First Trailer for BULLET TO THE HEAD Starring Sylvester Stallone

     August 16, 2012


Apparently it’s “old guys doing action things” week here at Collider.  The geriatric throwdown The Expendables 2 opens this Friday, we just saw the first trailer for the Arnold Schwarzenegger-starrer The Last Stand, and now the first trailer for Bullet to the Head with Sylvester Stallone has landed online.  Directed by Walter Hill (48 Hrs.) and based on the graphic novel of the same name, Stallone plays a New Orleans hitman who teams up with a New York City cop (Sung Kang) to take on the killers of their respective partners.  I really wanted to see something special from the Stallone/Hill team-up, but this trailer doesn’t exactly inspire much confidence.  The jokes are tired (Stallone thinks Kang fits every Asian stereotype, Kang thinks Stallone is old) and Stallone seems to be taking things a bit too seriously.  I’d love nothing more than to be pleasantly surprised, so here’s hoping the finished film delivers the goods.

Hit the jump to watch the trailer.  The film also stars Jason Momoa, Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje, Sarah Shahi, and Christian SlaterBullet to the Head opens on February 1st, 2013.

Trailer via IGN.


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  • spongefist

    Looks Great… this and Last Stand….

  • Nate H

    Looks pretty entertaining. Not the most inventive thing ever, but it doesn’t need to be. I think I like The Last Stand more right now just because this movie is taking itself a little too seriously.

  • J

    Looks dope..wish it was comin out sooner

  • CinnaBon

    Looks like Stallone’s b-level but super-entertaining work like Demolition Man and Tango & Cash. To be honest, I love those 2 films WAY more than his bigger Rambo and Rocky event films.

    I don’t see how Stallone is taking himself too seriously when he’s cracking jokes every few scenes. He isn’t saying super goofy stuff like in Expendables 2, but this clearly is not the tongue-in-cheek style of that film. Looks more grounded.

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  • LEM

    Rocky retired and became a hitman.

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  • Roland Deschain

    Adam and Dave have been writing in the same sarcastic tone as Goldberg lately. Incredibly annoying to read.

  • manny

    all this movies look the same.

  • terry

    Another cheesy Hollywood fluff action movie directed by an old school director. The movie looks like sh**!

  • SP

    By the comments in the article I was expecting this trailer to be retarded, in a bad bad way, but it actually looks pretty solid. The tone appears to be one of a classic tough guy movie, rather than the over the top Expendables stuff. The movie might still be crap, but the article had a strange read of the trailer. I’ll watch it on video at least.

  • Brandon

    The music in this trailer is the only thing that makes this movie look bad. I’d like to punch whoever put it together. Other than that it looks pretty enjoyable.

  • 地砖gn
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  • Lob Taylor

    Looks pretty good….damn good actually.
    And The Last Stand is gonna kick ass!

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