Christian Bale in Talks to Star in Revenge Drama OUT OF THE FURNACE; Robert Duvall May Co-Star [Updated: Viggo Mortensen and More Circling]

     February 24, 2012

After hanging up the Batman cowl for the last time, Christian Bale is now looking towards the future. Heat Vision reports that Bale is now in negotiations to star in writer-director Scott Cooper’s (Crazy Heart) revenge drama Out of the Furnace. Previously titled The Low Dweller, the film centers on a man who is released after serving four years in prison only to find that his younger brother has been brutally murdered. He sets out to avenge the death and track down the killer. We previously reported that Bale was considering the pic as a post-Batman project last August, but it appears he’s now settled on starring.

I was a huge fan of Cooper’s Crazy Heart so I’m eager to see his follow-up. The film was sought after by directors like Rupert Sanders and Ridley Scott before Cooper signed on, and Bale actually flirted with the project back when Sanders was attached. The intent is for Robert Duvall to star alongside Bale, but no deals have been made. Cooper wrote the script and Bale plans to shoot Out of the Furnace this Spring before moving on to The Dark Knight Rises press commitments and two Terrence Malick projects. He’ll shoot Malick’s Knight of Cups this summer, followed by Lawless this fall. [Update: Variety reports that Cooper is assembling a top-notch supporting cast, with Viggo Mortensen wanted for the villain role and Casey Affleck, Taylor Kitsch, Garrett Hedlund, and Channing Tatum circling the role of Bale's brother]

  • ozzie

    wow … i hope bale uses his batman voice in this movie too … one of the bigscreen’s most overrated actors IMO.

    • cloxlider


  • Shaun

    “one of the big screen’s most overrated actors” Give me a fucking break dude, Bale is one hell of a talented actor way better than Pitt, Cruise, Clooney, Cage and so many others.

  • Griz

    I hope Bale uses his Batman voice . . . if only to piss off all the Marvel trolls

  • jack

    ozzie hasn’t seen the fighter or the machinest…..then you’d know he’s not overrated

    this sounds amazing and the hopeful cast sounds great too

  • Rashad

    Bale has some great post-Batman projects lined up. I’m looking forward seeing him in this and the Malick films.

    • Dred

      That’s the problem of the Internet Age.

      People online will say “(BLANK) is overrated” right? But based on what information? Did they see all of the actor’s films, or did they just based it off on one performance? If it’s the latter, then anyone could say “De Niro is an awful actor” based only on Little Fockers, and ignore his other work based on ignorance, self-entitilement, and pessimism.

      • cloxlider

        um, when was the last time you got out of the house and went out on a date?

  • Drawl

    Sounds good. I’m looking forward to this. It’s nice to see Bale continuously work on smaller projects even if he’s already an A-lister.

  • Michael

    Cooper didn’t write the screenplay. Brad Inglensby did. He will definitely receive credit.

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  • Donna R.

    So long as Viggo shows up, I’ll be waiting. Shaun I have to agree to a point… All of them want to be Viggo, and all the actress’es want to be with him…………..

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