CAPTAIN AMERICA: THE WINTER SOLDIER Receives Ecstatic Reactions on Twitter

     March 11, 2014


Last night, Captain America: The Winter Soldier played for press in Los Angeles, and while full reviews are embargoed until March 20th, reporters were free to tweet out their reactions.  We’ve collected some of those tweets, and the praise was effusive.  Steve was among those who saw the film, and tweeted afterwards, “The CAPTAIN AMERICA sequel blew me away. Movie has a fantastic script, amazing action, and great character moments. Just about perfect.”  Earlier this morning, he added “if you missed tweets from last night: CAPTAIN AMERICA sequel is fantastic on every level. Fanboys and casual moviegoers are going to love it” and “until I see it again I won’t say exactly how it compares to other Marvel films, but it’s easily one of the best they’ve ever done.”  Captain America: The First Avenger is my favorite movie of Phase One, and it’s wonderful that the sequel is receiving such high praise; now it’s up to the rest of us to try and keep our expectations in check.

Hit the jump to check some more Twitter reactions.  The film stars Chris Evans, Scarlett Johansson, Sebastian Stan, Anthony Mackie, Cobie Smulders, Anthony Mackie, Georges St-Pierre, Frank Grillo, Hayley Atwell, Toby Jones, Emily VanCamp, Maximiliano Hernández, Robert Redford, and Samuel L. JacksonCaptain America: The Winter Soldier opens in 3D on April 4th.













Here’s the official synopsis for Captain America: The Winter Soldier:

After the cataclysmic events in New York with The Avengers, Marvel’s “Captain America: The Winter Soldier” finds Steve Rogers, a.k.a. Captain America, living quietly in Washington, D.C. and trying to adjust to the modern world. But when a S.H.I.E.L.D. colleague comes under attack, Steve becomes embroiled in a web of intrigue that threatens to put the world at risk. Joining forces with the Black Widow, Captain America struggles to expose the ever-widening conspiracy while fighting off professional assassins sent to silence him at every turn. When the full scope of the villainous plot is revealed, Captain America and the Black Widow enlist the help of a new ally, the Falcon. However, they soon find themselves up against an unexpected and formidable enemy—the Winter Soldier.


  • Ray

    Good because the first one was awful.

    • Kidmark

      It really, really wasn’t.

      • Jack le Critic


      • HeSaidSheSaidReviewSite

        Yes it was. Easily the worst of the MCU. It’s the only one I outright disliked.

      • DM725

        It’s definitely better than Iron Man 2

      • TigerFIST

        Agreed Def better than iron man 2. That was the worst to me. We all have a job to do with great word of mouth as fans. Let’s try to get this 1 billion worldwide!

      • Merlin235

        Opinions aren’t fact.

      • Sammy Lane

        Thats true.Unless you’re talking about my opinion that is!?Then it’s fact.Lol!

      • Tarzan

        The worst one was Iron Man 3.

      • Elga N

        Yeah, you’re a fanboy !

      • SenorApplesauce

        I disliked Iron Man 2 and 3. I thought Thor was fairly ok. Thor 2 was pretty decent.

        Avengers, the first Iron Man, and the first Cap were the most entertaining. The first Cap was probably the best crafted (if overly long) as far as movies go.

      • TigerFIST


      • Lovecraftlives

        Iron Man 2 was the weakest, but still good. Cap was tops!

      • The Flobbit

        The Incredible Hulk, people, says otherwise.

      • Tarzan

        I really liked the first one. There is no pleasing some people.

    • Ian

      I wouldn’t call it their best film, but it was by no means bad, and I’d put it above The Incredible Hulk and Iron Man 2.

      • sunwukong86

        its leagues better than Iron Man 2, but thats just my opinion

    • enderandrew

      The first one was the best Indiana Jones movie in decades.

      • João Paulo


      • Kondorr

        Wow… that was exactly my feelings after watching the first one :D

      • Django9000

        Either that or a fitting sequel to the Rocketeer.

      • Sammy Lane

        Capt America + Ironman= The Rocketeer.

    • Jon

      Awfully fresh and awfully fun.

    • sunwukong86

      wow you just cant please some people at all/

    • Matt1



      I thought it was fantastic!!! I can’t even think of anything bad to say because there was nothing wrong with it. JOE JOHNSTON redeemed himself after that god awful JURASSIC PARK 3!!!

    • Warriorscribe

      A matter of opinion, but I agree. It sucked.

    • Lance

      The first movie was great! If you didn’t like it you just hate America and are probably posting from your Russian base in Crimea.

      I really hope the twitter reaction to the press screening is accurate. There have been times I feel like the press has overdone it. Which makes me wonder if they all get fed Kobe beef steaks followed up by body rubs from Victoria’s Secret models and hunky firefighters (your choice), right before seeing the movie.

      Still, I think there’s real potential for this sequel to deliver. It actually looks like the rare Marvel movie that has a topical political theme to explore, too!

    • Stephanie Press

      Thought the first half of CA: TFA was brilliant. Then it went to standard fare. But boy, what a first half!

    • spongefist

      You are factually right, the first one was awful, as was Iron man 3 and Thor 2.

      The factual list in order of best is: Avengers, Thor 1, Iron Man 2, The Incredible Hulk.

      The factual list for worst is: Cap America 1, Thor 2, Iron Man 3, Iron Man 1, The other Hulk movie.

      There are no opinions, only facts – I’m a scientist.

      I’m glad my scientific approach can help…

      • kw

        It doesn’t. Your facts are pure shit.

    • Lovecraftlives

      Oh shut up! The first was fantastic!

  • YodaRocks

    Does anyone else feel anything fishy about it? I mean, there HAS to be some criticism, right?

    • Alex

      There doesn’t have to be, it’s likely because this is the Internet but there doesn’t have to be

      • YodaRocks

        These tweets imply that Captain America: Winter Soldier has turned out to be some kind of “Holy Grail” of action movies. This doesn’t seem fishy to you?

      • Merlin235

        I personally don’t recognize the names of the people sending out those tweets. They could be regular Joe’s for all I know. I’m still expecting a 60-70% on the Tomatometer.

      • bidi

        i hope not. i have a bet with my roommate that it’ll be 85 or better

      • JBug

        I’m anticipating low 80s

      • Patrick Campbell

        You have to remember, it’s only 140 character reactions. The reviews will go into much more analysis of the film. The film has a few problems, but it’s not enough to hinder what turned out to be a really excellent film.

      • unsean

        Why? It looks like it’s going to be incredible.

    • Jon

      Yes because people will create an expectation of they think the movie should be and when they don’t get that, they will say it was “terrible”.

      • THE GOOD GUY

        Well Spoken!!!

    • Kota Lancaster

      The initial first screening reviews are almost always completely rave about it, but something about how great the trailers are, and that I trust Frosty makes believe it’s going to be great. That and it’s hard to fit a full review in a tweet. But yeah, so many people saying it’s perfect is a bit odd.

    • Melwing

      I’m usually not the type to think these sort of things- but I really did get the impression reading through these that they were canned, bullshit, paid reactions.

      I do believe it’s probably going to be a fantastic film though, so I don’t see why it was necessary.

    • Gerard Kennelly
  • Neo Racer

    Post movie nerd rush. Im sure people where saying the same about Episode 1 lol nah but this does look good

  • tobi

    I can barely contain my excitement!!

  • Colonel_Neville_Wraithchild

    black widow’s pose on that poster up there is the sexiest “come at me bro” i’ve ever seen.

    • Rockslide

      Looks like Redford’s got a little “Haters Gonna Hate” going on too.

  • Jack le Critic

    There’s a little criticism about it being too convoluted – but overall things look very exciting for Cap 2! I think they’ve finally found a mature platform for the character – turning him into a new “Bourne” by the sounds of it. I wonder how this new found “maturity” will impact on Avengers 2…

  • Rockslide

    I am a huge fan of the first film, I thought it was near perfect for the character. I’m glad to hear such a good reaction on the second. Hopefully it holds up, I was pretty disappointed with Thor The Dark World.


      Same Here!!! I felt the 1st movie was incredible! HUGO WEAVING performed brilliantly as RED SKULL. It was a wonderful Origins film, the action was amazing as well as the special effects, and the acting overall fit the tone. I felt 50/50 on THOR:THE DARK WORLD as well as the first THOR. I enjoyed the first half of THOR but didn’t the second. It was about the same with THE DARK WORLD. I am excited to see THE WINTER SOLDIER. After viewing the 4 minutes of footage taken from the film, I was sold! I was actually sold anyway because I go see all MARVEL films.

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  • eternalozzie

    I liked the first one quite a bit … it kept to the spirit of the comics pretty close … I think bucky as the super villain for the second one is lame but hopefully my first reaction is wrong.

    • DM725

      Clearly you don’t know who Ed Brubaker is and his Capt. America series.

      • eternalozzie

        Clearly I had to choose between Ed Brubaker and having a life … joking aside I do know he is a well respected Comic book guy … it would take a talented person to make Bucky interesting.

      • DM725

        It did take a talented person to make Bucky interesting. Soooo basically you chose a life over reading the Brubaker run but read enough of the comics to keep “having a life” and comment on how the first Cap movie “kept to the spirit of the comics pretty close?”

      • eternalozzie

        don’t go injecting thought and logic into my ramblings on here … you’ll just confuse me :)

  • Seth

    I think Chris Evans is a great Captain America. ‘First Avenger’ was one of the best of phase one. I love how they explore all movie genres while still having a shared universe. From spy thriller to fantasy action to sci fi. Im totally into it.

  • TigerFIST

    Fuck yeah!!!

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  • Max Rockatansky

    LOL at the twitter comments. Looks like most of them Twitter users probably never have seem much action movies in their life. I wouldn’t take their comments with grain of salt.

    • MovieGod

      Thanks for the insight guy who spells Prometheus with two 3′s. They got invited to a press junket for a reason.

      • Strong Enough

        yeah friends and family of the cast dummy

      • cruzzercruz

        Except for the fact that some of them are journalists working for film blogs like this one.

      • Strong Enough

        keyword. some

      • cruzzercruz

        Yeah, some. As in, not all of them are related to the cast. This was a press screening, if you hadn’t noticed. Not a big premiere event for cast, crew, and family.

      • Strong Enough

        of course you’ll have your usual journalist that proclaim everything is always good. but the majority of those twitter comments are either plants, or family and friends who have no idea what a good film is. I mean “best action movie i’ve ever seen”? really? come on. you can’t let that one slide

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  • Ruprect

    If I get any more stoked about this film I am going to burst like a meat piniata.

  • Strong Enough

    Yes we know. its the best marvel movie to date. blah blah. we all heard it before but we know its not true. if a marvel movie is the best action movie you’ve ever seen? I bet none of these nerds seen The Raid or its sequel or a fucking John Woo film before.


    • The Rabid One

      Yeah because watching a bunch of pigeons flopping towards me while pooping on the camera is epic. Call when Woo has updated his style.

      • Strong Enough

        Who gives a shit about John Woo and his style nowadays. When someone says they think a marvel movie is the greatest action movie ever, me thinks they never seen a John Woo film at his apex. Hard Boiled, The Killer etc etc. because when they say of ALL TIME it brings into account every fucking action movie ever made. which is fucking ludicrous

    • The Rabid One

      Yeah because watching a bunch of pigeons flopping towards me while pooping on the camera is epic. Call when Woo has updated his style.

  • Ashtalon

    We heard the same kind of responses from the press screening for Iron Man 3, and I ended up being furiously indifferent (ok, disappointed) with it.

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  • MarvelFan_1

    I knew this looked good from the trailer but now ………. I really can’t wait any longer, after the so-so first two phase 2 movies I need this now, then onto GOTG to round this epicness off, but first the Captain.

  • Theodore Trout

    Great news.
    Just now finally saw ‘The Dark World’ and loved it.
    So stoked for this one.

    • ʝoe ßloggs

      Better late than never! :)

  • ʝoe ßloggs

    So happy reading that it’s a fantastic action flick!
    Even happier that i’ll get a chance to watch it on a D-Box Motion Seat!

  • Gerard Kennelly

    redford ALL IS LOST

    evans PUNCTURE

    both oscar worthy

    both snubbed

  • cruzzercruz

    I mostly liked Iron Man 2 and really liked Iron Man 3. That makes me a pariah on the internet. I shouldn’t make my eventual opinion on this film known, lest I be skewered again.

  • Abisai Estrella

    nah ray not even i’m a sixties old head if u research cap they did a fine job withe the origin unlike the 90′s film which was horrible but loved the suit!! nuff said keep it going marvel!!

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  • Cold Drake

    Hope the cheques cleared

  • Cold Drake

    Hope the cheques cleared

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    Good to know this will be better than good. The Russo Brothers should prove to be the next great film makers! But I why are critics so hard on Mackie Hurt Locker,Pain&Gain and Adjustment Bureau weren’t good enough? A ton of supporting roles may not give you the best screen time but I think he is above average. Why do all the best actors get overlooked till they put on a suit. I can’t stand overlookers and bandwagon types.

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