Brian Taylor on ‘Mom and Dad’ and His Syfy Series ‘Happy!’ with Grant Morrison


One of the many films to premiere at this year’s Toronto International Film Festival was writer-director Brian Taylor’s Mom and Dad. With the film getting the Saturday night Midnight Madness slot at TIFF, everyone knew one thing: it would be a crazy ride. And that’s exactly what Taylor delivered on his first film without Mark Neveldine (the Crank films, Gamer).

If you haven’t yet heard of Mom and Dad, the pitch-black horror-comedy stars Nicolas Cage (who is awesome in the film) and Selma Blair, and begins in the real world. Parents struggle to deal with their kids, and everyone is just trying to get by. Suddenly, without warning or explanation, parents around the world turn violent against their own children and won’t stop until they’re dead. The film also stars Anne Winters, Zackery Arthur and Lance Henriksen. For more on Mom and Dad you can read Phil Brown’s review.

Image via TIFF

The morning after the world premiere I sat down with Brian Taylor for an extended video interview. He talked about being at his first film festival, partying with Nicolas Cage after the premiere and what that entails, how he’d describe the film to people, his editing process, the shooting of one particular scene where Cage goes nuts with a sledgehammer, and so much more. In addition, he talks about what happened with his Twisted Metal movie, his new Syfy series Happy! based on the Grant Morrison graphic novel, and reveals the three actresses that were in the running for the Amy Smart role in Crank – and one of them will definitely surprise you.

Check out what he had to say in the player above and below is exactly what we talked about.

Brian Taylor:

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