F. Gary Gray Drops Out of CAPTAIN AMERICA 2 Race; Will Likely Direct STRAIGHT OUTTA COMPTON

     April 10, 2012


And then there were two (technically three).  A couple weeks ago, we reported that the frontrunners to direct Captain America 2 were F. Gary Gray (The Italian Job), George Nolfi (The Adjustment Bureau), and television directors Anthony and Joseph Russo (Community).  Today, Deadline reports that Gray has dropped out of the race to focus on helming the NWA biopic Straight Outta Compton.  Gray doesn’t officially have the Compton job, but Deadline says it’s likely he’ll get the gig.  No offense to NWA fans, but I’m glad Gray is no longer in the running for Captain America 2.  He was the least interesting of the frontrunners since he’s more of a journeyman director.  While Nolfi has only directed one feature film, and the Russos have directed none, they’re wild cards, and I don’t know what to expect either way. [Correction: The Russos previously directed Welcome to Collinwood and You, Me & Dupree]

Captain America 2 is set for release on April 4, 2014.  The movie will pick up where The Avengers leaves off.

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  • Sean

    This news makes me happy as well. The other candidates aren’t exactly A-list, but they show some promise and don’t have “A Man Apart” and “Be Cool” on their recent filmographies.

  • Trik

    The two remaining candidates also don’t have “The Negotiator”, “The Italian Job”, “Set It Off” & “Law Abiding Citizen” on their resumes. ALL SOLID MOVIES. Gray would have been the best for the job outta this bunch, Sean & Matt..you guys are idiots…

    • Sean

      I’ll disregard the name-calling, and disagree with you on Law Abiding Citizen. Loved the concept, but everything else was a mess.

  • Chachi

    Finally watched the first Captain America last night. Fun flick, but of the 5 films made leading up to the making of The Avengers this one felt more like it was being made solely so Cap could be in The Avengers.

  • Ramone

    Did Joe Johnston decide not to direct the sequel? (I’m so behind!)

  • John

    I’d choose Nofi anytime. Loved Adjustment Bureau, loved the flair, the direction, etc.

  • mike.a

    The nwa biopic is more of grays style (can’t wait to see it) not the cap.

  • Junierizzle

    I am disappointed. I thought Gray was the best of the choices.

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  • anthony smith

    I am not dissapointed. This is the guy who made Friday and Set it off. Think he made a better choice leaving. Now do NWA some justice.

  • Angel of Death

    You turned down Captain America 2, a potentially huge worldwide blockbuster, to do a movie about Dr. Dre and NWA? Wow. What a dumb f**king career move.

  • LEM

    Good news. Gray is so wrong for that movie I have no idea why he’s even considered.

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