INSIDE JOB Director Charles Ferguson to Helm Film About WikiLeaks Founder Julian Assange for HBO

     April 29, 2011


His financial crisis documentary Inside Job took home the Academy Award for Best Documentary earlier this year, but now director Charles Ferguson is moving into the realm of fact-based drama for HBO. Deadline reports he will be at the helm of a new film about WikiLeaks founder and headline grabber Julian Assange. HBO is working with BBC on the project which will use Raffi Khatchadourian’s New Yorker article, No Secrets: Julian Assange’s Mission for Total Transparency, as the source material. The article itself follows Assange and WikiLeaks operatives as they embark on their mission to leak a 38-minute classified video taken inside the cockpit of a U.S. Army Apache Helicopter. With as much attention as Assange has gotten in the news recently, the film should certainly be of interest to viewers. Can I suggest Neil Patrick Harris to play Assange?

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  • Princess Kate Middleton

    I hope Oliver Stone directs this and exposes the truth.

  • rootentuut

    i say julian sands
    he might be too old though

  • Elitist Prick

    I see Julian Assange as more of a publicity hound than anything else. I believe his version of the truth just about as much as, say, Sarah Palin’s version. Ok, that might be a bit harsh, but you get the idea. I think a movie about him that calls his motives into question could be interesting, but one holding him up as some virtuous seeker of knowledge wouldn’t be at all engaging.

  • Arun

    I suggestef NPH on a previoud Collider article about a Assange film :-)

  • Soapy Johnson

    Hopefully the film details Assange’s questional handling of the Nostradamus sports picks. Nostradamus predicted a Celtics win on May 1, 2011 nearly 500 years ago, also an Angels win over the Rays. Assange only released this reluctantly but what else is he holding? …

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