First CHAPPIE Poster Revealed at Comic-Con; See the Robot from Neill Blomkamp’s Provocative Sci-Fi Comedy [Updated with Synopsis and New Poster]

     July 22, 2014


Very little is known about District 9 and Elysium director Neill Blomkamp’s new film Chappie besides the fact that it revolves around a robot imbued with artificial intelligence who is stolen by two local gangsters, and producer Simon Kinberg called it “the most provocative studio movie you’ll likely ever see.”  Well it looks like Sony Pictures is ready to unveil this curious pic to the public, as the first look at the titular robot (played by Sharlto Copley) has been unveiled at San Diego Comic-Con by way of a Chappie poster banner.  The film certainly looks to have a more darkly comedic tone than Blomkamp’s previous two features, and I’m really looking forward to seeing this thing in action in the near future.  Moreover, the prospect of seeing Hugh Jackman stretch his comedy talents in an offbeat sci-fi comedy is highly enticing.

Hit the jump to check out the Chappie poster, which Steve snapped a picture of inside the SDCC convention center lobby.  [We've updated the article with the film's synopsis and a new poster banner.]  The film also stars Sigourney Weaver, and Die Antwoord frontpeople Ninja and Yolandi VisserChappie opens in theaters on March 27, 2015.

Steve here. Due to the positioning of the poster with the light outside, this was a hard to photograph.  That’s why we’re offering a ton of closeup shots.

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And here’s the film’s synopsis and a bonus poster via Chappie’s Facebook page:

After being kidnapped by two criminals during birth, Chappie becomes the adopted son in a strange and dysfunctional family. Chappie is preternaturally gifted, one of a kind, a prodigy. He also happens to be a robot.



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  • Zack Snyder

    Elysium was actually underrated. Ok, the story could have been better but the visuals and production design were on another level. I get a feeling Chappie will prove once and for all Neil is a cinematic force to be reckoned with. *Sorry, it’s been 5 years and I still haven’t gotten over District 9.

    • Mixed race rich kid NYC

      Never saw Elysium
      I’m not into liberal propaganda but I’m looking forward to chappie
      Loved district 9

      • doctor_robot

        “not into liberal propaganda” – you’re a jack-ass.

      • Georce Johnson

        Heh, Elysium was like watching something a 12 year old wrote after a social justice seminar. So disappointing after District 9.

      • GrimReaper07

        I liked Elysium. The story was nowhere near as bad as people make it out to be and the action and art design is spectacular.


        The story is a carbon copy of District 9 with different skin. Guy gets sick, pulls off heists to get to big object in the sky where he can heal himself. In both movies the lead even gets his freaking arm broken in the first 20 minutes. Hiding from helicopters/ships while running around around junk towns. Millions of other little copied pieces too. Art was good, action had terrible editing at times.

      • GrimReaper07

        They have a few similarities, yeah, but they’re very superficial and few. The editing was pretty transparent IMO, in that it didn’t call attention unto itself and wasn’t jarring at any time. Don’t know what you mean by terrible editing but fair enough.


        I can’t agree, the issue is fundamental at the core of the film.

        Guy works at evil company. Gets injured at work alien goo/radiation. Only solution to heal himself is in the big floating object up in the sky. He is given a mission by a supporting character CJ/Spyder. The mission is a heist involving the evil company he works for MNU/Armadyne. The heist works and is a brutal action scene. The end of the second act has the character betraying the supporting character – Hitting CJ, in the Elysium script he stole tons of money from the mother of the cancer sick child (this scene was cut from the movie, but some of the money can be seen on the bed when she is crying). He then immediately boards a space ship that crashes soon after, into D9/Into Elysium. He then makes a valiant attempt to redeem himself in the third act action and finally makes a sacrifice of some form.

        I found the editing in some of the action scenes jarring. Too many cuts.

      • GrimReaper07

        I’d say those similarities are only in terms of structure and not in content. Both movies have different themes and characters and some of the similarities you pointed out are somewhat false. The protagonist in D9 never boards a space ship, he’s never in a heist and he doesn’t willingly betray his company (unless by betraying his company you mean escaping death). Also, if a scene isn’t in the theatrical version or director’s cut, then its not really canon.

        Still, it’s not like I loved Elysium. I liked it. It definitively has its flaws but the good outweigh the bad for me.

      • BigJimSlade

        Elysium was like watching a 12 year old start to write a seminar and giving up halfway to play Gears of War or something. Can’t imagine what they saw in the screenplay to go ahead with the production.

    • Finch

      It definitely gets more hate than it deserves. It’s not perfect, but it’s damn good. Unfortunately, it hits too close to home for some people.. Sci-fi movie with sociopolitical subtext set in Africa? Good. But keep your commie, pro-immigrant crap away from my ‘murica, Blomkamp.

    • feloniousmax

      Elysium was not that good, definitely cribbed some things from Gunm (Battle Angel Alita) poorly. This looks interesting.

    • Norrtron

      People could use that same defense for Transformers. The story is ultimately the most important part.


      Based on the silly sounding story and absolute terrible mess filming Chappie ended up being I’m not hopeful. The rappers ended up being ultra assholes and fucked up filming over and over, harassing people, assaulting women on the crew, and eventually having their roles reduced and rewritten in the script for other actors. I don’t get by Blomkamp loves rappers for roles so much, he originally wanted Eminem for Elysium, haha. Now… Eminem was good in 8 Mile… but still.

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  • GunzOfNavarone

    Is it just me or does that robot look way too similar to the robots from Elysium ?

    • i AN LEGEND

      District 9 and Elysium are set in the same world. Maybe this is too. Which would be cool.

      • appolox

        Really? Where did you hear that from?

      • i AN LEGEND

        Matt Damon’s character picks up a Chemrail gun somewhere in the movie, the same company/weaponry from District 9.

      • appolox

        Well are you sure that’s not just an easter egg?

      • i AN LEGEND

        Yeah, guess it could be.

      • matthew

        I don’t think they are in the same world but he likes to connect his films, eg: in district 9 they break into MNU? and on the walls is tetravaal which is the short film this movie is based on from Neill.

    • Jonboy

      They do look similar but I feel like it’s such a unique take on cyborgs and robots so the more the merrier. They’re not these shiny perfectly proportionate humanoids that have husky voices.

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  • TedSallis

    OMG. Love the Zef stencil on the back and Yolandi and Ninja are mommy and daddy. Freaking epic. When people get a look at Die Antwoord in this they are going to be thrown for a loop. Check out some of their videos, highly recommend “I Fink you Freeky” and “Evil Boy” if you haven’t seen them yet, damn.

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  • Person

    Wasn’t Dev Patel supposed to be in this? Doesn’t matter, District 9 was ok but overrated and Elysium was essentially the same movie with a bigger star, so I’m not exactly counting down the days til this drops…

    • matthew

      Dev is one of the main characters (he builds the robot I believe).

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  • appolox

    District 9 is one of the best films of the last decade! And Elysium was on my top ten list for 2013. This looks like it will be just as fresh and original.

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  • Jonboy

    Neill Blomkamp movies always had the best Robot designs. Bar none. And he always has a rich detailed world with interesting character journeys. It makes me wonder how amazing it would’ve been if they gave him the Robocop remake. He would’ve blown us away.

    • Jamesy

      Still hoping for him to tackle Halo and bring it to the big screen, would’ve been great to see him handle Robocop! District 9 was incredible, I’ve yet to check out Elysium, by the trailers and promo material it looked a lot more “by the numbers” is this true for anyone who’s seen it?

      • Pk

        He is the perfect choice to direct a Star Wars movie

      • Jonboy

        It’s definitely not a ‘by the numbers movie’. It’s also no District 9. But I liked it because the world he created was a unique character study by itself.

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  • Martin

    I’ll be bold to say that Elysium was really a dud after the fantastic District 9. D9 really broke new ground in sci-fi with it’s social/political critique of immigration and racism in S. Africa. Elysium, tried to do that with the whole 99% idea, but really failed to use Matt Damon’s talents and to have a decent script. The dialogue was especially bad for the lead villain who always just shouted aggressively. The visuals were amazing, but the story line could really need some help. While D9 had a great “transformation” scene, there wasn’t much of an impact in Elysium, from regular human to robot. The whole “virus” thing was really cliche as well. I really hope Chappie doesn’t turn into a whole CGI, explosion, and gore fest that Elysium became. It needs to hold the same emotional weight as D9, with characters you can relate to.

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  • bidi

    i’ve always found Blomkamp’s films to be somewhat darkly humorous. despite being disappointed by Elysium, i’m still very interested to see what he does with something intended to be more of a comedy

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  • Cameron Purdie

    So hyped for this.

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