Warner Bros. Considering CASABLANCA Sequel

     November 5, 2012


Before you gather up your baseball bats and pitchforks in search of the person who has conceived of a Casablanca sequel, let’s go through all of the details first.  There have been attempts at a sequel to the exceptionally popular and beloved film for over 70 years, and it’s actually astounding that the studios have shown restraint in the matter, opting to wait for what would make for a truly great treatment (of course, why everything has to have a sequel in the first place is another issue).

There were a few ill-fated forays into television that attempted to be prequels or sequels, but neither critics nor audiences were having it at the time.  Naturally, that spooked the studios into caution when it came to potentially continuing the story.  However, Casablanca‘s original screenwriter, Howard Koch, worked on his own sequel idea in the 1980s, planning to include Ingrid Bergman and Humphrey Bogart returning as parents.  For more on the planned sequel plot, hit the jump.

casablanca-2-sequelAccording to a great piece from the New York Post (via The Film Stage), the sequel would take place twenty years after the events of the first film, where a child conceived from Rick and Ilsa’s renewed affair (and subsequently adopted by Laszlo) named Richard would travel to the Middle East to learn more about his father.

Richard “grew up to be a handsome, tough-tender young man reminiscent of his father. He had been told the truth about his origin and has a deep desire to find his real father, or at least more about him, since Rick’s heroic at actions in Casablanca have become legendary.”

Eventually, “After learning the cafe in the original was blown up by Nazis, he would link up with an Arab woman named Joan (inspired by Joan Baez) and join in on her citizen’s movement to find Nazi outlaws.”

Warner Bros. turned the second treatment down in 1989, but with the 70th anniversary of the film upon us, renewed interest in the project has been sparked.

The biggest question of course is who could possibly be cast in these roles, particular that of Richard.  Aljean Harmetz told the New York Post, “There really are not many solid 20-year-old actors. Certainly not Robert Pattinson, though maybe that guy who’s popping up everywhere, Joseph Gordon-Levitt.”

Film historian Leonard Maltin as well as Humphrey Bogart’s son with Lauren Bacall, Stephen, are both chilly to the idea of a sequel even despite it having come from Koch.  As Stephen puts it, “If they want to make a movie about intrigue in North Africa, that’s fine, but bringing the specter of one of the greatest movies of all time into it makes it just another feeble attempt at Casablanca 2.  There are certain films, like The Wizard of OzGone With the Wind and, of course, Casablanca that need to stay as pristine and perfect as they are.’’


  • Singularity

    What could go wrong?

    • Jose

      Every goddamn thing

      • Robert Downey

        *cocks shotgun*
        Every goddamn thing.

  • DoctorWho

    I dont know who will see this to be honest. Baby Boomers?

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  • Drake

    No. Kill it now. That story sounds terrible and cliche. Don’t screw with Casablanca, leave it alone.

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  • Lance

    Horrible, horrible idea, Warner executives. This is a HUGE mistake. You’re thinking you’ll be able to cash in on Casablanca’s name recognition but you’ll just wind up making its fans angry as hell. Just setting yourself up for failure, not the win.

  • Masshuu il Thulcandra

    I love Casablanca. Haven’t they heard the stories? How someone took the script, change the time and place and character names and tried to sell it to all the studios? Everyone rejected it as being infantile, stupid and boring. Does anyone remember that great “GONE WITH THE WIND” sequel? Me neither. My point exactly!
    Please don’t, under any circumstances.

  • Gui

    The writer worked on the script in the 80′s hoping to get Bogart to return? I thought bogart died in 1957?

    • Brian

      He did…

    • Anonymous

      He did! either he meant HUMPHREY BOGART’S CHARACTER
      or the writer of this article meant the 40′S or 50′S,either way
      even though the plot was conviced by HOWARD KOCH (who
      won an oscar for writing casablanca’s screenplay!),that
      dosen’t mean it’s not going to suck!


    Aaaaarf, I’ ve already saw BARBWIRE, will pass on this one…



  • christopher w.schnepp

    He did! either he meant HUMPHREY BOGART\’S CHARACTER
    or the writer of this article meant the 40\’S or 50\’S,either way
    even though the plot was conviced by HOWARD KOCH (who
    won an oscar for writing casablanca\’s screenplay!),that
    dosen\’t mean it\’s not going to suck!

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  • Allen Blank

    I think they meant that they willbe parents in the fact that the main character is Rick’s and Ilsa’s son, not they they actually will be in the film. This is a project I hope doesn’t get too far. We don’t need a sequel to Casablanca, just like we don’t need one to Citizen Kane. Didn’t someone write a published novel sequel to Casablanca? Also someone at Warners’ did in fact write a treatment for a sequel back in the ’40′s, to feature Rick, Ilsa, and Louis, and I read a synoposis of it and am so glad theey never did it.

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  • Weeks

    Just bring in Isabella Rossellini to play an older Ilsa. What could go wrong?

  • PhillB

    After the good Warner’s been scoring, finally they’re about to dig their hole, is that it? What could go wrong?

  • Robert Downey

    Warner Bros. Executives:
    I don’t know who you are, or where you live, but if you decide to reboot, remake, re-imagine, or re-ANYTHING that has to do with Casablanca, I will find you and I will kill you.

    Leave these classic films in peace. As David Fincher said: “A film is a representation of a time…it shouldn’t be retouched.”
    This “sequel” is 60 years too late.

    What’s next? A remake of Citizen Kane starring George Clooney?

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  • Damien

    Here’s a very simple answer. F(Uh-oh!) NO!

    And even if they were to remake it, all the race jokes that were in the first movie? Forget ‘em. They have to make the movie as P.C. as possible, and we all know, it it’s P.C., it’s a P.O.S.


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