Director Brian Taylor Talks GHOST RIDER: SPIRIT OF VENGEANCE: Updates on Budget, Characters, Story, and is it a Direct Sequel?

     March 19, 2011


The Nicolas Cage-starred Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance recently wrapped filming in Europe, and co-director Brian Taylor recently sat down and spoke at length about the project. While 2007’s Ghost Rider, starring Nicolas Cage, wasn’t necessarily met with an enthusiastic response, Taylor and co-director Mark Neveldine took a vastly different approach when they came on board for the sequel:

“We basically said, we want to do it, [would] absolutely love to do it, but it’s gotta be 100% different from the first movie, everything, except for Nic. We want the character to look different, feel different, sound different. The backstory of the character’s different, the origin of the story is expanded upon in ways that the first movie didn’t hint at, at all. The location’s different, the whole cast is different; the only thing that’s the same is Nic…It’s pretty much a reboot, only with the same actor, which makes it: a requel. Or a seboot, I can’t decide which one I like better.”

This definitely sounds like good news for fans who were unhappy with the first go-around. Hit the jump for more from Taylor on the project, including what attracted him to the film, his thoughts on villain Blackout, and when we can expect to see the first footage.

In an appearance on Think Hero’s For Your Consideration podcast, Taylor talked about what attracted him to the project in the first place:

“The first attraction was Nic and the second was the character and just how cool it could be. [I wanted to] kinda make the Ghost Rider movie that I wished I had seen before.”

Taylor also took a moment to address rumors of a larger-than-expected budget for Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance:

“The reports of the budget of Ghost Rider have been greatly exaggerated. It’s about the same as [Gamer]. We didn’t have a lot of money to make this film…but we’re pretty creative. It’s gonna look fuckin’ huge.”

Finally, without giving too much away, Taylor talked about the villain Blackout making an appearance in the film (played by Johnny Whitworth, from Gamer), and revealed when to expect the first footage from the flick:

“[Blackout’s] a fun character. His powers are pretty cool, we did things with his powers that aren’t in the original comic books…We’re gonna do a huge splash at the Comic-Con. That’s when we really want people to see what the new, evolved Ghost Rider looks like as well as the first peeks at the villains.”

All in all, Taylor’s approach to the film actually sounds pretty promising. I guess we won’t really know until we see footage to get a feel for what the film will end up like. Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance stars Nicolas Cage, Johnny Whitworth, Ciarán Hinds (Munich), Violante Placido (The American) and Idris Elba (TV’s The Wire) and is slated for a February 17th, 2012 release. To catch up on all of our Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance coverage, click here.

Here’s the video of the podcast. Taylor’s Ghost Rider talk begins around the 4:00 mark and lasts until about 10:10.

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  • Jake

    I went to see the first movie in the cinema, and when i came out i said to my mate ‘The villain was SHIT, and there was no action at all, just ghost rider looking in peoples eyes and riding bikes’ So let’s hope these guys give us what we wanted the first time round, i have faith.

  • Bill Reed

    I have never been this excited for a sequel to a movie I hated.

    Also, I vote for “requel,” but that’s because I’ve been throwing that word around for a while now. Comic movies are prone to this– Superman Returns, Incredible Hulk, and now the new Ghost Rider. They pick up after the previous films but with a new cast and a bit of hand-waving; a soft reset.

  • Excpired

    Part of the problem with Ghost Rider was that Nic didn’t really fit the part, but I guess if they could improve on everything else it won’t be bad. The dialogue was pretty lame in the first movie and that was half of the turn off, the dialogue in the Ghost Rider comics is just epic and it makes you feel bad-ass.

    I’ll see it because Ghost Rider is my favorite comic book character right next to Tank Girl (well, I like Jet Girl more than Tank Girl but you get the idea).

  • Liza F

    If it’s with Cage as Johnny, then it’s never going to really be right. Ah well.

  • Stinky

    Hey director, I think we’re all trying to forget most parts of the first flick.

  • nNark

    Man… you woulda thunk they’d give Cage the boot and keep everything else! Aw, heck, the rest was crap, too. Sorry to dump on the entire movie, but really, it was yet ANOTHER case of Hollywood’s misguided catering to fanboys and general audiences alike. See, it almost NEVER works! And when it does, it either spawns inferior knockoffs, or no one goes to see them. I say, stop making movies for the fans!


    Is Taylor wearing the Ghost Rider costume in this interview?

  • Dane


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  • Matt1

    Still waiting for the last part of a great ‘Blade’ trilogy (I choose to completely ignore the fact that Blade 3 ever existed!)!!

  • Neitdern Smith

    Amazing impact on fans of Ghost Rider movie. I had read review of this sequel movie and i think, Mark Neveldine have brought some extra thriller scene in this movie.However , realizing date of this movie is too late but we can wait for it.

  • Pgitt
    I can’t wait for the third Ghost Rider film that has nothing to do with the previous two, except for Nic Cage. Ghost Rider has turned into the inverse of the Hulk.

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