Bryce Dallas Howard to Replace Rachelle Lefevre in THE TWILIGHT SAGA: ECLIPSE

     July 28, 2009

Bryce Dallas Howard and Rachelle Lefevre Twilight.jpg

A big shake-up in the world of “Twilight” hit today as Summit Entertainment announced that Bryce Dallas Howard would be replacing Rachelle Lefevre in the role of Victoria for “Eclipse”, the third film in the “Twilight Saga”.  Scheduling conflicts were the stated reason for Lefevre dropping out of the part – and, as luck would have it, the well-known and similarly red-headed Howard had room on her calendar at short notice.  More after the jump…

It seemed that production on “Twilight: New Moon” had barely shut down before Summit was ready to go with “Eclipse”.  This had to cause a few scheduling reshuffles, but when you are a part of something as big as the “Twilight Saga” I’m sure you do your best to make it to the set whenever the studio wants – in this case a couple of weeks too soon for Lefevre.

Rachelle Lefevre has a part in the film “Barney’s Vision” which apparently begins shooting the same day in August as “Eclipse”.  The actress didn’t seem to feel over-scheduled as she went about promoting “New Moon” this past month, however, explaining to an Australian reporter that she was excited to work with new diector David Slade because the third film “is darker than the other two. There’s more action. It’s not a horror movie, but it is darker.”

Sound like a girl who’s about to give up the part?  Not exactly.  I’m not saying that the producers wanted to go a different way with Victoria (they know that replacing “Twilight” stars only invites the wrath of the Twilight Nation) but I will say that it seems odd that some accomodation couldn’t be reached to keep the cast intact.  I feel sorry for Lefevre, but in a way I feel even sorrier for poor Bryce Dallas Howard.  “Twilight” fans are nothing if not loyal and Howard is coming late to this party – with someone else’s date.

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