Chris Hemsworth Spotted in Set Photos from Ron Howard’s Racing Drama RUSH

     March 8, 2012


Director Ron Howard is currently busy shooting his F1 racing drama Rush, and he’s been keeping fans quite involved in the filming process via his Twitter account. While he hasn’t shared any set photos featuring the actors yet, someone else recently managed to snap star Chris Hemsworth decked out in his racing gear. The film focuses on the 1970s rivalry between Austrian F1 driver Niki Lauda (Daniel Brühl) and British driver James Hunt (Hemsworth). It’s a dramatic story filled with more than a few dangerous racing accidents, and producer Brian Oliver previously told Steve that cinematographer Anthony Dod Mantle (Slumdog Millionaire) was working on some experimental camera mounts to capture the treacherously fast races.

The Hemsworth set photos aren’t anything crazy, but we do get a good look at him in his racing getup. I’ve also included a few photos of Howard’s that give us a peek at the interesting camera mounts and such. All in all, I’m pretty interested to see how Rush turns out. Hit the jump to see the set photos.

Hemsworth images are via CelebBuzz, while the other set photos come from Howard’s Twitter.

Head over to CelebBuzz to check out the rest of the images.


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  • tornado victory

    a german playing an austrian?lost me there.

    • fw

      They are actors!

      • tornado victory

        just imagine a german playing hans landa in inglorious basterds, he could have never expressed that austrian kind of twisted humor that waltz impersonates.

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