Chris Evans Talks Directorial Debut 1:30 TRAIN, Dunkin Donuts Coming to L.A., and The Weinstein Company Editing SNOWPIERCER for Domestic Audiences

     August 13, 2013


A few days ago at D23, I landed an extended video interview with Chris Evans.  Since we covered so many subjects, I broke it up into two parts.  In part one, which you can watch here, Evans talked about making Captain America: The Winter Solider, what the film is about, how it continues the love story from the first film, what it means for him to have the entire planet watching Marvel movies, if Joss Whedon has told him anything about The Avengers: Age of Ultron, and Tom Hiddleston appearing as Loki at Comic-Con.

In part two, which is after the jump, Evans talks about his directorial debut 1:30 Train and what it’s about, revealing he hasn’t yet cast the female lead but filming is set to begin November 1st.  In addition, Evans talks about Dunkin Donuts finally coming back to L.A. (we’re both from New England where they are on every corner), and the recent news that The Weinstein Company might be cutting Bong Joon-ho‘s post-apocalyptic thriller, Snowpiercer, for American audiences.   While he’s careful about not saying the wrong thing, I didn’t hold back on what I thought and I think you’ll enjoy seeing his reaction.

captain-america-2-winter-soldier-chris-evansChris Evans:

  • :11 – His thoughts on Dunkin Donuts finally coming to L.A. in 2015.
  • :29 – His directorial debut 1:30 Train. “I like movies in condensed time periods, limited casts, and I love discussion.  I love dialogue, I love like Neil LaBute, I like wordy stuff.  It takes place in New York and it’s about two people who meet in a train station.  The movie opens up with a woman running to catch a train.  She’s missed it, she’s crying, she’s hysterical, she’s lost, she’s lost her purse, she’s lost her money, she’s lost her cell phone, she’s stranded.  I play a street musician and we kind of connect and spend the night kind of getting to know one another, and you find out some really interesting, beautiful, flawed things about these characters.”
  • 1:30 – He says they’re still polishing the script before they go out and cast the female lead.  Filming starts November 1st.
  • 2:00 – His thoughts on The Weinstein Company cutting 20 minutes out of Snowpiercer for its domestic release.  “I’ve heard that he’s looking to cut some things down and, you know, it’s tricky… This is the tricky part about making movies.  There’s usually a method to Harvey’s madness.  I just got back from Korea so I wanna go in and see—I’ve gotta see a lot of things and I’d love to have a discussion with him.  It’s one of those things that’s just tricky.”


  • Chris Parker

    Good luck with the future blah blah blah give me the pound. You’re a legend Frosty!

  • nintendozapper


  • Liv

    I love you, Chris Evans.

  • jack

    Wait….there isn’t a dunkin donuts in LA?

  • Nick Sears

    It is quite sad how us westerners need to be spoonfed everything in cinema. More people know about the movie White Chicks than they do with Motorcycle Diaries :(

  • movieguy223

    Frosty, you’re a killer, mined some great reactions out of Evans



  • Mixed Race rich kid NYC

    -Imma cut the movie down. You’re too dumb to understand

    -But, mr Weinstein, can we at least try to understand ?

    -Nope you’re too dumb and while we’re at it, were gonna put a little bouncing ball on the subtitles, so y’all don’t get lost

    • YOOOO

      DUDE I LOVE THE BOUNCING BALL. look at it bounce!

    • Brand Some

      Let’s not be hypocrites, people try to release at intelligent movie in the US, it bombs at box-office(Donnie Darko, Fight Club, for examble). I wouldn’t take the risk either if invested several millions of dollars. Let’s look at a few controversies created by movies/series in the last few years:
      -Rue being black in the Hunger Games
      -Heath Ledger incarnating the Joker (Look it up if you don’t believe me)

      -The subtitles for Korean dialogues in Lost (“Why wasn’t it translated!? blablabla…)

  • DoobieDave

    Tweet @WeinsteinFilms and tell them they are making a mistake.

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  • GrimReaper07

    The Weinstein thing is BS and he knows it. He’s just scared of standing up to them.

    • Key Chung

      Or, he wants to continue working in films. Evans gave about as honest a reaction as one can realistically expect in this situation. Clearly, he agrees with Frosty but has to leave himself some wiggle room.

      • GrimReaper07

        You did pretty much say the same thing as I did. It’s just a shame that publicly standing up to what’s obviously a stupid move by Weinstein would hinder his career.

      • googler

        hi, i am not in the United states, but IW ould love to watch the interview, but I can not see where to find the interview video?

      • GrimReaper07

        It’s… right there, on this very same page. I’m not from the states either and I can see it.

      • GrimReaper07

        You did pretty much say the same thing as I did. It’s just a shame that publicly standing up to what’s obviously a stupid move by Weinstein would hinder his career.

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  • dolphin558

    You guys ever heard of AintitCoolNews?

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  • googler

    I am from South Korea and I have watched this movie third time by now and gonna watch 2 more times before it finishes up screening here, ..I am honesstly impressed by this film and I am pretty sure that it will be remembered as one of the greatesst movies ever. However, I think I can quite understand why Harvey wants to get it cut off a little bit… there is a big cotroversial discussion here how this movie gets slow after the half…. some would love it like me, or some would not fancy it…..It is like… you take a rest after the crazy fast action moment and you explore like a traveler and then you get to the final scene….and there is something missing in the character building… I can not be completely absorbed into how Curtis (Chris Evans) feels and hardly get associated with him at the end,….It was more like I am just watching him from the distance… I am not saying it was bad… I mean ..I felt… cooled down and felt like my head was hammered and then made me think of this movie and go watch again..and then .I absolutely loved it……. however it could be better if they had more budget( the director mentioned in one interview how he was not able to embody his vision with stronger impact … as he did not have money… if his vision was able to be expressed in this film, it must have much more impact at the last scene). anyway, I would love to watch the edited US verssion as Director Bong said he is editing the movie himself after he discussed with Harvey………,, repeatly speaking,, for the original movie, I would say,,, it has something B movie aspect … It is not a whole lot PERFECT like CITIZEN KANE or his master piece Memories of murder, it fails at some point but, it has the CHARM which will attract a lot of fanatic following……. some will love it to death or some will just think what the fuck… .. that is how the korean movie fans reacts to it….. everyone will like it……. It is definately master piece for me.

    • googler

      again.. hmmmwhat I have loved about his movies……before.. with memmories of murder and etc, as a korean , his deep understanding of korean society is soaked into the movie and the audiences a lot can associate with it and read through the film and then felt absolutely cured or bothered after watching them… memories of muder is a good example… absolutely masterpiece…. and people who expect the level of impression of the movie from this nation might get disssappointed as in some sense, the way how he mixtured the korean sense with the story and how he has built the chracters like our neighbors. .. it seems it is quite disappeared..and approached the film in a quite unusual way. so….. some people here are a bit dissappointed and I am quite one of them, or I am not. I want to know how the western audience would reacts to it withought any kind of expectations what we koreans have

      • googler

        But honestly, I wish the full version would be shown in the US market and be the BOX OFFICE champion!

  • googler

    Just thought about how to make this film as more like Action Blockbuster which can be more apealing to American audiences rather than thoughtful SF masterpiece… probably……..they need t add more minutes to the film? lol…. it is really tricky. I am happy that I am a korean who actually lives here.

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