AMC Considers Saul Goodman BREAKING BAD Spin-Off

     April 9, 2013

With Breaking Bad coming to a close this summer, AMC is apparently desperately looking for a way to keep cashing in on its success.  While many would say Mad Men is currently the best show on television, I’ve always given the edge to Breaking Bad, which is just as cinematic and full of visual metaphor, yet also has the fantastic ability to make viewers want to reach for anti-anxiety medication.

The considered spin off would star Saul Goodman (Bob Odenkirk), and series creator Vince Gilligan would be on board to create this new Saul-centered world, which could be a half-hour comedy.  Hit the jump for more possibilities.

bob-odenkirk-breaking-bad-spin-offThe notion of a Saul spin-off isn’t entirely new, as Gilligan previously talked about the idea last summer, but this is the first we’ve heard of AMC seriously considering the potential series.  While I absolutely love the sleazy but pretty criminally brilliant Saul (“Better Call Saul!”), his character has gone (thanks to Walt) some dark places in recent seasons.  He’s great for comic relief when it comes to the rest of this sometimes very heavy show, but I’m not sure if, removed from Walt and Jesse and those entanglements, he could really be sustained.  Would be show be a revolving door of his wacky clients?

Apparently the show is being considered from all angles at this point: drama, comedy, hour-long, half-hour … but the bottom line is, even with Gilligan (and Peter Gould, a writer and producer for the show who helped create the character of Saul), would the show end up being a Frazier? … or a Joanie Loves Chachi? (perish the thought).


  • Guest12

    I don’t know a single person that puts Mad Men ahead of Breaking Bad….Some people say Game of Thrones is better, but Mad Men? Not a chance.

    • The Exploiter

      All 3 are fantastic.

    • Burgundy

      Probably because you only know philistines.

    • -

      Well, people have been calling Mad Men one of the best TV dramas ever since its first season. Breaking Bad, not so much.

      • tarek

        Mad Men is a so boring series.

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  • sloan

    First of all, fuck that Darby guy and whatever this facebook thing is, you can’t trust a guy named Darby, that’s what grandma always used to say.
    Secondly and more importantly let me comment on the article itself… Sual Goodman, Oh the possibilities, but like you said Allison, it does seem like a cash grab. What else does AMC have after breaking bad ends? One more year of Dick Whitman and Co. and then what? Hell on wheels? Walking dead? The killing? I almost fell asleep typing/trying to remember those shows. I don’t need mediclorions and I don’t need to know what Saul is gonna after these eight episodes. But will i shamefully tune in if it does happen? You’re God Damned Right.

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  • LEM

    I’d watch it.

  • nintendo zapper3

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE! amc do this for all the ODENKIRK fans out there. just ONE SEASON to satisfy us, please say yes! OH this is pathetic and pandering but i will grovel on my knees, BOB DESERVES HIS OWN SHOW FOR JUST THIS ONCE!!! AND WHO BETTER THAN SAUL GOODMAN!!!

  • Anonymous

    Do it AMC, please. BUT only if Huell stays. Huell must stay, that would make Huell happy.

  • mike

    I’ll bet a $1,000 it never happens.

  • elektropickfarts

    interesting but i am not so sure about this one….i would rather get another two seasons of this brilliant show instead but like all great things it’s best if it comes to a definite conclusion before it ends up being shite. I think a Shield (Chiklis) type of show with a hot headed Hank working down in Mexico or something would have been the way to go and not Saul spin-off.

  • Wesley Johnson

    How about a gritty take on the Odd Couple with him and Mike?

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  • Johnny

    It’s FRASIER. Google is your friend, Allison.

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