Chris Pine Exclusive Video Interview UNSTOPPABLE

     November 10, 2010

With director Tony Scott’s new action thriller Unstoppable getting released this weekend, I recently sat down with Chris Pine to talk about his involvement in the movie.  Of course we didn’t just talk about how intimidating it was to work alongside Denzel Washington, as we also covered things like what did he buy himself since he just turned 30, what was it like to work for Tony Scott and his fast moving camera, did he have friends that wanted to visit him on set, and what’s up with the Star Trek sequel and other possible future projects.  Hit the jump to check out what Pine had to say and make sure to see Unstoppable this weekend.  It’s a fun ride.

Finally, you can watch some clips from Unstoppable here.

Chris Pine

  • We talk about how much Rosario Dawson loves Star Trek…and Klingons
  • Bottle Shock talk
  • What did he buy himself when he turned 30
  • Did he have friends that wanted to visit him on set since he was working with Denzel Washington
  • What was it like working with Denzel and was it intimidating
  • Working for Tony Scott and the way he moves his cameras
  • Star Trek 2 talk


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  • Anonymous

    Love it!

  • Ryan

    Steve, I do enjoy your interviews, but there’s one thing that is now getting to me.

    Over the past few I’ve seen you conduct you ask somebody up and coming like Urban or Pine if ‘friends wanted to come to the set’. It seems a wasted question when you could have asked them more about past or future projects like Urban in LOTR or what Pine’s plans are for Jack Ryan. They are professionals and wouldn’t allow it, nor would any set even if they asked.

    I’m not saying this as a slight against you, or that it’s even a horrible question, but I just think there are others you could be asking with such limited time.

    • Jordan

      I agree, and generally this question doesn’t really seem to get much good conversation going either. Overall like your interviews though.

  • S@n

    Great! Thanks for this!

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