‘Captain America: Civil War’ Ads Unmask Black Panther, Show Ant-Man Shenanigans

     May 2, 2016


It’s Captain America: Civil War week as the highly anticipated Marvel movie hits theaters this weekend — even though it dropped into many overseas countries already. If you’re someone who’s inner dialogue is, “I want more Civil War footage and you know I know I want it now,” then here are more TV spots with snippets of new looks, including the unmasking of Black Panther.

We’ve seen Chadwick Boseman in his civilian T’Challa clothes, we’ve seen him in his full Black Panther vibranium suit, and now we have the happy medium. Based on the brief clip, we can infer the unmasking happens after the Wakanda hero chases down The Winter Soldier with Captain America in tow before all parties are stopped by government officials.

There are other TV spots circling the Web as is expected from Marvel’s heavy marketing campaign, and they reveal even more brief encounters. If you blink, you’ll miss how Ant-Man gets inside of and wreaks havoc on Iron Man’s suit, Black Panther’s superhero landing worthy of a Deadpool jab, Cap blocking a blow from War Machine, Scarlet Witch working her magic mojo, and more. See the videos below:

After another international incident involving the Avengers, the team finds themselves split in two factions. Team Iron Man rallies in support of the Sokovia Accords, a new measure introduced by the government to enforce harsher restrictions on superhuman activity and missions, while Team Captain America goes on the run in opposition.

Reviews for the film have been overwhelmingly positive with some calling Civil War the best superhero movie so far, which doesn’t do well to quell the almost painful, uncontainable excitement felt by Marvelites. As we learned from Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, anyone can survive anything for 10 seconds, so…keep counting.

Directed by Joe and Anthony Russo, Captain America: Civil War drops this Friday, May 6.

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