New TV Spot for CARRIE Reveals R-Rating

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From an outsider’s perspective, Carrie was on the bubble as far as an MPAA rating was concerned.  The film stars Chloe Grace Moretz as a tormented young girl who discovers she has telekinetic powers and a desire for retribution.  From what we’ve seen so far, it looked like the rating could go either way.  However, a new TV spot has confirmed that October’s only wide-release horror film will be Rated-R.  That could mean slightly lower box office, but as we saw this summer with The Conjuring, a modestly-budgeted R-rated horror film can make a huge splash if the timing is right and the buzz is positive.  I haven’t heard anything regarding the new adaptation of Stephen King‘s novel, but I hope director Kimberly Peirce has found a way to have her remake stand apart from Brian De Palma‘s classic original.

Hit the jump to check out the TV spot.  Carrie also stars Julianne Moore and Judy Greer.  Carrie opens October 18th.

Here’s the official synopsis for Carrie:

A reimagining of the classic horror tale about Carrie White (Chloë Grace Moretz), a shy girl outcast by her peers and sheltered by her deeply religious mother (Julianne Moore), who unleashes telekinetic terror on her small town after being pushed too far at her senior prom.

Based on the best-selling novel by Stephen King, Carrie is directed by Kimberly Peirce with a screenplay by Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa.


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FB Comments

  • Samson

    you will know my name its sam misner lol

  • Samson

    you will know my name its sam misner lol

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  • Andy

    Naked Chloe Moretz then? Or will they alter that scene?

  • Esteban Martinez

    I can’t see how this will manage to get an R rating. The source material isn’t that heavy or gory to being with.

    • markfive

      The original was rated R. That’s how.

      • Esteban Martinez

        I know. But that was what? 30 years ago or something? Most of what was rated R back then wouldn’t go above PG13 now.

  • markfive

    Judging by the trailer, I don’t think DePalma has much to worry about.

    • Esteban Martinez

      I have to fully agree with you on this.

    • Brian

      Yeah, I like Moretz and Moore a lot, and was excited for it based on that… and then I saw the trailer a few months ago. Looks like it has all the truth and immediacy of some terrible CW show. And as much as I like Moretz, it doesn’t seem like it’s going to work to have a relatively attractive teen cast in the role of someone perpetually picked on for being a weird wallflower– the casting is just totally off.

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