Collider Goes to C2E2 2013: Over 30 Cosplay Images from the Convention Floor Featuring THE DARK KNIGHT RISES, STAR WARS, MORTAL KOMBAT & More

     April 28, 2013


Following my first Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo (otherwise known as C2E2) back in 2011, I wrote that I believed the event had a ton of potential going forward. Having the opportunity to attend again this weekend, even I was surprised at just how much it had grown in only two short years. Granted, this time around I was visiting on a Saturday as opposed to a Friday. That said, in 2011 I was mostly able to enter the convention floor at my leisure without even a hint of a wait. This year, I found myself buried a few thousand deep in a line not terribly dissimilar from ones I’ve encountered at that one convention that’s held in San Diego every summer. I may be wrong, but I can’t help but think that the day of the week I attended isn’t solely responsible for the increased demand.

After the jump you can check out some photographic highlights from my Saturday at C2E2 2013 in Chicago’s McCormick Place. Mostly comprised of Cosplay, some of my personal favorites include Chewbacca sharing a moment with Mega Man, Zombie Robin, Wayne’s World, and a stellar Spawn costume just to name a few. For this and a lot more, join me after the break.

Check out the images below [click to enlarge]:

  • sense 11

    Schwinn :)

    that Gambit girl is yummy

  • LEM

    That person dressed up as an Iron Man 3 poster nailed it.

    • Fat

      He needs to lose some weight though.

  • Travis

    Jesus, how much time do these people have? I barely have time to get myself dressed in the morning let alone create a costume complete with matching accessories.

    • Convoy

      They prepare for these conventions months and maybe even a year in advance.

  • Joe

    There’s a whole lot of fat chicks at these things aren’t there.
    In spandex no less…yikes!

    • fatty

      Good thing you werent there to add your own fatness and spandex. Man…these days, just a poor excuse.