CHASE Series Premiere Review

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The ambitions of the team of US marshals at the center of NBC’s new fast-paced law enforcement drama are clear: we’re here to catch the bad guys. If Law & Order challenges your mind too much but CSI: Miami just makes you feel dirty, then Chase just might have enough action and standard police procedural fare to satisfy. But the real question is whether or not Annie Frost (Kelli Giddish) and her top notch team chasing the most notorious and ruthless criminals in the state of Texas are enough to make Chase worth your pursuit. Find out after the jump.

While the series throws viewers right into the middle of the action involving some of the most efficient US marshals based out of Houston, Texas, it never really takes the time to put us in the middle of the team to care about the characters or their pursuit. Never does the team actually show any genuine camaraderie beyond some cheap jokes and one-liners between the frequent action sequences throughout the chase. Annie Frost, Jimmy Godfrey (Cole Hauser), Marco Martinez (Amaury Nolasco) and Daisy Ogbaa (Rose Rollins) have been working together for awhile. They can all agree that bringing in recent academy graduate Luke Watson (Jesse Metcalfe) is a bad idea, but they don’t really show any reasons to make me believe their team is too tight knit to justify their apprehension. There’s a lot of sizzle, but the waiter never brings the steak.


The same can be said for any genuine drama to make viewers want to continue beyond this 45-minute (without commercials) pseudo-adaptation of The Fugitive. While Frost herself as a lead female law enforcement officer is somewhat intriguing, not enough is done with her character for me to care about her future. Whereas a pliot in a TV series usually leaves you wanting to know where a certain character or story arc is going, for Ms. Frost it’s simply onto the next case. And while that may be an accurate representation of the job of a US marshal, there are obvious hints at a rough childhood with a criminal father that implies viewers should be thinking about her background. However this isn’t done in a tactful or mysterious enough way to allow for any real intrigue. Lines from Frost like “I used to cover for my Daddy, too, ” or even something like “I know what I’m talking about,” that drips with completely unsubtle implication, just aren’t enough for me to need or want to know more.

On the side of the killer (played this time by Travis Fimmel), much of the development of the antagonist is spent following his attempts to escape the law as we see just how ruthless this criminal can be. Meanwhile, the clues that lead the team from one crime scene to another never seem to be definitive links or solid enough evidence for the next leap of knowledge in the case. While the shows quick pacing is certainly a draw, at times it also serves as a weakness for its impact as a drama. It moves too swiftly for one single moment to carry significant weight.


While there’s certainly plenty of shortcomings to point out within the pilot, I can’t say that it’s completely devoid of entertainment, even if it is lacking any compelling elements. The biggest issue with the series is that it’s just not memorable or captivating enough to warrant an entire season. If Chase offers anything for viewers, it’s a roller coaster ride of action and fast-paced criminal apprehension that barely gives the audience room to breathe. The only problem is the prize at the end of this marathon simply doesn’t seem to exist. Chase is the epitome of a procedural series and the pilot doesn’t seem to promise any larger character arcs or plots to keep any mystery or desire for the next episode beyond this 45-minute open and shut case. At the end of the pilot, Ms. Frost answers her mobile phone amidst a bar celebration after their big apprehension with a simple, “This is Annie…” I’m not sure I’ll be calling on her or the rest of her team to solve another case.

THE FINAL WORD: While it’s not the worst pilot from the fall season, it’s certainly one of the most lacking. While these US marshals put all their effort into chasing the bad guys, you’re probably not going to want to put much effort into watching Chase itself. Unless the next couple episodes suddenly introduce a story bigger than an abridged version of a good crime story, it’s probably only a good idea to catch Chase by accident after tuning into its lead-in, the far superior and promising new series The Event.

Chase premieres Monday, September 20th (tonight) at 10/9c on NBC.


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  • Anonymous

    There have been so many shows that tried to use this formula, and they have all failed. Anyway, aren’t there enough real and really interesting criminals and apprehensions thereof that a well-done docudrama show could be done about them? Sort of like COPS, but re-enacted with better lighting.

  • Satan Klaus

    Cole Hauser…? SOLD!

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  • Matt

    Actually, The Fugitive tv show was pretty good.

    • Ethan Anderton

      The original or the failed one from 2000? Either way, I meant to reference Chase as an adaptation of the film version (which of course in itself was an adaptation of the original TV series). It feels similar to when a movie became a Broadway musical, then became a musical movie. Though rather than following the criminal, this one just follows the US Marshals.

      • Matt

        Oh yeah, I just like to point out the quality of the tv series whenever possible.

        Good review. There is actually an excellent fiction book on the US Marshals, which I believe was rumoured to star Johnny Depp back in the day. Written by Carsten Stroud, it is aptly titled ‘US Marshals.’

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  • Ossgonzal

    idk its kinda cheesy to me, might as well be watchin Walker Texas Ranger, she did round house kick some fugitive….

  • Mmmeko

    I loved the show, I even watched the rerun when it aired on TNT. This is officially my favorite new show.

  • Vry

    Loved it, I wish Travis Fimmel was in more episodes. Loved him ever since he was in The Beast!

  • Delta5000mja

    Sucked, I hated it so much I was rooting for the antagonist this show made me want to never watch the channel again. Also it was so fricken predictable mys while waste time play halo or call of duty. Overall I would give it a 2/10 rating I’ve seen worse ,but it was terrible, never watching another episode.

  • Delta5000mja

    Sucked, I hated it so much I was rooting for the antagonist this show made me want to never watch the channel again. Also it was so fricken predictable mys while waste time play halo or call of duty. Overall I would give it a 2/10 rating I’ve seen worse ,but it was terrible, never watching another episode.

  • GuanoLad

    How can a show so full of action be so boring?

    Plus I hate country music, so I don’t think I’ll be watching this one.

  • KH

    I love it and can’t wait for it to come on every week!!

  • Sample road

    Is “Chase” inspired by the 1973 NBC TV series of the same name? The plots of the 2010 series and the 1973 series are somewhat similar because both series deal with police officers catching hardened criminals. Of course the characters and the setting are different in both of the shows so I am not so sure.

  • Lynn

    The worst show I have seen make it to one of the major networks. Creators of this series have found enough dumbed down viewers to keep it one the air more than one week.

  • You Know Who

    I caught the last 35 mins of this show and it is bad. This show will not make it to the end of October, so for those of you who like it, use your DVR.

  • Sehrain

    CHASE is the best show I have seen in years. Thank goodness NBC didn’t put another “reality” show in this spot. CHASE should be picked up for at least a second season! LOVE IT!!

  • Raiken

    This is easily the worst Pilot I have ever seen. The characters have no charisma at all, the leads and inverstigation is boring and the action is b-movie at best. Normally I’m not someone who is looking for mistakes in series but this show takes wrong just to a whole different level. Telling a young woman that her fiance is a serial killer sounded like a threat and like it was her fault, that’s no way for a cop to behave. And didn’t they maybe think to put serveilance on her because uhmmm… maybe the suspect is always returning to familiar places? That’s CSI 101! How can a copshow like this makes such vital mistakes…

  • Sabro_77

    I actually kind of liked this show, much more so than the new Hawaii 5-0 for instance. I like most of the lead characters, even the women – since they most often are totally unrealistic. At least this woman looks rough enough to be in the life. Add in Cole Hauser and I was hooked. He alone is worth watching the show for, and I don’t necessarily mean for good looks, but he seems like a deep, solid character – I hope we get to see more of him. The show has it weaknesses for sure, but I enjoyed it.

  • Kat224486

    I love it, I cant wait for it for to come on every week!

  • Kat224486

    I love it, I cant wait for it for to come on every week!

  • Reroane

    I have watch this show for the last time. I just watch the lead run down an airplane, leaving her crew in the dust. In reality that would never happen. At least one of the three men should be able to out do her physically. I gave it a chance.

  • KC

    I have watched any where from 3-4 shows & all of them are so unreal. I don’t like this show & will not watch it again. To the writers of this show put more thought into the actions taken place in this show. Don’t let the marshalls know every the fugitive is making. Lastly please lose the McGuyver aspect of the show & its not really a chase if the fugitive never gets away.

    Thumb down

  • BrandonK

    This was one of the worst shows I’ve watched in a long time. Very unrealistic, same-old politically correct have-to-have-a-tough blond out kicking some butt, and just plain cheesey (especially when she leans into the mourning Texas Highway Patrolman and says, “I’m gonna get him….I’m gonna get ‘im” as if she’s trying very hard to be a man). Plain garbage TV show.

  • Wganders48

    Cancel this Albatross! No cohesive plot or story line. If the U.S. Marshalls are this inept, they should get out of the business of law enforcement.

  • Sal

    We are currently getting this down under in Australia and we LOVE IT!!! 9/10 for sure. We are comparing this to Law and Order and CSI.

  • Leatherman

    Really like this show and the characters. I look forward to it every week!

  • Bellis

    I love this show and all the main characters. I was hooked from the very first scene of the pilot. I like the fast pace and the strong female characters. Kelli Giddish is very believable as the soft spoken but tough Annie Frost. I cannot wait for every episode. Although I am intrigued by the hints of UST between Annie & Jimmy, I am also interested in finding out what happens in the Daisy/Luke side story.

    I can’t help but think, that Jimmy’s girlfriend, Natalia is doomed as is always the case for lover of a law enforcement officers in TV cop series.

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