Rumors: Mary Elizabeth Winstead & Josh Holloway up for CAPTAIN AMERICA 2? Plus Character Info for GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY

     October 12, 2012

captain america 2 winter soldier

It’s been a couple of weeks since our last round of Marvel rumors, but today a new batch of possible information has popped up concerning both Guardians of the Galaxy and Captain America: The Winter Soldier.  While director James Gunn is currently busy rewriting the script for the other-worldly Guardians, we may now have a clearer idea of which characters from the comics will be in the spotlight when that film rolls around.  Additionally, another rumor throws Mary Elizabeth Winstead and Lost actor Josh Holloway into the possible casting ring for Captain America: The Winter Soldier.

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guardians-of-the-galaxy-movieWhile many of the rumors for properties this big don’t pan out, this information comes from the folks over at Latino Review, a source that’s proven to be fairly credible as far as Marvel is concerned.  As such, they carry a bit more weight.

Regarding Guardians, Marvel previously announced that the feature film iteration of the comics series would feature the following characters: Star-Lord, Gamora, Drax The Destroyer, Rocket Raccoon, and Groot.  That’s a pretty large ensemble for any film, let alone a space-set superhero adventure movie.  Latino Review reports that this introductory Guardians of the Galaxy feature will focus mainly on three of those characters: Star-Lord, Gamora, and Drax the Destroyer.

This approach makes plenty of sense, as these are the characters that will be the most relatable to audiences unfamiliar with the Guardians series.  Star-Lord is a U.S. pilot who ends up in space in the middle of a universal conflict, so he’s a natural protagonist to introduce audiences to the world of Guardians.  As for Rocket Raccooon and Groot, well they’re a talking raccoon and a tree so I don’t think anyone’s going to be too upset if they’re relegated to supporting players.

mary-elizabeth-winstead-captain-america-2-sequelAs for Captain America: The Winter Soldier, we recently got wind of a shortlist of actresses that were poised to test for the film’s female lead: Emilia Clarke (Game of Thrones), Alison Brie (Community), and Jessica Brown Findlay (Downton Abbey).  The role is that of Sharon Carter (aka Agent 13), the niece of The First Avenger’s female lead Peggy Carter.  Findlay and Clarke are both from England and Brie does one hell of a British accent, so the casting list made it seem like producers were looking for someone with strong English ties.

LR, however, hears that Marvel has their eye on a different actress for the role: Scott Pilgrim vs. The World star Mary Elizabeth Winstead.  In addition to being incredibly charming in Scott Pilgrim and Live Free or Die Hard, Winstead showed off some serious acting chops earlier this year with the Sundance drama Smashed.  She’s apparently the actress that Marvel currently has the most traction with for the role, but it doesn’t sound like any offers or deals have been made just yet.  I still think Brie has a lot of traction given that Community producers Joe and Anthony Russo are directing The Winter Soldier, but I wouldn’t be disappointed if Winstead nabbed the part instead.

In other Captain America 2 casting rumors, Marvel is currently looking to fill two “very physical” male roles that are assumed to be villains.  LR hears that for one of the parts, Marvel is keen on either Lost actor Josh Holloway or Game of Thrones star Nikolaj Coster Waldau.  They note that Kevin Durand (Cosmopolis, X-Men Origins: Wolverine) is also on the list, though he’s more of a fringe choice compared to Holloway or Waldau.  It’s unclear who has the edge, but it’s hard to judge who’s better for the role without knowing anything about the character.

Again, it’s important to note that none of this information has been confirmed, so we could see all or none of this pan out.  LR’s track record gives a bit more clout to the information, though, so don’t be surprised if you hear some of the aforementioned names pop up in upcoming reports.  Captain America: The Winter Soldier starts production in March and hits theaters on April 4th, 2014, while Guardians of the Galaxy opens on August 1st, 2014.


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  • Drake

    If Mary Elizabeth Winstead is cast in Captain America then I am out and you have lost my money straight away! One of the worst actresses I have ever seen.

    • lol’er


  • Deadpool

    How about this…
    Josh Holloway as a US Pilot in CAP2… which turns out to be Star-Lord in GotG!!!


    • Deadpool

      ALSO… Joe and Anthony Russo Directed Josh Holloway in the community episode “a fistful of paintballs”.

  • spooie

    Winstead might not be a bad choice at all… she already worked with Evans in Scott Pilgrim anyway.

  • Aslam

    Alison Bries does not do ‘one hell of a British accent’…have you ever heard an english person speak?

    • Colin Biggs

      I was curious why she was casted as Emily Blunt’s sister in Five Year Engagement.

  • ed

    how bout mary elizabeth winstead for mary jane for the amazing spiderman 2

    • Gael

      wayyy too old.

  • Ralph


  • shutupyoudamnnerds

    josh holloway was born to play gambit. make it freaking happen

    • lol\’er

      such a good point, i’m amazed i didn’t think of it until after i read your post.

  • Kane

    Josh Holloway is way to white trailer trash to play anything.

  • Sam Van Haren

    The ability to have a convincing British accent is irrelevant because Sharon Carter is not British. She was born and raised in America. So the question is if they pick Clarke or Findlay will they have convincing American accents.

  • Letho

    Emilia Clarke and Nikolaj should get the roles. Anything to promote Game of Thrones.

  • mrgordo

    Josh Holloway has long been rumored to be the odds on favorite for Hank Pym. That being said, I seriously doubt if Marvel would want him for a one-shot villian role. If heis in CA2 expect it to be the intro of Pym, Star-lord or Warlock

    • kane

      I am sorry but Josh Holloway (in Christian Shephard’s voice) does not have what it take to be a movie star. He look plain like your average Home Depot guy.

  • Drake

    No Groot and no Rocket Raccoon, thank goodness. Maybe if GOTG was not connected with this Marvel cannon, then they would be fine. But they cannot work with Robert Downey Jr.’s Tony Stark.

    • James

      Agreed. I would be perfectly happy if they got rid of Groot and Raccoon and added Adam Warlock instead.

  • Migz13

    Emilia Clarke! and she kinda looks like an offshoot of Hayley Atwell (the actress who played peggy carter from the first film) so that’s good:D

  • Jamesy

    I read this thinking Josh Halloway was Josh Henderson (Dallas) and thought he would have made a pretty good Cap, but after realising my idiotic mistake, yes Halloway would make a pretty good Gambit!

  • Kenderos

    Allison Bries English “accent” killed the 4 year engagement movie for me. It was terrible. I do like her in Community though.

    Sawyer was the best character in Lost and Halloway is the man. I agree that he was born to play Gambit but if we have to get a Fox Gambit I’d rather he play a Marvel character that will actually get a little respect.

  • Kenderos

    Allison Bries English \"accent\" killed the 4 year engagement movie for me. It was terrible. I do like her in Community though.

    Sawyer was the best character in Lost and Halloway is the man. I agree that he was born to play Gambit but if we have to get a Fox Gambit I\’d rather he play a Marvel character that will actually get a little respect.

  • kane

    I am sorry but Josh Holloway (in Christian Shephard\’s voice) does not have what it take to be a movie star. He look plain like your average Home Depot guy.

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  • Joe

    So mostly every one on here is idiots. Josh Holloway is awesome Sawyer was the best character on lost and probably one of the best TV show characters. The whole time I was watching that show I was thinking “This is Gambit”. Second you are fucking stupid Gambit is a character that would get mad respect by true comic fans maybe not by idiots like you people. It’s long over due that they should have made a Gambit movie. They also need to give him the black/red eyes I mean WTF why would they leave that out in the Wolverine movie? If they can make blue fuzzy people how hard can it be to change the eyes. They did a horrible job on Gambit in the Wolverine movie which doesn’t really come as a surprise since every X-Men movie sucked. Why did they fuck everything up. There’s only one real problem with Josh Holloway playing Gambit and no it’s not because he doesn’t look like big screen material like those other idiots are saying seriously how come people are so stupid now and days? No the only problem is Josh Holloway starting to get older and the more they take their sweet ass time the more he’s going to age and therefore won’t be able to play Gambit. We seriously need a good actor to play Gambit not some random douche bag. But all and all most of you are dumb asses.

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