Christian Bale Circling Roles in Spike Lee’s OLDBOY, Darren Aronofsky’s NOAH, Clint Eastwood’s A STAR IS BORN, and More

     August 24, 2011

Coming off an Oscar win for The Fighter and currently shooting one of the biggest films of 2012, Christian Bale has a wide variety of projects to choose from as his follow-up to The Dark Knight Rises.  His third (and supposedly final) Batman film wraps shooting this fall and he’s eyeing various high-profile projects as his follow up.  Variety reports that he’s considering Clint Eastwood’s remake of A Star Is Born starring Beyonce Knowles, Michael Mann’s Gold, the villain role in Spike Lee’s remake of Oldboy, Scott Cooper’s Out of the Furnace, and Darren Aronofsky’s Noah.  Bale was supposedly set for Zack Snyder’s The Last Photograph but he is no longer involved with that project.  Variety also doesn’t mention the untitled Terrence Malick film Bale reportedly signed on to last week.

According to Variety, Bale won’t make his decision until The Dark Knight Rises wraps shooting in November nor is he necessarily the front-runner for any of these movies.  It’s also worth noting that all these roles play to Bale’s dramatic side even though he gave audiences a glimpse at his ability to go beyond grim-and-gritty in The Fighter, and it’s easier to get excited about him signing onto a film after that great performance.

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  • Kristina Galeotti

    I wish Christian Bale would do more movies. We see too little of him.

    • James

      Completely agree. Until this past Oscars, I would say he was one of the most underrated or under-appreciated actors out there. So happy he’s finally getting recognition for his regular tour-de-force performances.

      • LiamH

        What are you two talking about he’s been doing almost two movies a year the past decade. Sure some of them have questionable quality but he’s getting work just fine. But he is getting more prominent roles now to show off what he can really do.

      • James

        I didn’t mean he hasn’t been getting roles. The guy’s been doing like two films a year for quite a while now. Really since he did Batman Begins. But before that, and even afterwards, he would always be snubbed on the awards he deserved for some of the fantastic performances he gave. Think American Psycho (pre Batman) or Rescue Dawn (post Batman); he was brilliant in both, immersed so fully in the roles (as he always does), but on both occasions, he wasn’t recognized for his work. His first Oscar nod was for The Fighter, which again, he wholeheartedly deserved. And now he’ll probably be a more regular Oscar contender. It just took too many years for that to happen.

  • i don’t give a dam

    I knew cristian bale wasn’t a loner.

    • Jdsmoothe

      lmao I was thinking the same thing haha

  • BobMann

    Wow Arronfsky, Malick, Eastwood, Mann, Lee, Nolan! I bet a lot of actors are dying to be this guy right now!

  • plainview

    YES YES YES!!!!!! do that Oldboy role! i was tinking about the lead but then i read that he is up for the villain.. AND YES! risky and ballsy actors should be in this remake.. Will Smith won’t do it because of its subject matter(wink). i want a black actor for this, but i don’t see somebody having an Alist status and still be perfect for it. we already had that problem with Django. i heard Brolin was up for the lead, but he doesn’t have the gravity of a will smith. still Bale for the Villain.. YEAH!

    also, ditch the other projects and GO WITH ARONOFSKY! that Noah project would be bad-ass. i think with Bale’s style of acting, if he works someday with Aronofsky, or Paul Thomas Anderson, he might give a tour-de-force ala Daniel Day Lewis in There Will Be Blood. that kind of “loud” performance.

    • Jdsmoothe

      A good “black” actor as you say for this role would be the highly underappreciated Chiwetel Ejiofor. He defintely deserves a big time lead role like this. Unlikely that it will happen but in my opinion he is wayyy underated. Another good actor would be Idris Elba, but he is already gotten his name out there which was way overdue.

      • Ali

        I couldn’t agree with you more. Chiwetel Ejiofor was fantastic in Serenity playing a not completely cold-hearted killer. He’s long overdue to get some more exposure in good films.

  • HelghastUser

    I would’ve preffered Bale playing the role of Oh Daesu and Brolin playing the villain but this could work aswell if they make it happen. Both great actors IMO…

  • James

    I’ve been excited for Aronofsky’s Noah since he first brought it up years ago. And I think Bale would be a perfect casting for the grittier tale Aronofsky’s going for. I seriously hope he chooses that role. He would be great as the villain in Oldboy, but the possibility of Bale and Aronofsky working together is just to awesome. Pick Noah!

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  • Kiki

    I hope he picks Noah.

    Small correction: Variety’s article didn’t say that Bale is not the frontrunner for these projects. It’s the other way around. Bale hasn’t picked a frontrunner yet among those projects.

  • Matt

    Still one of the most underrated actors of our time. Truly a well rounded actor whose work is spectacular. The Fighter for me cemented his status as one of the best. Truly a masterful performance.

  • nik

    Yeah guys, seriously. Fix the “no loner” after you mention Snyder. It’s super distracting…

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  • Balehead

    This man is my idol. He’s the greatest actor of his generation and badassery personified. I bet he’ll be the next James Bond and win at least one more Academy Award.

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