Cameron Crowe’s Untitled Film Starring Bradley Cooper and Emma Stone Set for Christmas Day 2014 Release

     February 14, 2014


Writer/director Cameron Crowe’s untitled next film will serve as a nifty Christmas Present this year.  Sony Pictures has slated the untitled picture for release on December 25, 2014, where it will square off against Disney’s musical Into the Woods, the comedy sequel Hot Tub Time Machine 2, and director Angelina Jolie’s war drama Unbroken.  Crowe’s picture is described as a romantic comedy and stars Bradley Cooper as a defense contractor overseeing a weapons satellite launch from Hawaii who teams up with (and falls for) an Air Force pilot (Emma Stone) to scuttle the launch.  The very solid ensemble cast is filled out by Bill Murray, Alec Baldwin, Rachel McAdams, and Danny McBride.

Crowe’s last directorial effort, 2011’s We Bought a Zoo, also opened on Christmas Day, and I’m eager to see what the filmmaker has cooked up this time around.

  • DNAsplitter

    On paper this sounds awesome. Seeing a guy Bradley Cooper’s age going for another woman half is age is just getting weird. I love the cast and crew for this film but couldn’t they have hired a couple at least closer together in age so it doesn’t come off so…creepy I guess. Emma Stone, like Jennifer Lawrence, do not pull off “older for their age” and seeing them paired w Cooper as romantic love interest just seems very Woody Allenish. And no that is not a compliment.

    • Pk

      His girlfriend is only 23 years old

    • Davis

      It’s hollywood they’ll pair a 40 year old with a 20 year old and it won’t brought up in the movie.

    • -

      ‘Woody Allenish’ is a bit strong considering that, while Allen probably molested a girl who was under 10, Emma Stone is 25. I think it’s kind of weird, but it’s not a big deal to me. When it’s something like Lost in Translation (even though I love that film to death otherwise), then yeah, that’s different.

    • lordjim

      i don´t know where you come from, but this is quite common, and how is it weird?the only weird thing is that young men with older girlfriends aren´t as common (like robin wright and ben foster for example), you can read about the benefits of these kind of teacher-pupil relationships in plato´s writing and mankind hasn´t changed that much at all, experience and youth can benefit from each other and love transcends age, so how he hell is this creepy?excuse me but your comment sounds like some midage morality like finding divorced couples creepy.

      • DNAsplitter

        A 20 year age gap when the one person is barely in there 20′s is yes creepy. Sorry not all of us want to “raise” our wives.

      • -

        “barely in there 20′s”
        Again, she’s 25.

      • lordjim

        so you don´t want to raise your wife?lol, grow up, you don´t have to copy other peoples lifes, if you understand this you might stop complaining about them and follow your own life instead.

  • Davis

    Two golden globes nominations then no matter how bad the movie stinks and believe me it will.

  • -

    Emma Stone is hot as fuck in that picture, goddamn.
    As for the film, I don’t really have a strong opinion, the only Crowe film I’ve seen is Almost Famous. That was pretty great though.

    • James VDB

      In that picture? Half her face is hidden behind a microphone and sunglasses.

      • Bob

        I thought the same thing lmao. I was like wtf her face is covered…no body…what is he talking about lol.

        Emma Stone is really beatiful though. Love her skin and facial expressions.

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