CafePress and ABC Team Up to Let You Design Authorized LOST Merchandise

     February 3, 2010


It’s not bad having the Dharma logo plastered over your flatware or having “4 8 15 16 23 42” branded on the front of your t-shirt, but as a die-hard Lost fan, I’m sure you’ve thought up some pretty cool designs that you would love to buy.  Now, ABC and CafePress are teaming up to give you a chance so don’t waste it.  Plus, there’s an opportunity to win fantastic prizes if your design is deemed the cream of the crop.

You can base your design in one of five categories: The Island, The Dharma Initiative, the Airlines, the Love “Square”, and The Others.  It’s interesting that they’ve asked for designs based on groups rather than a specific character.  It would be great to have a poster made up of every nickname Sawyer has used in the show.

One winner from each category will win a $200 CafePress gift certificate, a Lost DVD set, and a T-shirt autographed by members of the cast.  Additionally, a Lost producer will choose an overall grand prize winner from among the five category winners.  This lucky so-and-so will get an expense-paid trip to Oahu, Hawaii, where the show is filmed. The contest will run from February 3 – February 18.  Click here for contest details.  Hit the jump to read the full press release.

lost-image.jpgHere’s the full press release:


Fans of ABC’s Hit Series “Lost” Gear Up for the Sixth and Final Season

by Designing Authorized Merchandise on CafePress

As “Losties” gear up for “Lost’s” sixth and final season, ABC Entertainment Group and CafePress, the online destination for user-designed apparel and gifts, unveil new ways for devoted fans to engage with this beloved series. “Lost” fans can now design and sell authorized show merchandise on CafePress and enter their new products into an exciting, national design contest.

The “Lost” design contest on CafePress invites fans to submit creative, new “Lost-inspired” merchandise designs in the following categories: The Island, Dharma Initiative, Airlines, Love “Square” and The Others. To enter the contest, fans will be asked to “tag” their designs with a special code based on the design category they choose and to post the new product in their CafePress shop and Marketplace. Contest details can be found at:

CaféPress will accept design entries from February 3- February 18. One winner from each of the above five categories will be chosen based on creativity, originality, aesthetics and concept. These five category winners will each receive a $200 CafePress gift certificate, a “Lost” DVD set and a T- shirt autographed by members of the cast. Subsequently, a “Lost” producer will choose an overall grand prize winner from the five category winners. This grand prize winner will receive an exciting, expense-paid trip to Oahu, Hawaii, the island where the series was shot.

Fans can visit CafePress to design custom items like T-shirts, Sigg bottles and tote bags, while also shopping for merchandise created by other show enthusiasts. As of today, “Lost” fans have designed more than 22,000 products at the “Lost” Fan Portal on, with many more being added daily.

“From the start, our ‘Lost’ viewers have proven to be a dedicated and passionate group. Over the years they have remained committed to the series, its characters and the unfolding story surrounding the survivors of Oceanic Flight 815,” comments ABC Entertainment Group Vice President of Business Planning and Development Mia Rondinella. “We’re so pleased to reward these dedicated fans with a fun and innovative new opportunity to express and share their passion for ‘Lost.’ We hope that the new ‘Lost’ fan portal on CafePress, together with the ‘Lost’ design contest, will enhance the enthusiasm already surrounding the sixth and final season.”

“Given the right tools and expressive outlets, fans can bring far more creativity, insight and panache to products than any fashion designer out there, which we’ve seen time and time again on CafePress,” comments CafePress Vice President of Marketing Amy Maniatis. “With such a dedicated following, we’re so pleased to help fuel the ‘Lost’ fandom’s passion through wearable ways that they can sport all season long.”

In addition to designing and shopping for merchandise, “Lost” fans can also follow @losttees on Twitter to follow the “Lost” T-shirt craze, hear about “Lost” related news, and learn about other product giveaways and contests.

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