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All the inside sources at Fox are very talkative tonight.  Earlier we reported the network ordered the Zooey Deschanel comedy pilot The New Girl and the J.J. Abrams drama Alcatraz to series.  THR hears the Bones spinoff The Finder — in which “a military-trained ‘finder’ (Geoff Stults) who helps locate lost items or persons in the Florida Keys” — was the next to be picked up.  Likewise, the sitcom I Hate My Teenage Daughter starring Jaime Pressley and Katie Finnerman is “a go.”  Fox is expected to retool the Mike O’Malley/Rachael Harris Family Album to be ready for midseason.

To make room for the new shows, Fox cancelled freshman series Breaking In, Traffic Light, The Chicago Code, and sophomore Human Target.  No surprise in the marginally-rated bunch.  I held out hope for The Chicago Code, easily the saddest loss for this writer.  However, Hitfix heard directly from Code creator Shawn Ryan (who got the word from network president Kevin Reilly) that the show is no more.  The good news: the two remaining episodes of season one will air.

[Update: Ryan is a wealth of information.  The former Lie to Me showrunner tweets, "Sounds like Lie To Me has been cancelled as well."  TV By the Numbers confirms the procedural drama is cancelled after three seasons on the air.]

I imagine there will be mourning for geek-friendly properties Breaking In and Human Target.  If anyone will miss Traffic Light, I want to meet you.  Please speak up in the comments.

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    i legit dug Traffic light.

    •!/colliderbrendan Brendan Bettinger

      My sympathies.

  • siky

    OMG! they’ve cancelled Human Target. that was my show.

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  • DLDX

    Sad to hear Lie To Me, Human Target, and Traffic light are no more. :-(

  • Dane

    Human Target was hella dope!!!

  • Kroz

    Lie To Me?? :(

  • Merrill

    Traffic Light is such a joy to watch. Real shame. Never got the audience it deserved. But there is no one blame, just didn’t work out.

  • Jason Campbell

    I’m going to miss Breaking In, Human Target, and Lie to Me the last two most of all.

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  • casey

    Dam this is terrible news, I totally dug traffic light! It may have been my guilty pleasure, but I thought it was one of this best shows fox has put out in a while and breaking in canceled too?? Dam shame…guess they gotta get rid of new original comedys to make room for their other ‘successful’ shows and more of the same animated show with different characters…

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    Ryan hasn’t seemed to be able to hold a show since The Shield.

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  • TJ

    LOVE Lie To Me. What a bummer.

  • LEM

    DAMN IT! Human Target was awesome….no more Guerrero? come on!

    • LEM

      And they green lit The Finder? really? that first episode they forced into Bones was horrible.

      • Hairyman

        I give The Finder 7 episodes before it gets canned. That pilot was brutal in Bones.

      • Emily

        I agree completely! Why in the heck are they giving The Finder a show and canceling good shows? Ugh!!!!!

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  • Hairyman

    The Chicago Code was new show of the year. I hate to see it go. First Lights Out, now this? How do they expect people to put faith in any new show if they keep cancelling them?

  • Enigmatic

    I really enjoyed Lie to Me and Chicago Code felt like it was just finding its stride. Sad to see them go.

  • dryer

    Im confused. Horrible shows like FRINGE, CSI, HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER are renewed without thought, but challenging shows like CHICAGO CODE are canceled on a dime. I guess its true that America is becoming dumber every year.

    • Phoenix

      How is Fringe a “horrible show?” Have you seen this season?

      It’s perhaps one of the best written and acted shows on the air right now.

      Though I do share your sentiment about How I Met Your Mother. They are just dragging out the story for the ratings.

    • chris gault

      Chicago Code was such a racist show … over privileged white cops fighting the evil black man … it will not be missed

      all the shows you listed as terrible all have very clever writers … chicago code was very dry … america isn’t made up of all white people anymore

  • Matt

    They are dumb for cancelling Lie to Me. that is a great show. And they should have given Breaking In more time. I think it had a good cast and could have gotten better. but it’s a business and I guess no one was tuning in… I still hate them for it however

    • John

      I agree with you about Breaking In. They just didn’t give it enough time.

  • Ryan

    Lie to Me, Human Target, and Chicago Code were excellent. Chicago Code was a better cop show by being a little closer to the characters and more and more about the city corruption than the mystery of the week. Lie to Me and Human Target had a good grasp on their characters and I will sorely miss them, especially Lie to Me. Fox’s own fault for jumbling the schedule and not trusting them with full seasons to see if they could develop over a September-May period.

    In truth, Lie to Me should get picked up by USA for their ‘Characters Welcome’ brand. It’d make for a good Law and Order replacement. The new shows they are developing are fluffy crap. Burn Notice and White Collar are the only decent shows on there. I’d even tell TNT to look into Human Target or Chicago Code. Better than Memphis Beat. Also better than Leverage at this point. I enjoy that show but the ways they pull things off are getting more and more ludicrous, with plot holes you could drive a truck through.

    FOX is also stupid because in a year or so Fringe and House will end, and Bones will have maybe a year of life left and they’ll have everything they developed this fall to keep going. No shows over a year old, all because they didn’t nuture Lie to Me especially. It would have been headed into season 4. With a couple more full seasons they would have had enough that people would say ‘Hey thats lasted a while, I’ll tune in’, and Fox could have sold syndication rights.

    Foolish. I like the sound of Alcatraz, but don’t know if you can sustain that plot a long time. This will go down in FOX history as a colossal bloodbath

  • Ryan

    Can’t believe they effin cancelled Human Target! I absolutely loved that show, it was so much fun to watch. The only show left for me to watch on FOX is House and smart money says that next season will be the last season. I even stopped watching Fringe just because I thought they were gonna cancle it just like they cancle every other decent show they have.

  • Sean Brazell

    Noooooo. I love me some Lie to Me!! !#@%$!@#%

  • Phoenix

    Lie to Me was a fantastic show but it suffered from not having a central story arc throughout the season. In season one (the last two or three episodes) they had that attack on D.C. storyline but other than that all the other episodes were stand alone.

    Plus they never explained what happened to the FBI Agent that Torres was dating in season one. Did he die?

    The character development was also limited after season one. Torres and Eli were on the path to becoming a couple but that was abandoned after they hooked up. And after Foster’s breakup they hinted they she might get together with Lightman but instead they paired him up with the detective.

    The show was still fun to watch and if they would’ve been picked up for another season the writers could’ve spent more time on the characters.

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  • Johnny #5

    I absolutely loved Human Target’s first season, and thought it could basically be a modern day equivalent of a Bond series on TV. That being said, FOX ironically killed it with the second season in terms of trying to reach out to new demographics with all the female characters. This isn’t to say that trying to reach out to new characters is a bad thing, but I felt as though it really deluded the relationship between the three main characters from the original season.

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  • James

    these people are crazy…

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  • jschro155

    Lets show FOX what we think about cancelling The Chicago Code! Help get everyone you know to watch the final episodes.

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  • Aussie Fan

    This is unbelievable BS !!!! First Terriers , now The Chicago Code and Breaking In. I guess smart scripts and good writers aren’t worth much any more.Breaking In is my favourite show of the year!!!Christian Slater is hilarious in his role and the rest of the cast were brilliant.I honestly can’t see why they’d cancel The Chicago Code either.I guess the three shows I’ve mentioned here are too clever for American audiences.At the rate they keep cancelling shows after one season I have to wonder if it’s worth investing my time in any new shows. I should probably just sit at home and watch re-runs of The X Files. I hope all the actors in these shows have better luck in the future.Maybe they should all join a “reality” show instead.

  • Aussie Fan

    Oh yeah , I forgot to say : hasn’t JJ Abrams created enough crap already ?!?!?!?!?!?

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