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Whether you’re a fan of his take on the character or not, director Christopher Nolan changed the face of superhero movies forever with his Dark Knight trilogy.  It seems like nearly every other comic book property since the release of Batman Begins has taken a “gritty” approach to the story, with Begins acting as the benchmark for grounded superhero adaptations.  Nolan’s story has now come to a close with the third and final chapter, The Dark Knight Rises, and he’s written a sort of “farewell letter” to the series and the character.

It’s a touching, revealing look at Nolan’s journey to Rises and how his ambitious Batman reboot spawned one of the best—and most successful—trilogies of all time.  Whatever your thoughts on how the final film unfolded may be, Nolan’s mark on the genre is undeniable and he’s set a new standard for what the term “upping your game” means.  Hit the jump to read what he had to say.

This foreward appears in the book The Art and Making of The Dark Knight Trilogy (via SHH forums):

the-dark-knight-rises-christopher-nolanAlfred. Gordon. Lucius. Bruce . . . Wayne. Names that have come to mean so much to me. Today, I’m three weeks from saying a final good-bye to these characters and their world. It’s my son’s ninth birthday. He was born as the Tumbler was being glued together in my garage from random parts of model kits. Much time, many changes. A shift from sets where some gunplay or a helicopter were extraordinary events to working days where crowds of extras, building demolitions, or mayhem thousands of feet in the air have become familiar.

People ask if we’d always planned a trilogy. This is like being asked whether you had planned on growing up, getting married, having kids. The answer is complicated. When David and I first started cracking open Bruce’s story, we flirted with what might come after, then backed away, not wanting to look too deep into the future. I didn’t want to know everything that Bruce couldn’t; I wanted to live it with him. I told David and Jonah to put everything they knew into each film as we made it. The entire cast and crew put all they had into the first film. Nothing held back. Nothing saved for next time. They built an entire city. Then Christian and Michael and Gary and Morgan and Liam and Cillian started living in it. Christian bit off a big chunk of Bruce Wayne’s life and made it utterly compelling. He took us into a pop icon’s mind and never let us notice for an instant the fanciful nature of Bruce’s methods.

christopher-nolan-the-dark-knightI never thought we’d do a second—how many good sequels are there? Why roll those dice? But once I knew where it would take Bruce, and when I started to see glimpses of the antagonist, it became essential. We re-assembled the team and went back to Gotham. It had changed in three years. Bigger. More real. More modern. And a new force of chaos was coming to the fore. The ultimate scary clown, as brought to terrifying life by Heath. We’d held nothing back, but there were things we hadn’t been able to do the first time out—a Batsuit with a flexible neck, shooting on Imax. And things we’d chickened out on—destroying the Batmobile, burning up the villain’s blood money to show a complete disregard for conventional motivation. We took the supposed security of a sequel as license to throw caution to the wind and headed for the darkest corners of Gotham.

I never thought we’d do a third—are there any great second sequels? But I kept wondering about the end of Bruce’s journey, and once David and I discovered it, I had to see it for myself. We had come back to what we had barely dared whisper about in those first days in my garage. We had been making a trilogy. I called everyone back together for another tour of Gotham. Four years later, it was still there. It even seemed a little cleaner, a little more polished. Wayne Manor had been rebuilt. Familiar faces were back—a little older, a little wiser . . . but not all was as it seemed.

Gotham was rotting away at its foundations. A new evil bubbling up from beneath. Bruce had thought Batman was not needed anymore, but Bruce was wrong, just as I had been wrong. The Batman had to come back. I suppose he always will.

Michael, Morgan, Gary, Cillian, Liam, Heath, Christian . . . Bale. Names that have come to mean so much to me. My time in Gotham, looking after one of the greatest and most enduring figures in pop culture, has been the most challenging and rewarding experience a filmmaker could hope for. I will miss the Batman. I like to think that he’ll miss me, but he’s never been particularly sentimental.


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  • Ethan

    Easily one of the greatest trilogies ever made. Thank you, Christopher Nolan.

    • Eric

      very tocuhing indeed, thank you Christopher Nolan and everyone who helped with the screening of this Batman trilology. I hope I can see Batman cinemas in the future if I have the chance.

  • gary

    Very touching.

  • Lance

    If Nolan doesn\’t get an Oscar for this trilogy the way Jackson did for The Lord Of The Rings, the Academy is going to have a lot to answer for.

    • blah

      Except Return of the King was probably the best one of the series. And nothing will beat The Master this year,

      • dgapa

        You say that as if you have seen that and every unreleased film of the year. No one is doubting PTA’s work but get real.

      • Bob

        The Master? if a shitty period piece movie wins another oscar over a truely deserving movie like the dark knight rises there are some serious problems with hollywood. The master will bring in about $10 million total while TDKR will easily clear a billion. Gee, what movie deserve the award?
        Wake up hollywood, quit giving oscars to shitty movies like the artist that nobody gives a shit about.

  • Eric

    It’s quite touching and sad at the same time, but thank you for all Christopher Nolan (and your crew). I hope one day Batman will appear once again in the future.

  • Daniel

    Nicely written.

  • Eric


  • Mike91

    This is really great!
    One question – why does he say “Christian…. Bale” ??

    • John

      Did you read the beginning of the letter? It should be pretty clear.

  • Drake

    Easily the best superhero trilogy ever. Well done cast and crew!

  • murdernexxus

    Christopher Nolan James Bond needs you now

    • Titus

      I would “Like” this comment if I could. I think Daniel Craig’s Bond is perfectly suited for Nolan’s tone.

    • George

      I’ve been wondering about that possiblity ever since Nolan was addressed to be one of the “next in the line” directors to take on Bond’s films. If he is ever to direct one of 007 movies and Fassbender takes on the role of the iconic spy, I’m totally on it.

      • Stef

        Yes! Great Idea!!

    • CF Kane

      You have to admit, Skyfall looks amazing. I love movies like Road to Perdition and think that Sam Mendes is great for this. But then, I agree, Nolan should do the next. Craig or Fassbender would be great both ways. Maybe he should do two, one in each.

    • Shaun

      Actually, more than Bond I’m sorry that Nolan decided against his plans (announced years ago) to remake The Prisoner. The miniseries from a few years ago was a hollow version of the original, but I think Nolan could knock it out of the park. I also think either Clive Owen or Christian Bale would make a great No. 6!

    • Spencer

      I kinda actually hope that Nolan doesn’t get the chance to make a James Bond movie for one reason. Steven Spielberg originally wanted to make a James Bond film and wasn’t given the opportunity because the amount of money it would cost the studio to pay Spielberg. Instead, Spielberg went on an gave us a character better and film series, in my opinion, than James Bond, Indiana Jones. If Nolan is put to the take of creating a character similar to James Bond like Indiana Jones was; the possibilities are endless.

  • Sam

    Ha ha ha this guy is so up his own ass. He ruined bane, gave batman a stupid voice and don’t let the door hit him on his way out.

    • j. cho

      What have you written, produced and directed lately Sam?

    • AManWithAKilt

      One complaint is vague, the other so nitpicky as to be laughable. If you don’t like it that’s fine, just say you don’t like the trilogy. At least, show some respect to the people that poured years of their lives into these movies. You may not have liked them but many others did.

    • MJConnorz

      Ruined Bane? Have you seen “Batman & Robin”… Tom Hardy is a beast.

    • juanotaco

      whats wrong? mommy never loved you enough? jackass

    • juanotaco

      whats wrong? mommy never loved you enough?

    • Django9000

      Yes, I agree. This Sam guy really does have his head secured, blowing smoke straight up his own ass!
      (Don’t you love how negativity, in practice, only ends up condemning those who speak it, in the face of someone who works to achieve dignified accomplishments like Chris Nolan? Karma’s a beach, my friend. Welcome to the butt of your own wasted joke! =)

      Guard your words, folks. What you put out there is always destined to come back to you.

      And yes. I’m using his own words to indemnify him. That’s how this works. ;)

    • Dave

      Says you (an absolute nobody). People love these films.

    • Dulce

      @ Sam, I can understand that your opinion is your opinion. I truly think differently, of how Nolan portrayed each character is very analytical and very inspiring. I give a lot of respects to Nolan for what he did just like yours. <3

    • knowledge

      I liked all of the movies. I loved the 1st and 2nd. I think they should have done a better job with Bane’s voice (why did it sound like Sean Connery?) I’m also still curious as to **SPOILERS**


      the way Bane died. The battle between Bane and Batman was so amazing and then Catwoman (who was far more amazing that I would have ever guessed by the way) gets the kill. It was disappointing. But, as some have said, nit-pciky. I think I’m just being that way because I still can’t find a single flaw in the Dark Knight. I think Hardy was amazing, I just wished they’d of dubbed his voice if he couldn’t pull off Bane’s accent. Oh well, still, hats off to Nolan for some amazing films.

    • vxx


    • Shaun

      I never understood all the hate for Bale’s “Bat-growl.” It does get a bit excessive near the end of The Dark Knight, OK, but they toned it down a bit for TDKR and it was never a problem in Batman Begins.

      Also, the guy needs to disguise his voice somehow. I hate how neither film version of Peter Parker has ever bothered to disguise his. If a six-foot bat came out of the shadows to attack you at night and then growled at you as he’s about to pummel you, you’d probably be frightened too!

      For the most part, the Bat-growl works.

    • Anonymous

      First off I think Nolan is genius! The best to do it so far. But Sam makes a good point.
      Nolan or who ever hired Tom Hardy didn’t do they’re research. No excuse for Bane to be
      shorter then Batman. Horrible casting job. Dwayne Johnson would have suited the role better.
      He should have also paid more attention to the fight sequences between Batman & Bane.
      This being 3rd film I was expecting to see a more developed fight capability from Bale in the suit.
      1st film he’s ok but trained by league of shadows. 2nd he shows a mild improvement in fighting. But 3rd
      showing was disappointing. Nothing super to his fight approach. All rage. Which was a lil out of character
      for TDK. Rage is his fuel but he’s famous for his composure. And if indeed done why the hint of Robin which was also botched. Dick Grason is what we should have heard. But if he gave us that then I believe a huge window of opertunity was missed to have the man of steel make a cameo appearence to save Batman at the end which would have compensated for Bane error & left the world talking about this movie
      til who knows when. You have to admit it was a perfect window to do so. But Sam your wrong for insulting
      the best superhero storyteller thus far.

    • spongefist

      Sam, you are right, the sheep are wrong.

      In his desire for supreme intellectual wank-dom, Nolan totally fucks up his movies with incomprehensible plot devises.

      Let me just present one example to sum everything up:

      “trapped nerve x hilarious rocky montage training scene x children’s climbing wall’

      The Avengers was in a different league – that was a superhero movie.
      Oh and Inception was beyond shit as well…

    • dobby

      Sam? or should we call you by your TRUE name… Joel!!!!

    • Destruct26

      Batman’s voice is at times amusing, when compared to the former franchise with Michael Keaton’s cool whisper. Kevin Conroy, IMHO, who voiced Batman from the animated series, justice league, batman beyond and dc animated movies has the best bat-voice. But that doesn’t mean Bale is terrible. He was a great Bruce Wayne and a good live Batman. You’re going to honestly say Val Kilmer and George Clooney were BETTER?
      Bane was NOT RUINED. Just a battling opinion. His story and ties to the Al Ghul was more or less intact and his origin story was converted into Nolan’s world realistically with minor ammendments. He is cunning, intelligent, brute of a man who was portrayed by Tom Hardy very well. He wasnt some retard with balloon arms that followed around Poison Ivy uttering a total of 10 lines the entire movie. That’s a fact.

  • John

    What a great trilogy by the same director… I really hope others in the genre have the balls to truly explore characters the way this guy has. If not, consider me done with watching these huge blockbuster movies. Tired of these stupid generic, corporate products like The Avengers and Transformers and Battleship.

    Man of Steel you’re up.

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  • mark

    dude shut the hell up, Christopher Nolan gave us the greatest movie trilogy of our time, these were his movies and how he chose to portray his characters was up to him, it doesn\’t matter if they wernt on par with the comics, thats part of the idea behind film making, bringing something fresh and new to the table every now and then. apparently your to retarded to understand what good film making is.

  • Titus

    Christopher Nolan is considered by some to be rather cold because his films often don’t seem to have large traces of sentiment, but this farewell is, as Gary said above, a very touching tribute to Batman.

  • tarek

    there is no much more to say. every thing has been already said. So Fank You very butch Chris. You are a genius.
    Please Reboot the Terminator Franchise. Oh pleaaase!

  • Jeff

    Terrific letter. Can’t wait to see what he does next.

  • DM725


  • Ethan

    I’m all about his take on Bond, or whatever else. But what I really am ready for is another original screenplay.

  • Jahanzeb

    Thanks you man for restoring my faith in superheroes and thank you for coming with such outstanding works. Now please give us more of your non-Batman magics, especially like Inception… waiting.

  • AgentOfFate

    Absolutely one of the best cinematic achievements in history, and maybe the ultimate Batman/Bruce Wayne interpretation. Can\’t wait to see what Nolan does next.


    agreed film a mess. the policeman trapped for near 5 months! walk out clean shaven ready for a fight?? this is not a Nolan film. Bane sounds like a camp twat and catwoman there to deliver shit one liners. and he healed his back in 4 months. a mess of a film

    • God

      go back to hell jackass, your taste in film was always bland

      go play with your barbie dolls


    film was a mess and the audio? joke

    • Griz

      WARNING: DO NOT FEED THE TROLLS! (It only encourages them)


    the policemen staying underground for near 5 months. come out clean shaven and no effects to light
    Banes Voice. a mess and some lines you cant hear. the audio mix is shocking.
    fixes his back in four months??
    gets stabbed in the side? and then is fine. sorry is this Promtheus??
    Bane whole plot line is nonsense. boils down to love.
    end Banes story. gets shot by a batpod by Catwoman.. WTF???
    Catwoman – a joke. just there to deliever cheesy one liners. waste of time.
    Parts of the film boring as hell – if you disagree you should really watch Batman Begins and dark Knight. you are not seeing straight, an awful end. oh and the Robin bit, a full cinema and the audience groaned

    • Marvellous

      As much as I love each movie in the trilogy, Batman Begins and The Dark Knight have their flaws and plot holes as well. The only difference is that people were not expecting those movies to be what they are today, they didn’t have the expectations to live up to, and they weren’t the final chapter in a critically acclaimed trilogy. So if the movie isn’t perfect, everybody will pick it apart, unlike the first 2 movies…. and trust me, The Dark Knight does have its flaws.

    • spongefist

      You are right on the money mate. It was shit for all your well observed reasons and more.
      It was the childrens climbing wall that got me – pathetic !

      If you can get a rope up to a ledge, and if you have access to tools and knives and shit like that you can simply create pegs to use as belay points to get to the top. Fucking ridiculous plot device but all the sheep/nerds haven’t left their computers for years so wouldn’t know a fucking belay device if it hit them in their shrunken balls.

      Now, how about the 2 push up, 2 pull up training montage – hilarious.
      The trapped nerve (sorry slipped disk) – ridiculous
      Banes Death – comical
      Policemen – stupid
      do I need to continue?

    • Matt

      Even though I think you’re trying to deliberately provoke people I agree.
      The story was a weak incomprehesible mess. So many holes. It was all pretty disappointing. ‘The Dark Knight’ was incredible & ‘Rises’ never came close to reaching the same loftly heights.
      Gordon stumbles on Bane when he chases some hoods down a sewer. Too coincidental.
      I think Burton’s Catwoman was better. Bane was a menacing villain but nothing compared to the Joker.

  • sense 11

    Thank You Christopher Nolan for making my oldest cinematic dream come true

  • j

    He’s always very classy in interviews. Great guy, great director, and a great letter. Thanks for bringing Batman onto the screen and into our lives for the past 9 years. We will greatly miss seeing your films on this great character in the theatres….. but we always have the movies at home to enjoy. I can’t wait to see what you do next.

  • j

    He\’s always very classy in interviews. Great guy, great director, and a great letter. Thanks for bringing Batman onto the screen and into our lives for the past 9 years. We will greatly miss seeing your films on this great character in the theatres….. but we always have the movies at home to enjoy. I can\’t wait to see what you do next.

  • James

    “In Nolan We Trust” Thank you Mr. Nolan for not only one of the best trilogies ever, but for just being a terrific filmmaker in general. Inception, The Prestige… awesome and awesome! Can’t wait to see what’s next from him.

  • Rob

    Way to pat yourself on the back, Nolan. How about an open-letter about how THE DARK KNIGHT did not effect the Colorado shooter.

    • Griz

      It didn’t. . . .In colorado, every white guy who shoots into a group of people is inspired by Columbine and the attention it received. .. . .while every black kid who shoots at people in any hood in america is inspired by gangbangers he looked up to while growing up. . . .Cause if we’re going to keep guns off the blame list, then i’ll be god damned if anyone tries to blame violent movies that are watched (and re-watched) by 99% of the rest of the world that has 0% of theater / school shootings.

    • sense 11

      You are a dck he@d sir,

      the blame is on the US society for allowing people to arm themselves to the teeth out of stubbornness, paranoia and ignorance. No need for weapons of war to be in the hands of civilians, plane and simple. A guy whit a 12 round mag is way less dangerous than a guy with a 100 round mag.

      You can blame the never ending violence in the bible before you can blame Batman. People know movies are fake but for some the never ending violence & suffering in that book are completely real. and taught to our children as such,

      SO please Zip it troll

      • Django9000

        ^^^^SANITY^^^^ = THIS. More of what the world needs now.

    • Shaun

      Rob, read the letter again… Since he talks about being “three weeks” from saying goodbye to the characters, I get the impression this was written months ago. As production on the film was wrapping up.

      Anyhow, Nolan has spoken out about the Colorado tragedy. That can be found through a Google search easily enough.

    • dobby

      Back under the Bridge, Troll. The billy goats will be along later.

  • Max

    A perfect trilogy, up their with The Lord of the RIngs and the original Star Wars trilogy

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  • Josh

    if TDKR was as good TDK it would get nominated but it\’s not, it\’ll only get technical noms like Cinematography and what not

  • Deborah Ramaty

    We have an excellent article we’d like to share. (Published in Spanish….Google Translate will help you with the words Spanish 101 did not teach you…)

  • Mr. Taco

    Proud Nolanite! You’ve done well Nolan, Bravo (stands up and claps)

  • Mr. Taco

    Proud Nolanite! You\’ve done well Nolan, Bravo (stands up and claps)

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  • Deckline

    Thank you Mr Nolan for making the world of Batman great again and not the joke it was in the previous films. We all should be grateful for that and what he has done to the film industry with such a trilogy. When walking out of the cinema after Rise I felt much pride and sadness in seeing the detective being portrayed in such a successful modern way and having it come to an end was bittersweet as there may not be anymore in this current Nolan world. I will always hope that Mr Nolan and the team find another story for the Dark Knight but that is many of us being eternally hopeful. If/When a new director/team does take on the Batman franchise they have some very impressive and large shoes to fill. Thank you again Mr Nolan.

  • Dave

    Says you (an absolute nobody). People love these films. He made it cool again.

  • Hunter

    All I can say is simply, Thank you.

  • Buzz

    Inception is his best movie, IMO. The Batman trilogy is only a hair away. Nolan is amazing in that he works in the Hollywood world with it\’s hundreds of millions of dollars…yet he manages to put a vision on the screen that makes each and every one of us feel as if the film is somehow speaking to us directly. I\’ve never seen a director do what he can do. Alot of people nay say and hate simply because he IS the standard of excellence now….jealousy, envy and ego issues cause some people to hate anything that is popular.

    What these people fail to realize…Nolan is making popular AND brilliant films…something nearly impossible to do.

    Excited to see what he does next.

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  • Mike0707

    What a great letter to read, I like the way he delves into the journey that was this magnificent trilogy. Nolan has left a very distinct mark on superhero movies to come and has undoubtedly created the greatest superhero trilogy of all time.

    The letter is hearfelt, thank you Christopher,for you are a fantastic director.

  • Strong Enough

    NOLAN DON’T GO!!!!


  • Phil Beta

    “Thanks Christopher. Your Batman movies showed not only us, but also your filmmaker peers how much we have to take into account wen dealing with evil, as well as why stories and details matter.”

    “You made of Batman the super hero with the most personality than any other. And the trilogy easily outshines The Lord of the Rings (Jackson’s TLOTR is more of a lucky shot).”

    “Now all of us, the fandom, have a new culture to discuss, rich and powerful, where comics came true in a very real way. Hell, your Batman films set the new standard, just like Watchmen became the best graphic novel.”

    “P.S.: keep away from Sony Pictures, they’ll take over you whole creative process and force you to use digital and 3D shooting.”

  • Cassandra

    Wow. :) My heart swells. Thank you, Mr. Nolan.

  • wacko3205

    Easily one of the greatest Trilogies of all time…this & the LOTR films are groundbreaking & heartfelt movies that one can easily see were heart made. I honestly felt that this film was the most amazing of the three…& I loved the others.

    This one though…it hit the fans & the casuals in the heart & guts & that\’s a damned fine undertaking.

    My wife & daughter cried like babies & each of the three showings that I sat through got standing O\’s & grown men were blubbering worse than I did over Bambi.

    Critics be damned & everyone\’s got their own quantified opinions…but this was a great film with so many ups that the downs of this film were so worthy of rejoice. If I’m being honest…I doubted Nolan for an instant. Nolan has ALWAYS been my guy,…always. Since I first saw MEMENTO, rabidly searched for FOLLOWING, being shock & awed over the PRESTIGE, being proud of Pachino in INSOMNIA, & having my heart & mind imploded with INCEPTION…I loved his trickery.

    But I am ashamed to say that I lost faith @ the thoughts of Robin entering the world of “My Batman”. It totally repulsed me…but this Robin (or Nightwing, Azrael, or New Bat) & the way that Nolan & company introduced him to me in the theatre?

    It was like sitting a hot rock…I couldn’t keep my seat. When the executor of the Bruce’s will said you should use your entire name…I knew where it was going & the butterflies in my stomach almost made me gag. Then it was on…I was jumping up & down the second that he swung through the waterfall my heart jumped out of my chest & as the floor rose beneath his feet… I screamed like a kid over a kitten.

    The best part? Turning around & high fiving some guy that I’d never met sitting in the seat behind me over John Blake’s Inheritance as it raised beneath his very feet.

    This was one of the more fantastic movie experiences that I\’ve had in a while…& YES…I loved the Avengers. This…this killed me.

    Going to see it in an I-Max bubble over the weekend.

    Hellz Yes the gross is gonna have about 100 bills from me.

    • Griz

      I wish i could save your post and read it again to remind myself how i felt first time i got done watching the movie . . . .

    • sense 11

      Sir you put that in beautiful words, this is exactly how i felt watching the movie and I would have given you a high 5 too.

  • junierizzle

    Thank You Mr. Nolan for giving my generation it’s own trilogy. I like LOTR but I never really connected with it in a geek kind of way.

    I think in once the dust settles people will embrace RISES. I already do but give it some time. If people can love the Star Wars trilogy then we can love the Batman Trilogy. Both had good first films and amazing second films. The third ones not loved so much. But I should say that Rises blow Jedi out of the water.

  • Migzter13

    If given the chance, I would definitely give Chris and Company the BANE-sized thanks for what he has contributed to Batman and pop culture as a whole.
    Personally, the three movies aren’t just Batman films buta roller coaster adventure ride into heroism, anarchy, nostalgia, drama and beautifully organized chaos:D
    Thank you Christopher Nolan!:D

  • Migzter13

    If given the chance, I would definitely give Chris and Company the BANE-sized thanks they truly deserve for what they have contributed to Batman and pop culture as a whole.
    Personally, the three movies aren\’t just Batman films buta roller coaster adventure ride into heroism, anarchy, nostalgia, drama and beautifully organized chaos:D
    Thank you Christopher Nolan!:D

  • Dulce

    Thank you Mr. Christopher Nolan for this farewell, and going after what YOU wanted to be in a trilogy and following what others wanted you to be. It was so good to see what was to come in the finale, but I am saddened that it had to end it the way it did.. From “Batman Begins” it was like taking baby steps of what’s to come of Bruce Wayne with an agonizing fear of bats transferred into the Batman, then “The Dark Knight” Bruce knew that he always wanted to save the world but never his own, and “The Dark Knight Rises” Bruce finally came to the conclusion that he did save the world with himself included. I always wanted the best of things to come in the end, now to see it through of how Nolan directed it was beautiful. I am so happy that there will be a set of the (my opinion) thee best trilogy ever. God bless you and the cast. I so want to meet them and really find out things through my perspective. And God bless Heath Ledger’s and the extra cast members that made a way in this film that passed away to make this a really beautiful and marvelous film. Thank you again. <3

  • @STRB0001 SRB is The King

    Thank you Christopher Nolan, for these anazing movies. You areteuly my favorite director. Batman Begins was amazing, The Dark Knight was breathtaking, and The Dark Knight Rises, well, I’m still recovering from that one, but right now all I can say us wow wow wow wow wow!!!!!

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