Vince Gilligan Unpacks the BREAKING BAD: The Complete Series Blu-ray Barrel

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With the holidays fast approaching, you might already be thinking about buying Breaking Bad: The Complete Series Blu-ray Barrel Set for that special someone (or just yourself, no judging).  In case you’re on the fence about making the purchase, Breaking Bad creator/showrunner Vince Gilligan is here to unpack the entire set to show you what you’ll get.  I won’t ruin the surprises here, but the creative team behind the set has added some special goodies just for the fans (“Magnets, bitch!”) and a host of exclusive material that will only be accessible in this collection. Hit the jump to check it out or click here to pre-order the set on Amazon.

Watch Gilligan unpack the Breaking Bad: The Complete Series Blu-ray Barrel Set below, and find out how you can order one for your own collection:


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  • Lee Harvey Cobblepot

    “7 money barrels?” Oh, Vince!
    Also, Magnets!

  • bidi

    if there was a bar somewhere that actually honored the challenge coin, that alone would be worth the price tag

  • LEM

    It’s something you buy and then never look at until you’re cleaning or moving and wonder why did I spend $200 on this?

    • Varun Hk

      one does not simply buy Breaking Bad on Blu-ray to ignore it.

      • LEM

        but you will.

    • Nick

      I half agree. But once Netflix no longer carries BB and you want to relive this think it’ll be a nice toy to have around. I with they used an RV not a barrel. There’s not enough early early references or items it’s all season 3+ stuff.

      • LEM

        It’ll always be available. If even the most useless forgettable garbage is available from years ago do you really think Breaking Bad will be hard to find? I may have bought it if the case was a mini replica RV though.

      • Nick

        Well I’m certainly not saying anything to disprove that statement.. Just saying when it’s not as conveniently available.. This would come in handy.. Especially in bluray

    • Liderc

      Totally agree. All the episodes are available online or on netflix, so it’s kind of pointless to buy the set for 200 bucks, especially with it not fitting in any type of TV table.

      • Dab-Rag Jacob On Ice

        Well it’s not entirely pointless, apparently this box set contains 55 hours of bonus special features, something netflix does not offer.

      • LEM

        Yeah, you’ll never find those online.

      • Dab-Rag Jacob On Ice

        You could torrent for the bonus features, I suppose, though then you’d miss out on the commentary tracks (or at least, I’ve never found any torrents featuring commentaries). But in any case I hoped you enjoyed being snotty for no reason.

      • Nick

        It’s not exactly snotty,.. It’s a valid point that $200+ is a hefty price tag for something that can’t be rewatched all the time. Most of the value is in the documentary and the kick knacks but they don’t warrant the price tag. I can promise most of the fans willing to purchase this are already own most f the DVD or blu ray seasons

      • LEM

        Exactly! these things are the last cash grab until they can wait long enough to do a re-release or anniversary edition with “new unreleased footage”. I love Breaking Bad but the way these companies take advantage of fans is disgusting.

      • LEM

        I enjoyed being right for good reason.

  • Nick

    Has a show ever cared more about its fans? Most shows and cast affiliated with them would back off when something this explosive takes off. The past two years the show had a much more massive following and the cast and show runner do MORE to say thank you. I hope this changes the way other shows go about treating the people keeping them on the air

  • allysonjru104

    мʏ ƈօ-աօʀĸɛʀ’ѕ нαʟғ-ѕιѕтɛʀ мαĸɛѕ $86/нʀ օɴ тнɛ ʟαքтօք. ѕнɛ нαѕ вɛɛɴ ʟαιɖ օғғ ғօʀ 10 мօɴтнѕ вυт ʟαѕт мօɴтн нɛʀ քαʏƈнɛƈĸ աαѕ $19285 ʝυѕт աօʀĸιɴɢ օɴ тнɛ ʟαքтօք ғօʀ α ғɛա нօυʀѕ. ι тнօυɢнт αвօυт тнιѕ fox200&#46com

  • Chase

    Pretty lame, really.

    • bombinUSA

      you’re retarded, do you have down syndrome?

  • tarek

    This guy loves his job. This is a neat packaging.
    Lucas delivered the lamest packaging in the twelve systms for his star wars collection.

    • dolphin558

      I know of the Solar System but where are the other 11? Did Pioneer or the Voyager probes discover more?

      • tarek

        Ask Luke.

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  • Scott Baiowulfgang Amadeus

    Easily the best complete series package I’ve seen. I ordered one as well as the 24×36 7 color silk screen prints. It comes with a UV code for the entire series, which is a must if you want me to re-buy a complete series that Ive already bought each previous season for (shame on you Dexter for not including one.) I look at it as an investment. I’ll enter the UV code and be able to stream or download in 1080p forever and when the set eventually goes up in value I’ll consider flipping it.

    • dolphin558

      Agree. The barrel concept is a winner.

  • dolphin558

    I think having the DVD/BluRay set in barrels is a great idea, creatively.

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