Brett Ratner Wants To Reacquaint You with HONG KONG PHOOEY

     July 13, 2009

Hong Kong Phooey (1).jpg

I’ve learned over the years that Hanna Barbera, despite their egregious animation shortcuts, is capable of inspiring intense devotion from people who grew up watching their many Saturday AM cartoons.  Apparently Brett Ratner is one such devotee as Variety is reporting that he will be producing a live-action feature based on the famed studio’s short-lived 1970s series “Hong Kong Phooey”.  The show, about a talking dog living a double life as martial-arts knowing crime fighter, ran for only two seasons on ABC – just long enough to make the show a Hanna Barbera rerun classic.  Alex Zamm (“Inspector Gadget 2”) is directing from a script by “Family Guy” executive producer David Goodman, though how they plan on getting a studio interested in updating a series largely unknown to anyone under the age of 30 remains a mystery.

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