New Posters for DJANGO UNCHAINED, Tom Cruise’s ONE SHOT, THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN, ON THE ROAD and More from Cannes

     May 14, 2012


The Cannes Film Festival is about to get underway, and studios are rolling out their promotional material to make sure that those attending screenings of the festival’s films don’t forget about the studio releases that are still to come later this year.  Our correspondent Magdalena (who you can follow on twitter) walked around the area of the festival earlier today and snapped some photos of the posters and billboards that are on display.  In addition to a really cool banner for Quentin Tarantino’s Django Unchained, she also brought us our first look at the Tom Cruise thriller One Shot, based on the popular Jack Reacher character book series from author Lee Child.  Moreover, there’s a pretty great set-up for the Sacha Baron Cohen comedy The Dictator outside one of the Carlton hotel.

Hit the jump to check out posters and billboards for The Amazing Spider-Man, Madagascar 3: Europe’s Most Wanted, G.I. Joe: Retaliation, and more.

  • Chris

    So is it One Shot or Jack Reacher?

    • Clark Griswold

      Its still officially listed as One Shot, but I guess Jack Reacher might be its European title if it doesn’t translate well

  • MR.Rich316

    How did Frosty not get this assignment? bet he’s pissed,one more American job shipped overseas.

  • Fitz

    I was hoping for more from the Django Unchained art.

  • Budd case

    Tom Cruise plays a 240 lb 6ft4 retired army major who looks for trouble. See “Tom Cruise is not Jack Reacher” on facebook.

    • Jerry

      No, did you not see the billboard? Tom Cruise IS Jack Reacher so his physique is JR’s physique now. This is a MOVIE so get over it.

      I’d love it if this movie is anything like Collateral. He’s so good at this type of role.

      • Bo

        Perhaps you should ‘get over’ it and let people react to the ridiculous notion of Cruise playing Jack Reacher. Having read all of the Reacher novels it’s a shallow endeavor to have Cruise play this character. It’s all about Hollywood movie making and going for the buck. It’s can’t possibly be authentic and Cruise is like 5’7″…how silly. No harm in being that height, but don’t expect reasonable and intelligent people to buy into your illusion. Ok…you like Cruise…there’s no harm in that. Suffer your delusions, but why expect others to join you?

  • TDKR

    I just saw I a really long trailer for the Amazing Spiderman and can’t find it online so it must be new. They show multiple angles on killer croc and you get a really clear look at him. In addition, the bridge scene where spidey is holding the burning car, they show him rescue a boy whom he lends his mask to make him “stronger” and therefore loses his fear and starts to climb out the back. The car ends up slipping out of spidey’s hand but he webs(rescues) the boy just as the car falls with him inside. Other cool stuff was shown that I hadn’t seen and it was all crystal clear, idk what the fps was but I seemed like it looked live and realistic lol. Really high resolution and quality trailer.

    • Derp

      Uhhh, Killer Croc is a Batman villain dude…


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