Fantastically Cheesy Trailer and Images from 1990’s CAPTAIN AMERICA; DVD to be Released July 19th

     June 30, 2011


Fans are anxious to finally see Marvel’s iconic superhero Captain America on the big screen next month when Joe Johnston’s Captain America: The First Avenger hits theaters July 22nd. But did you know that a feature film version of Captain America already exists? From the director of Bulletface and Kickboxer 4: The Aggressor, the film was shot in Yugoslavia and was never officially released in theaters in the U.S. However, Captain America is now coming to DVD on July 19th thanks to MGM’s Manufacturing On Demand program, and they’ve released a trailer and some images in anticipation of its release.

A 90’s action film wouldn’t be complete without Ronny Cox, so he’s in it, alongside Ned Beatty, Scott Paulin and Matt Salinger as Cap. The trailer manages to be both understated and action-packed simultaneously, which is quite impressive. We’re also treated to a super cool 90’s voice-over. Hit the jump to check out the trailer as well as some images.Here’s the trailer:

Here are the images:





  • Michael

    I imagine people who want to see the new Captain America movie will buy this on DVD, just as Cars 2 fans are going to buy or rent the animated “Car’s Life 2″ from redbox.

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  • Derick

    Not only do I remember this movie, I use to watch every Sunday during the KTLA 5 matinee. It was awful, but when you’re a lazy kid you’ll watch anything too keep from boredom.

  • Dane

    I loved this movie. But I hated how Red Skull was Italian. I watched this on Hulu, not to long ago. But this movie was entertaining tho

  • George

    Hollywood has come a long way from that. They make way more shitty movies these days. Both the Action and Horror genre are basically dead but yet instead of bring in new people with organic ideas. They basically make Million dollar blockbusters that either flop or make their money back. Yet will go on to fill dvd bargain bin everywhere.

    • Old Soldier

      $5 for SAWII is still not a bargain.

  • sense 11

    I always admired how ambitious this movie was. Cheesy as hell but its the best we ever had until this summer.

  • Timm

    Matt Salinger that plays Captain America is actually the famous J.D. Salinger’s(Catch in the Rye) son. Who would’ve thought!?

  • nawtnt

    The trailer was great in some way like it being more high quality and explaining the story.

    The three images are good but the DVD cover which is the fourth image is a great cover.

  • junierizzle

    You can watch it for free on Hulu.

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  • Elitist Prick

    Any trailer in which Don LaFontaine (that is him, isn’t it?) says “one man” is gold.

  • Kurt

    Yea that’s the man himself, the greatest trailer voice over guy in the world. RIP

  • dmx

    you might as well buy the dvd with a rope and hang urself after realizing that you paid for something like this… or if you’re just a collector,just collect it and dont watch it,k?

  • Wilson

    My first son was conceived during this movie. True story.

    • Kyle

      The movie was so captivating you forgot to pull out.

    • Brim

      I would have had her go down on me while I watched. Therefore, the nectar would have gone down her throat. :)

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  • john

    good one kyle

  • Steven

    The way this was shot makes it look like Cap was guest starring on an episode of The A-Team.


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  • Matt Mosley

    Featuring a bunch of people you’ve never heard of …….. not even now, 21-years later have they become even remotely famous.

  • e

    not bad for its time

  • MrCead

    You forgot about Captain America 2, even cheesier than the first.

  • Jared

    I saw the World Wide Debut Screening last night of the Director’s Cut of this last night at the Rave Theater in Vegas. Quite possibly the slowest superhero movie ever made, and that is with the updated cut 21 years after the fact!!!! First off compared to current DC/Marvel movies there was little to no Action throughout the entire movie. Plus the good Captain is rarely seen in his full costume in large chunks of the movie. I always thought the main thing about Captain America was he is Captain America not Steve Rogers. Oh I totally can’t forget the crazy timeline that you are taken on. You jump around from present day to 1936 then 7 Years Later…1943 to whenever else in time you land. Best put go check it out if possible cause it deserves the love and well with the right group it is a blast to watch!

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  • help

    i have been to three major stores today and no one has the damn cap dvd i have waited 21 years to watch, where is it

  • SpaceAce42751

    I can’t find it either. I just read though that it got delayed until August 13 and it will be available on Blu Ray as well. I was pretty pissed off when I couldn’t find it today, I used to love this movie as a kid, even though it wasn’t very good, it is a must have for a collection. Now they need to release Roger Corman’s Fantastic Four…talk about a pile of trash lol

  • JIM

    Times change for this type of film.

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