Is Christian Bale the Frontrunner to Play Roland Deschain in Ron Howard’s THE DARK TOWER?

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Almost a month ago, we reported that Javier Bardem and Viggo Mortensen were the leading candidates to take on the starring role of Roland Deschain in Ron Howard’s The Dark Tower adaptation.  Today, we’re updating the list of candidates to include recent Golden Globe-winner (and current Oscar-nominee) Christian Bale.  Reports are filing in that Bale has not only entered the casting equation but that he is currently director Ron Howard’s choice for the lead role.

For more on the role of Deschain as well as updates regarding possible candidates for female character Susannah Dean, hit the jump.

the-dark-tower-imageNews of Bale’s potential involvement in The Dark Tower originates with the New York Post whose report is quick to point out that the role of Deschain is one of the most coveted roles currently floating around Hollywood.  The role’s popularity in mind, and with the first of three films in the Stephen King franchise not due out until May 13th, 2013, it may be safe to say that rumors regarding The Dark Tower‘s leading man may change potential hands a few more times before any concrete announcements are made.

It’s also important to remember that whoever signs on to play Deschain will most likely be on the hook not only for three films but also at least one season of the planned Dark Tower television series.  Whether Bale, or any of the potential candidates we’ve discussed thus far, have that sort of wiggle room in their schedules remains to be seen.

Finally, in addition to the Bale news, the same New York Post report claims that two actresses are currently on the short list to take on the role of Susannah “Odetta Holmes” Dean.  Both Jennifer Carpenter (Dexter) and French/Moroccan actress Ghita Tazi are reportedly leading candidates to make a turn as Dean, a young woman who possesses split-personalities as a result of brain trauma experienced as a young girl.  That said, based purely upon the fact that Dean is an African-American in King’s books, I’m going to reserve some naive hope that more black actresses are brought into an official list of candidates in the near future.

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  • Ty

    Bale was one of my top picks when the last rumor hit. I hope he sticks! Bardem just doesn’t resemble my idea of Roland and I can’t see Mortensen as anyone but Aragorn.

  • The Dark Knight

    I’m a big fan of the books and i would love to see Christian bale playing Roland Deschain, best news of the month i really hope this happens!!! :D

  • Solgazer

    Oooooohh…now that would be interesting.

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  • Marc

    NOOOOOO!!!! I’m a fan of Bale, but he is absolutely wrong for Roland. The Dark Tower series is a favorite of mine, it took over my life a few years back, and I do not feel Bale exudes the right balance of menace and grisled experience that the actor who plays Roland needs. he looks too young too, Roland should be in his late forties – early fifties. I was okay with Viggo, even Hugh Jackman might work, but Bale is too fresh-faced and weak. What’s he gonna do, growl like he did in Batman? When he says “Ka” it’ll sound like he’s choking.

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  • rockman_blues

    Bale is too young for Roland! But, he might just be able to pull it off. So, I’ll hold my tongue until I see him do it. As for Susannah being played by Jennifer Carpenter… HEEEELLL NO!!! Great actress, but Susannah is black! Naomie Harris is a fantastic choice! Stephen King has said that he’s always envisioned Angela Basset as Susannah, but she’s a bit too old now.

  • terry

    Bale would be great in the role. He has always been my first choice for this.

  • tazmaniak

    Why is everyone getting this info wrong.The original article says the two actresses are in the running to play “Sussanah, Roland’s lost love”.

    The original article is confused, as they mean Susan, not Susannah.Every website today keeps reprinting that info, and leaving out the “lost love” bit for some reason.Also, to make matters more confusing, none of the articles put the last name on the character, but Collider did.You guys are compounding the mistake.

    Anyway, they’re in the running for the “white” character, Susan Delgado, not the black character, Susannah Dean.And that’s still a problem because Susan is 16 years old and those actresses are way too old.This worries me that a 30 year old actress is being considered, not to mention that Susan shouldn’t even be involved this early in the story.

  • matt

    i think bale is a good actor. he can fit at any characters. Ron Howard makes a good choice.

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