Charlie Sheen’s ANGER MANAGEMENT Debut Sets Cable Record

     June 29, 2012


It turns out America’s morbid fascination with love for Charlie Sheen has not diminished.  After a very public meltdown led to his dismissal from CBS juggernaut Two and a Half Men last year, the troubled star took his act to FX last night.  The first two episodes of his new sitcom Anger Management debuted to the best ratings for a scripted comedy in cable history (not including kids’ shows).  Episode one, at 9 pm, topped all-time records in both overall viewers (5.47 million) and the key 18-49 demographic (2.65 million).  Episode two, at 9:30, bested it by attracting 5.74 mil total and 2.89 mil in the 18-49 demo. As a point of reference, more typical FX comedy Wilfred later premiered to 2.53 mil total and 1.2 mil in 18-49.

Anger Management sees Sheen stepping into the role of ex-ball player, current anger management coach Charlie Goodson, who gets up to hijinks involving his ex-wife (Shawnee Smith), therapist (Selma Blair), teenaged daughter (Daniela Bobadilla) and various clients (Noureen DeWulf, Barry Corbin). Hit the jump for more.

Per THR, if the charlie-sheen-anger-management-debutratings continue to hit a certain mark over the coming weeks, an order for 90 additional episodes from distributor Debmar-Mercury will kick in, keeping Sheen on the air for…ever, basically. In the wake of the two-part debut, the show will settle into its regular time slot, Thursdays at 9:30, beginning next week.

Critics have not been quite as enthusiastic about the more-or-less traditional canned-laughter sitcom, though some seem to think it has potential.  It’s certainly nowhere near as edgy as you’d expect from FX (whose motto reads “There Is No Box”), especially when compared to the network’s other comedies like Wilfred, Louie and It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.  But the promise of 5.5 million viewers is enough to make even the most avant garde executive realize that, “Oh, silly me. There’s the box right over there.”

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  • LEM

    WOW what’s wrong with people? That show is complete garbage with canned laughs to let those idiot viewers know when to laugh.

    • Ray

      Well from what I’ve heard no one liked it, it will fall off. I don’t necessarily hate the laugh track as much as many apparently, Married with children,Seinfeld and other things I loved had them, and I laugh at what tickled me in the moment not due to a “track” just saying.

      • LEM

        I don’t think Seinfeld used canned laughs because they sound genuine when you watch the show. They may have used them for scenes that took more than a few takes to shoot because the reaction won’t be the same on take 10 or 15 as it was on 1 or 2.

  • zoltan

    Only in a Fucked up world like ours can this happen. I guess Charlie really is winning? c’mon!

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    pro wrestling draws better ratings on cable though.

    • dO rAG

      are you serious! Not only did it not gave a rating it just said how many millions tuned in! This is normal with any new show FYI to see if it crashes and burns or does great! Also WWE does not draw that many people or ratings on the U.S.A Network like it did in the 90′s or early 2000′s At best they draw a 3.2 to 3.4 rating! TnA on Spike TV does 1.2 to 1.3 at best! So WTF are you smoking? You Wrestling mark! Even if what you were saying was true wrestling and a comedic sitcom is 2 different bags moron !

  • smith

    i saw the show today online and it was awful i didn’t laugh once don’t know whats wrong with america

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  • Marouane

    Winning !

  • Evan

    Watched the first 10 minutes and didn’t laugh once. Disappointed.

  • Howard Poulin

    I hate to bicker with some of you folks, but a couple of friends and my wife and I watched it. We loved it. Hey,,, canned laughter??? No problem there. We were L.O.L. anyway. It was the off-color jokes and responses that Charlie always excelled at. His timing and delivery, and the comic banter was exactly what has been missing on the new 2and 1/2 men with Ashton. Hey, A.K.’s naked butt is cute once…but it wore off very quickly as the weeks dragged on. Kinda like “Hey Dude….Where’s the comedy?”?
    We are hoping that Charlie has a winner here. He has been sorely missed by most of the folks we know. We will be looking forward to next week…..