Chris Evans to Make Directorial Debut with 1:30 TRAIN

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Though he’s currently donning the shield for the in-production sequel Captain America: The Winter Soldier and will reprise the superhero role yet again early next year when filming begins on The Avengers: Age of Ultron, it appears that Chris Evans has his sights set on a project that’s considerably more personal in between the Marvel pics.  Deadline reports that Evans will make his directorial debut with the drama 1:30 Train, which he intends to shoot this fall.  Evans produces and also stars in the pic, which was scripted by Ron Bass.  The film is described as a romance in the vein of Before Sunrise that focuses on “two strangers who meet in Manhattan and spend one night together as the conflicts in their own lives become the basis for their exploration of each other and themselves.”

It’s a decidedly small-scale venture for Evans, but not entirely out of character.  While the actor does swell work as Cap in the Marvel films, he’s also been stretching his acting chops on darker material like The Iceman and Bong Joon-ho’s upcoming Snowpiercer as of late.  Wonderland Sound and Vision will finance the indie 1:30 Train.

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  • Jason Richards

    Why do actors think they can make films?

    • SuperDuperChrisCooper

      Chaplin. Eastwood. Howard. Affleck.

      Whose to say he can’t? We haven’t seen anything directed by him yet.

      Seems a bit of a silly thing to say.

      • Doot

        A/ I wouldn’t put Chaplin and Eastwood in the same basket with Affleck and Howard, whom I find respectively overrated and generic.

        B/ Agreed that much like remakes it’s nothing new in Hollywood, but objectively is reaching a peak.

        C/ We are not talking about people who always were involved creatively (Chaplin) or have a solid experience as actors, but about fairly young actors how just so appear to be big Hollywood names these days (Affleck opened gates for Levitt, Gosling, Johanson, Evans and so on).

      • SuperDuperChrisCooper

        In the case of Affleck I’d refer you to Argo, which was an extremely tense and tightly directed film. For Howard I’d say Apollo 13. But hey, it’s all subjective.

        Personally I have no issue with anyone trying to direct. They will soon get found out if they can’t cut it, and we can just choose not to watch their work. Though saying that Peter Berg has managed to get more gigs after Battleship!

    • Aaron Sullivan

      Because a big part of making a film (especially the kind he seems to be making here) is working with actors to get a moving performance out of them.

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