Bryan Singer Talks X-MEN: DAYS OF FUTURE PAST, Previous X-MEN Movies, MAN OF STEEL, STAR TREK, and More

     August 6, 2013


Last week, we reported that the Fantasia International Film Festival was hosting “Rated X: An Evening with Bryan Singer” where the director would talk about his life and career.  They were also showing footage from his upcoming movie, X-Men: Days of Future Past, and it turns out they showed the same trailer from Comic-Con (you can read our recap of that footage here).  During the conversation, Singer provided some details on Days of Future Past, but also gave his thoughts on his previous movies as well other pictures including X-Men: The Last Stand, Man of Steel, and Star Trek.

Hit the jump for more.  X-Men: Days of Future Past opens in 3D on May 23, 2014.

jack-the-giant-slayer-bryan-singer.Regarding the previous X-Men movies, he said that he prepared for the first one by watching all 70 episodes of the animated series, which is probably one of the reason I found the 2000 film so enjoyable (although it does have some problems, and they could have been the result of the production being rushed due to a release date that was moved up by six months).  Singer also said he had serious issues with editing one time, and although he didn’t specify the movie, it was likely the first X-Men since that’s the only one he hasn’t done with John Ottman.  According to JoBlo, Singer was locked out of the editing room for three days because he smashed a bottle on the wall after having such a big fight with the editor (X-Men had three editors, and Singer didn’t specify which one).  He also says Russell Crowe was willing to play Wolverine, but didn’t get the role because he wanted to play it bald.

Moving on to the X-Men movie he had nothing to do with, X-Men: The Last Stand, Singer had both praise and criticism for Brett Ratner‘s movie.  Singer wished they hadn’t killed off Cyclops, but he did like the casting of Ellen Page for Kitty Pryde.  As for why they can resurrect Professor X and not Cyclops, Singer vaguely explained they “Could justify bringing Xavier back because he transferred his consciousness and could possibly construct a body around that consciousness.”  I’m not sure if this means Xavier can never die, or if this was just a one-time thing.  Also, if he can construct a new body, then why not construct one that can walk?

x-men-days-of-future-past-sentinel-bryan-singer-set-photoMoving on to Days of Future Past, Singer reiterated that the future stuff will take place ten years after The Last Stand, but most of the movie will be set in 1973 with the First Class cast.  JoBlo reports, “You find the characters in very different places than you saw them in First Class.”  It also won’t be the happiest of X-Men movies, but it has a good message of people trying to right wrongs.  Furthemore, even though Quicksilver will be in the movie, don’t expect to see his sister Scarlet Witch.  Singer also confirmed that Josh Helman will play a young William Stryker.  Finally, the movie is being shot in 3D, so at least we don’t have to worry about a crappy post-conversion.

Singer also talked about other films and franchise.  When asked about Man of Steel, he simply says it was a very different film, and “a total re-conception of the Richard Donner movies”.  He also said that he found Henry Cavill to be a charming Superman.  The director also says his “super-sequel” to Superman Returns would have been a bit like Man of Steel with the eponymous superhero fighting off an alien threat.

Commenting briefly on Jack the Giant Slayer, Singer denied that it was “creatively compromised”, and he’s proud of the movie, but didn’t think the studio did a great job of distributing it.

Finally, for those who don’t know, Singer is a huge Star Trek fan, and he even has an uncredited cameo in Star Trek: Nemesis.  But when it comes to directing a Trek movie, Singer balked at the idea, saying that because he’s such a big fan, he would be too precious with the material, and J.J. Abrams is a better fit.  That’s almost a crazier idea than a bald Wolverine.


  • stefan

    i love russel crowe but bald wolverine wtf ?

    • bidi

      he would’ve been a bad ass wolverine too. but bald? good lord

      • Baby Jean

        Can you imagine Old Logan with an Aussie accent that doesn’t go away (0_o)

    • Doug_101

      I’d always heard that he didn’t want to play Wolverine because he was too similar to Bud White in L.A. Confidential. Maybe this was his backhanded compliment, knowing they’d immediately turn down a bald Wolverine. “I’d love to do it, but my way. Oh, that’s not good enough? I guess I won’t do it, then.” It’s like saying no, but not actually saying no.

  • McA

    Eh, ‘possibly construct a body around that consciousness’. Ah man, couldn’t they just ignore X3 like they seem to be ignoring the Wolverine Origins movie. Plus Cyclops died off screen – he’d be far easier to bring back seeing as we didn’t see him die. Plus Matt makes the point that a lot of people have been making, why not construct a body that can walk?

    Or just say time-travel did it rather than ‘construct a body round that consciousness’. I’d buy that more.

    Still, Singer could be just stringing us along and do a decent retcon. Has the footage for this leaked yet seeing as it was a free public screening?

    • Grayden

      See, what I think would be a more plausible explanation, and frankly cooler, is that after Xavier transferred his consciousness into that body at the end of X3 and got his bearings, he began to psychically project his former visage onto that body so everyone who was looking at him, say, in a particular room would see Xavier, and not his vegetative meat suit.

      I mean, let’s be honest, the guy can stop a whole airport terminal dead in it’s tracks and is the most powerful mental powers on the planet, after Phoenix. Just sayin’.

      • Harry Palm

        Yeah, and that’s what happened, too. They show the guy in a coma earlier in the movie and talk about putting his consciousness into it and then at the end, that’s what he does. I don’t know what the hell Bryan Singer is talking about.

      • Random Bystander

        And either Ratner or the writers said that it was Xavier’s identical twin brother anyway, so why not just go with that?

      • Roger Maximus Poder Duarte

        If they ignore facts bitches complain, if they hold on to facts bitches complain! Fanfagboys can never get enough!

  • JusticeForever

    tn the comics Xaviers had a twin sister who died in the womb. I’m pretty sure that the intent of X3 was that Charles Xavier had a twin brother who was born brain dead, due to Xavier’s own powers manifesting in the womb and sort of robbing his twin of his own consciousness, sort of like a psychic vampire. So, the man they showed in the mid-credits sequence of The Last Stand was really Xavier’s twin with a beard – brain-dead since birth. So, Charles Xavier can come back in his own body, because that was Patrick Stewart playing his twin in the film. This, coupled with the fact that we never saw Scott Summers body gives me hope that those characters can come back in the new X-men film.

  • Gambit

    I can go with the idea that xavier is projecting his image on a vegetated body that makes sense, but what doesn’t is that his mutation is part of his body not his consciousness, and his body was destroyed.

  • Scottie Rock

    Ratner killed off Cyclops because James Marsden had to shoot Superman Returns… why is Singer trying to rewrite history about that?

    • Christine

      And his character in Returns wasn’t even a pivotal one at that. Lois Lane’s rebound guy? What a waste……

    • eternalozzie

      Cyclops and Xavier were killed off so Halle “I cant act” Berry could have a bigger part … she wasn’t going to return unless she was the star along with Jackman.

  • Btbcc12859

    I am starting to get tired of Styker being constantly recast. I do believe this brings the count to #3 although this makes sense because he is younger

  • Sean Connery

    Wow. This Singer guy just got a whole lot smarter in my eyes.

  • Arnold

    If days of future past turns out to be critically successful, I would like to see him take on future Star Trek film(s) in the reboot franchise.