LOST Producer Carlton Cuse Developing Civil War Drama Series at ABC While NBC Copies HOUSE M.D. with Psychiatry Drama DR. HENRY

     November 19, 2010

In a very brief report, Variety has revealed Lost executive producer Carlton Cuse is working with director Randall Wallace (Secretariat, We Were Soldiers) to develop a Civil War-set drama series at ABC. The are are co-writing the project with Wallace attached to direct the pilot if the network decides to pick it up. Barely any details are known other than it is viewed as an “event” series and will be set in Virginia. Not much to get excited about just yet, but it might be one to keep an eye on soon.

Hit the jump for details on a new medical drama from NBC.

Following in the footsteps of famed diagnostic medicine expert Dr. Gregory House, Deadline reports  NBC has set up an eerily similar project with Dr. Henry. The series would follow the titular eccentric psychiatrist who, with the help of a team of doctors at a prestigious institute, digs into his patients’ psyches to help cure them of the most bizarre psychological afflictions. We can pretty much guarantee the issue will never be Lupus in this series too. George Gallo (Bad Boys, Midnight Run) is writing and executive producing with Russ Krasnoff (Community). Apparently the series is just one of a few attempts to develop medical dramas with a twist. Having problems to solve in the mind of patients might be interesting, but it seems like too much of a copycat of House. M.D.

Interested in either of these potential series?

  • salezy

    that sounds like mental the show that got cancelled :D

  • TragicVillain

    I think my favorite part of trying to copy the House formula is that NBC thinks the success is based on the medical problem-solving procedural, but that’s not what made the first 3.5 seasons awesome – it was the snappy House/Wilson/Cuddy banter. It’s the witty antihero that made House popular, not the weekly mystery. There are dozens of those shows on TV.

  • T. Van Dyke

    Well, hopefully, they’ll use the name of a different doctor. When I saw the title of this article, I thought of the “Dr. Henry” from the 70′s-era Saturday morning PSAs…

  • ArmondWhiteismymasternow

    Cuse can suck my dick. After the Lost fiasco I never go to see another show with his name attached.

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  • Fool me once…

    No freaking way I’m every watching another Cuse show.