CAPTAIN AMERICA 2 May Begin Production This Year; S.H.I.E.L.D. Movie to Follow?

     January 26, 2012


As Marvel’s The Avengers opens in a few short months, it’s time to look forward to the studio’s development slate after the all-star superhero movie. We already know that Thor 2 and Iron Man 3 are the next to go into production, as they’ve (finally) attached a director and a new screenwriter to the former, and the latter has Shane Black in the director’s chair. For now, the release schedule looks like this:

  • The Avengers on May 4th, 2012
  • Iron Man 3 on May 3rd, 2013
  • Thor 2 on November 15th, 2013
  • Untitled Marvel 1 on April 4th 2014
  • Untitled Marvel 2 on May 16th 2014

While the untitled Marvel films have yet to be unveiled, we now might have an idea of what at least one of the films may be, as it looks like Captain America 2 may be going into production by the end of the year. Hit the jump for more.

neal-mcdonough-captain-america-imageIn an interview with IMDb Television (via JoBlo), actor Neal McDonough (who played Dum Dum Dugan in Captain America: The First Avenger) was asked about the Captain America sequel and revealed that he may be donning that bowler cap sooner rather than later:

“They’re planning [to go into production] for the end of this year, because Marvel does one film at a time. So they’re going to do Thor 2 and as soon as Thor has wrapped, they’ll do Cap 2. Hopefully right after that, we’ll jump into Nick Fury because that’s the one I’m looking forward to more than anything.”

If production does indeed begin at the end of this year, we can safely assume that Captain America 2 will fill one of those 2014 release slots. Chris Evans previously hinted that Marvel would be waiting until 2014 to release the follow-up, and this interview with McDonough seems to corroborate his statement. It should be noted that McDonough may have misspoke regarding Marvel only doing one film at a time, as both Iron Man 3 and Thor 2 are set to open next year and neither have gone into production, meaning that both will have to start filming this year.

As for that Nick Fury movie, a S.H.I.E.L.D. movie has been on Marvel’s “to-do” list for quite some time, and seems a sensible follow-up to an Avengers movie. All the superheroes come together for The Avengers, then we get three movies centered around standalone characters (Iron Man 3, Thor 2, and Captain America 3) followed by another “ensemble” piece starring our favorite supporting characters from the Marvel universe. Just because McDonough says he’s “hopeful” that the Nick Fury movie will be after Captain America 2 doesn’t guarantee that that’s the case, but it certainly makes sense.

If the S.H.I.E.L.D. pic isn’t the other movie taking that 2014 slot alongside Captain America 2, the studio has no shortage of spinoff films currently in development. Films for both Black Widow and Hawkeye are in the works, as well as non-sequel, non-spinoff films like Ant-Man, The Inhumans, and Guardians of the Galaxy. Details on the state of each of these films are firmly under wraps, so we’re unable to assess if any of them are far enough along to qualify for the 2014 slot.

At this point, Captain America 2 and the S.H.I.E.L.D. movie make the most sense for the spots. Marvel Studios President of Production Kevin Feige recently said that he hopes to be building towards The Avengers 2, and this sequence of films certainly fits with that road map. Hopefully we’ll get an official announcement on the status of Captain America 2 soon. The First Avenger scribes Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely were previously tapped to pen the sequel, but the film is currently without a director.


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  • MatthewM

    Personally, I think Marvel is biting off more than it can chew. I’d love to see a Nick Fury and a Black Widow movie but by the time they get around to doing these films and the others the stars may not be available or might be dead! As far as all those others like Ant-Man, The Inhumans, and Guardians of the Galaxy – I never heard of them – and what about THE INCREDIBLE HULK! What happened to him in all this?

    • Gygaxlgargus

      I’m with you on the Hulk. They set it up so nicely to have The Leader as the… well… lead villain for a sequel. I LOVE The Leader!

    • rubyip

      The comment about never hearing of Ant Man is sad since he’s one of the founding members of the Avengers which leads to my only gripe with the movie take on the Avengers…leaving out Ant Man and Wasp. They could have left out Black Widow and Hawkeye.

      • Cornell

        Ant Man & Wasp are pretty boring characters. They would also cost more money to do. Lot’s of effects needed for them. It’s way easier to include a beautiful fighter like Black Widow & weapons man like Hawkeye. Captain America was pretty cool. I didn’t like the X movies. The best scene was the Oval Office scene with Nightcrawler in X2, yet he wasn’t brought back. Many, many, MANY things done badly with that franchise.

  • rbevanx

    Can we just finish with the comic book movies fad and move to something more fresh.

    I really couldn’t care less about men dressed looking like they have just come home from a night out.

  • Enigmatic

    revanx if you don’t like comic book movies that’s fine but why is it you don’t want anyone else to enjoy them? To each his own right.

  • Mr.Rich316

    One of these had better be a hulk pic. Maybe The Leader or The Red Hulk?

  • BeenBag

    I read somewhere that theres a new HULK TV show in development.

  • Kyle Harris

    ummmm…does anyone really care for a gazillion more thor’s or capt amer’s? marvel comicbook movies have gone way over board. Its funny cuz chris hemsworth’s whole career is as Thor..That is hilarious…
    2011 chris hemsworth in thor
    2012- avengers as thor
    2013- thor2
    2014-avengers2 or shield as thor
    2015- thor 3 wtf hollywood? this is why i dont go to the movies. mindless non thought provoking childs play for 200 million…

    • Caboose

      Plenty of people care, dickwad.

    • Jonathan

      He was also Kirk’s father in Star Trek (2009)

  • spongefist

    There is a simple solution for all of this. Do the same as where Star Wars is heading… into live action, well produced T.V series. This is the only way they will be able to give all the characters the time they need to be explored and have the Marvel universe comic book style translate fully into live action. Then do one big movie event a year and everyone is happy.
    Oh and one more little thing, don’t make the next Captain America the total piece of crap that the first one was. It was terrible.

    • Marvel Films

      Wait, DON’T make the next Captain America a total piece of crap? Okay, if you say so. Let me just tell everyone else at Marvel Films. “Hey everybody, Spongefist says DON’T make it a total piece of crap this time, okay? Seriously, this is important.” Okay Spongefist. We didn’t realize that before. Now that you’ve explained where we went wrong, though, everything should be THUMBS UP for Cap 2.

      Thank you.

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