decorator.

Season Four left us with plenty of questions. Did Walter poison Brock? Was Saul involved? Will Jesse find out (and find out about Jane)? And what will happen when and if he does? Walt finally and completely “broke bad” last year, establishing himself not (in Wire terms) as a Gus-like Stringer Bell or even the militant Avon Barksdale, but as the nihilist Marlo. No Jubilee for you!

As if there was any doubt that the upcoming season was going to be a stunner, Aaron Paul said via Twitter, “Breaking Bad will return to your Television sometime in July. Make sure u wear your diapers because I’m pretty sure u will shit yourself.” [sic]

Ding ding ding ding ding!


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  • grittymcgritterson

    AH. MER. GERD.

  • jcho

    I’m a grown man and don’t usually do this but HOLY SH*T I CANNOT WAIT FOR THIS! There is NO show better.

  • tarek

    Best tv show to date. Followed by the Killing.

    • junierizzle

      The Killing, more likeThe Boring. Hey-oh!

    • Jarrett

      Ha – it’s funny ’cause it’s true…

  • Conor

    1. Six Feet Under
    2. The Wire
    3. Mad Men
    4. Breaking Bad
    5. The Sopranos

    • Allison

      I am so happy you are reppin’ Six Feet Under – so often forgotten and under-appreciated in Top TV lists these days

  • Sandra

    It’s getting less and less original by the season.

    • Mello Mastikan

      I guess it’s a good thing is the last season! Now get back in the kitchen and make me a sammich!

      • Sandra

        Thanks for not missing a beat and proving my point about the only demo that is remotely excited about this show at this point.

      • T.G.

        Where’s the like button when I need it?

      • Mello Mastikan

        @Sandra, funny how your original post mentions not a thing about a key demo. Which demo are you talking about? People with good taste demo? Where’s that damn sammich????

  • emily

    oh em gee. i’m ready for this

  • cat farts

    Why is he wearing Ipath shoes? He didn’t ever wear those before, did he? Something fishy about that. Or not at all.

    • Tmo

      They look like wallabies to me lol

  • W.E.

    Yeah they are Wallabies, the preferred choice of the King.

    All Hail Walter White!!!

    Seriously though. There has never been another show like this on the air. While I may agree that Season 4 wasn’t hitting on all cylinders, you better believe that Vince will bring the end about with a bang and end this series like no other. He got his 2-8 Episode Arc he wanted and He’s got all the pieces in place to make history here.

  • Thunder

    so excited!!!!!!! but I am so bummed the final season is divided into 2 parts!!!

  • Franklin

    This poster looks like a subtle jab at Game of Thrones. Cool.

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