CAPRICA Actress Alessandra Torresani Fills Out THE RUNAWAYS Cast as Lita Ford

     June 9, 2009

alessandra_torresani_lita_ford_01.jpgFor the entire four years that the all-girl rock group “The Runaways” existed they had only one star – their kittenish singer Cherie Currie.  Anyone who knows their rock history, however, will tell you that in the years after “The Runaways” imploded the group spawned two huge guitar stars – Joan Jett and Lita Ford.  With Kristin Stewart already signed to play Jett (opposite Dakota Fannning as Currie) the question of who would play Ford remained – though I doubt anyone was losing much sleep over it.

Well now we can all get even more sleep – producers of “The Runaways” biopic have found their second guitar goddess.  According to her name is Alessandra Torresani.  Her name may be familiar if you’ve been following “Caprica” news.  Other than that the 22 year-old actress is pretty much unknown.  She is SUPER excited to meet Lita Ford, though – calling her “the most incredible woman.”  Wow, high praise indeed for the woman who once humped a guitar in her “Kiss me Deadly” video!  “The Runaways” begins shooting next week.

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