BREAKING BAD Spin-Off Series BETTER CALL SAUL Could Be a Prequel and a Sequel

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AMC definitely wants more Breaking Bad any way they can get it, and they feel their best route is the spin-off series Better Call Saul, which would follow everyone’s favorite sleazy lawyer, Saul Goodman (Bob Odenkirk).  The network is aiming to premiere the series in summer/early fall 2014, but apparently show creators Vince Gilligan and Peter Gould are still deciding when the spin-off should take place.  Fans know that Saul ends up in a very different spot than when he first appeared, and they’re understandably interested in both his origin and his future.

Hit the jump for more. [Spoilers ahead for those who haven't finished Breaking Bad]

breaking_bad_tv_show_image_bob_odenkirk_01In the penultimate episode of Breaking Bad, we saw that Saul had given up any hope of retaining his law practice, and he went to start a new life in Nebraska.  Previously, it seemed like Better Call Saul would firmly be a prequel series, but Odenkirk tells IGN that Gilligan and Gould are looking at other options:

Well, I’ve talked to Vince (Gilligan) and Peter (Gould), who are writing and creating the series, about this and I’ve said that a lot of people do want to see what happens to next to Saul. So, I don’t know what they’re going to do. I know they’ve talked about prequel, but they’ve also talked to me about sequel, and they’ve also talked to me about a mix of prequel and sequel.

Odenkirk also says the writers are set to get to work in a few weeks, and that the show will be 70% drama and 30% comedy.

I know I’ll watch the show (or at least the first couple of episodes), but part of me wants to leave well enough alone.  Even though Walt is dead and Jesse is in the wind, the universe still feels fragile, and trying to change or augment it through a spin-off series is risky.  I don’t feel the need to see anymore, and the end of Saul’s arc is a good ending for the character.  His punishment—losing everything including his identity—fit the crime, especially when he joined “Team Kill Jesse”.  A new series could be entertaining, but it still feels unnecessary.


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  • 80sRobot

    Maybe they will go for a format that is like Arrow or LOST: The main narrative is set in the present, with flashbacks.


      Or maybe..they won’t!

      • tertiaryintervention

        Or maybe it was all just a story the real mastermind Saul Goodman is telling the cops during an interrogation. Better call Saul starts with the same ending as the Usual Suspects, except for one twist. The cop never figures it out. Saul walks out smiling gets into his car, cue opening theme.

        Produced by
        Vince Gilligan

        Bravo Vince.

      • tertiaryintervention

        Or maybe it was all just a story the real mastermind Saul Goodman is telling the cops during an interrogation. Better call Saul starts with the same ending as the Usual Suspects, except for one twist. The cop never figures it out. Saul walks out smiling gets into his car, cue opening theme.

        Produced by
        Vince Gilligan

        Bravo Vince.

  • JBug

    Give me straight up comedy. I want to see Saul do what he does best.

  • LEM

    It could work like a comedic version of “Blacklist” they would then be able to retell his stories and wrap up each case in the present where he provides information for arrest as commitment to his immunity deal.

  • variantkermit

    uh, the last story you posted and the exact quote from Gillian was “If Bad was 75 percent dramatic and 25 percent comedic, Saul will be the opposite.” you flipped it

  • Jay

    It needs to center on Saul getting the best case scenario he told Walt about: managing a Cinnabon in Omaha. Flashbacks can show his earlier years as a lawyer, maybe leading up to when Walt and Jesse showed up.

  • Jim

    After watching the last episode of Breaking Bad I had the notion that they might go they might go with the present to where he ends up, and then flashback on him looking back and what led to him being there.

  • GuyX

    What’s this 70/30 drama/comedy business? I thought it was suppose to be more comedy than drama? Plus why are they setting up a formula like that in the first place? I also don’t think this is a good idea. Saul was a great SUPPORTING character. Look at how “Joey” turned out after Friends. Saul was great in small doses. As exciting as the final season of breaking bad was, watching it again just doesn’t have the same rewatch value of “The Sopranos” or The Wire. David chase truly was a genius with the cut to black finale. People are still talking, debating, thesis writing etc on what it all means(check out masterofsopranos blog for a total mind fuck and answers/theories on what happened to Tony Soprano in those final minutes). Breaking Bad had nothing to say as its thematic narrative was pretty thin. Great acting and suspense but no substance. How many POV shots from random objects during a cook montage did they need? In 5 years time I think the hyperbole on BB will die down. Was it an entertaining crime drama? Hell yes. Does it belong in the Parthenon of great, best ever, TV shows like The Wire, Sopranos, Deadwood or Mad Men? No way. deus ex machina used way too often, style over substance storytelling and, worst of all, fan pandering quote bait lines like “I am the danger”, “Say my name”, “I am the one who knocks” etc shit like that gets most fans excited but I see it as the lowest form of contrived writing

    • asdsa

      get over yourself. the reason television shows are created is to tell a story and then end it. I loved the sopranos but hated the ending. I just spent 6 years watching a show to ultimately have to discuss with others what I think happens to him? ummm, nothing because Tony Soprano isn’t real. if you’re going to tell a story, don’t leave it open ended. open it and close it. the wire did that and so did breaking bad.


        The Sopranos ended. You just didn’t like the ending they chose.

    • bombinUSA

      you’re a freaking idiot, breaking actually got BETTER from multiple viewings as you pick all the little nuances that are splashed throughout the show.

  • kemo

    make it all three: present and flashbacks and/with crossover (then you can have the Walter and Jesse Cameos)

  • rhizomeman

    I’m really surprised by this spin-off – Saul isn’t a very interesting character and the show definitely does not need some half-erect spinoff to milk it dry for all it’s worth. It was a great show – time to move on.

  • tertiaryintervention

    Saul’s a fucking chameleon and brilliant. You think it would end because he lost his name? He’s a Walt level genius. Better than Walt in one sense because he made it out alive. No way he’s not doing something he loves. And he loves playing with the law.


      saul is not a walt level genius. he may be a clever lawyer but he does not compare to a brilliant chemist.

      • Rex Philip

        One could argue that Saul is a genius at one thing and Walt is a genius at another. Sure, law school is easier to get into than Miley Cyrus but both are ignorant of each other’s professions.

      • tertiaryintervention

        To be a genius at something irrespective of the subject is a rare and beautiful thing. And Saul was, regardless of what Nick Fart has to say up there, Saul was and is a genius.

      • tertiaryintervention

        B-b-but science isn’t lawyers. That’s you, that’s how you sound.

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  • movieguy223

    He went to go start a new life in Nebraska…watch Alexander Payne’s new movie, that’s the best sequel we’ll get for Saul Goodman. He’s totally readjusted to midwestern life, and now his dad is Bruce Dern. You take what you can get.

    • Alan

      Then he ends up sleeping with his sister, Laura Dern. truthbomb#

  • Doobie Brothers

    The prequel would be better. We would find Saul in his first law gig working for some old sleazy lawyer who teaches him some tricks of the trade.

  • heisenberg

    Well I think what you all don’t get is Heisenberg is still alive. They never really showed him dead. If he is dead, Saul could channel him. Seriously, I think there are many ways to further this story. Meth sells anywhere. Maybe, Jesse and Saul hook up and they begin a new enterprise with a Cinnabun franchise and they get cozy with the Russian Mafia. Instead of blue they use cinnamon coloring for the signature and instead of ALBQ they concentrate on Iowa, Montana, Nebraska. Hide theie lab in a mountain and distribute in Cinnabun trucks. Every franchise is owned by the Russian mob and they pay franchise fees to PINKSAUL, Enterprises. Guess who runs the books for them…the former MRS. White. or Maybe Saul was the mastermind of it all and ends up relocating with millions and has his buddy track down Jesse to entice him into running the lab.

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