Oscar Beat: Early Contenders Arise from Cannes Film Festival

     May 26, 2014


It seems like only yesterday we were closing out the lengthy and eventful awards season with my 2015 preview installment of Oscar Beat, but the next race is already starting to heat up.  The first awards barometer of each year arrives with the Cannes Film Festival, and the most recent fest is no different.  A number of potential contenders premiered on the Croisette over the past couple of weeks, and after all the standing ovations (and a fair amount of boos), some serious Oscar contenders have emerged.

Hit the jump as I take a look at the post-Cannes Oscar landscape, which includes contenders like Foxcatcher, Mr. TurnerMaps to the Stars, and even a possible Oscar nomination for Channing Tatum.

foxcatcher-steve-carell-channing-tatumThe biggest Oscar contender to come out of the Cannes Film Festival this year is undoubtedly Foxcatcher.  The film has been anticipated for some time now, and after glowing reviews from its premiere, director Bennett Miller took home the Best Director trophy at the end of the festival.  The pic stars Steve Carell as eccentric millionaire John du Pont and tells the story of his tragic relationship between Olympic Wrestling Champion brothers Mark Schultz (Channing Tatum) and Dave Schultz (Mark Ruffalo).  Reviews for the film were ecstatic, with many unsurprisingly praising Carell for his terrifying and nuanced dramatic turn.

Miller has some substantial history with Oscar as his last two features, Capote and Moneyball, both landed Best Picture nominations, with Capote also landing Miller a Best Director nod.  Though Carell is receiving a heavy amount of buzz for a Best Actor trophy, his co-star Channing Tatum also drew highly positive notice.  There was some debate over whether Tatum might compete against Carell in the Best Actor category, but as of now it sounds like Sony Pictures Classics will be submitting Tatum in Best Supporting Actor, giving both actors the best shot at winning.  An Oscar nomination for Tatum would certainly be the cherry on top of his recent career surge, and after 21 Jump Street and Magic Mike, I certainly wouldn’t want to be the one to underestimate him a third time.

maps-to-the-stars-julianne-mooreAll in all, Foxcatcher received the strongest buzz of the Cannes premieres, and nominations for Best Picture, Best Actor, Best Director, and potentially Best Supporting Actor seem likely.  If it’s as heavy a hitter as it sounds, other nominations for Screenplay, Editing, etc. could also be expected.

Another standout emerged from Cannes with director David Cronenberg’s latest, the celebrity satire Maps to the Stars.  Though the film itself received mixed reviews at best, Julianne Moore enjoyed strong notice for her lead performance and went on to win the Best Actress trophy at the Cannes Film Festival Awards.  A 4-time Academy Award nominee, Moore is no stranger to the Oscar ceremony, and one imagines she has a shot at landing her fifth nod later this year.  The big question will be how reviews impact her campaign and how crowded the Best Actress field will be, but those remain unknowns for the time-being.

Though Foxcatcher and Maps to the Stars were both films that many had their eye on in the weeks leading up to Cannes, writer/director Mike Leigh’s (Vera Drake) J.M.W. Turner biopic Mr. Turner flew a bit more under the radar.  The film drew incredibly strong reviews following its premiere, with star Timothy Spall commanding most of the attention for his standout performance as the eccentric British painter.  He won Best Actor at the Cannes Awards and seems like a very strong contender for the Best Actor Oscar trophy alongside the aforementioned Steve Carell later this year.

mr-turner-timothy-spallAnd then there’s the Palme d’Or winner Winter Sleep.  The Turkish film was a bit of a surprise win for the festival’s biggest trophy, with many voicing their displeasure at the decision.  However, don’t be surprised to see the pic become a contender in the Best Foreign Language Film Oscar race.

All of this being said, the important thing to keep in mind when it comes to Cannes is that the Oscars are still a ways off.  These aforementioned films and actors have a long road ahead, and not every Cannes winner is able to stick out the marathon—just ask Inside Llewyn Davis, which emerged as an Oscar frontrunner at Cannes last year only to be nearly shutout from the Oscars altogether.  Foxcatcher probably has the best shot given that Steve Carell’s “dramatic turn” will be buzzworthy in and of itself, but again, nothing is for certain.

We’ll have a much better idea of the 2015 Oscar landscape come Telluride and TIFF this September, but until then, these Cannes contenders are important to keep in mind.  I’ll be covering every nook and cranny of the awards race again here on Oscar Beat this year, so until next time, folks!

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  • Bob


    Nominated for Best Picture

    X-Men: Days of Future Past

    Best Actor

    James McAvoy – X-Men: Days of Future Past

    Should and wont happen.

    • Mike

      Shouldn’t happen and glad it won’t. Not even close to best movie or performance of the year.

      • Bob

        Didnt say beat of the year, though so far its the Best Movie of the year I have seen by far and large. Didnt say it will win or anything tho, cause it wont and probaly shouldnt.

    • Guest

      I thought Godzilla was better. And McAvoy was great, but c’mon it’s arguable that Days of Future Past didn’t even live up to the hype. Slightly above average superhero movie.

      • Bob

        It more than lived up to the hype. Visit rating sites like RT? I dont ussually refer to sites but the movie more than lived up to the hype for Audiences and Critics. Easily in the top 3 best superhero movies for me.

    • Terence

      If his performance in Filth managed to go greatly unnoticed I doubt his lesser (but still great) turn as Charles Xavier for the second time will likely be noticed either.

      Too many performances like his go under the radar, only now we are seeing buzz for Timothy Spall who has been magic for so long.

    • ShpotSb

      Thats a commercial blockbuster film, those are never considered for any artistic awards because they are solely made to generate money. Especialy superhero films goes without saying. There are some wonderfull exceptions tho.

      • Bob

        Some of them exceed that sterotype. Like The Dark Knight and Avengers, both of which imho should have been nominated for Best Picture. X-Men:DoFP is another like the two previous that I mentioned that I believe should be nominated.

        Dark Knight and Avengers were more arguable though. Heath gave one of the greatest performances of modern times. Avengers made the shared universe; something so crazy, something never done before. Not only never done before, but done amazing. Great ensemble, action, effects, epic feeling etc.

        DoFP is just a great film. A great ensemble with fantastic performances, great effects, action, script, and ending. Oh, and it was an acomplishment to feature the same cast of so many butat different ages, different times etc.

    • Strong Enough

      X-Men should be nominated but it won’t.

  • Gabriel Garcia Severo

    Actually, Winter Sleep got some really positive reviews by almost everyone. It even won the award by FIPRESCI (The International Federation of Film Critics).The only movie in the official competion with better reviews is Goodbye to Language by Godard.

    Here’s a chart ranking all the films according to the reviews they’ve gotten: http://www.todaslascriticas.com.ar/cannes

  • World’s Finest Comments

    Either Julianne Moore should win, or Amy Adams should win for Big Eyes that comes out later this year. All I want is to see someone who’s been ridiculously overdue to win.

    And even though he has nothing coming out this year, I hope Leo finally wins Best Actor, because that’s what you on the internet these days. You root for Leo.

  • Person

    It’s still really early, and Cannes films have a habit of fizzling out. The Academy has a short memory; all awards contenders come out at the end of the year for a reason. Foxcatcher looks good, hopefully it can hit a resurgence when it releases generally, but I’d be surprised if any other film lasts as long.

  • Redjester

    I forget, did ‘The Rover’ premiere at Cannes? And if so, any word on how it fared?

    • adu

      Yes it did…mixed reviews it seems.

      • Redjester

        That’s too bad. I was/am eagerly anticipating that one…

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  • Bob

    Never said winning. Said nominated. Imho, it should be nominated. And I see plenty of films. Prob more than most people in these comments. Go to the movies nearly every weekend and watch a movie nearly every day.

    The acting by much of the cast were stellar. Like best acting is a Hero flick since Dark Knight. McAvoy, Fassbender, Lawrence, Jackman, and Stewart gave great performances. Better than Channing Tatum prob did haha. He’s gotten better, but an Oscar? Doubt it. The action and effects top notch. The script powerful. Very fun. Just a great movie. Imo, the 2nd Best Superhero/Comic Book movie behind The Dark Knight. Its actually prob better than Avengers(Repeat viewings will determine if it last like Avengers has) even, and Cap Winter Soldier and Iron Man.

  • Person

    X-Men was fine but really not that good. Dark Knight and possibly Spider-Man 2 are the only superhero films that ever had a legitimate Best Picture shot. (I’d also personally throw Batman Begins and possibly X2 into that mix.)