Christopher Nolan Enlists TINKER TAILOR Cinematographer Hoyte Van Hoytema to Shoot INTERSTELLAR

     April 23, 2013


Director Christopher Nolan is encountering a couple of firsts with his next film Interstellar.  Not only does it mark the filmmaker’s first venture into space-set sci-fi, but this will also be Nolan’s first film without cinematographer Wally Pfister since his debut feature Following.  His close collaborator is busy with his own directorial debut, Transcendence, and will no longer be working a director of photography.  As such, many were curious as to whom Nolan would enlist to shoot Interstellar given his meticulousness when it comes to pristine visuals.  Well, now word comes that the filmmaker has tapped Hoyte Van Hoytema to act as the cinematographer on Interstellar.  Hit the jump for more.

hoyte-van-hoytema-interstellarNews of Van Hoytema’s involvement comes courtesy of the Dutch website Film Abides (via Nolan Fans).  The cinematographer’s previous credits include Let the Right One In, The Fighter, and Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy, and he most recently shot Spike Jonze’s upcoming film Her.  Van Hoytema’s muted aesthetic would appear to fit right in with Nolan’s sensibilities, and it’ll be interesting to see how he handles working with IMAX since the director plans to shoot “a significant portion” of Interstellar with the large-format cameras.

Little is known about the story of Interstellar other than the fact that it’s about “a heroic interstellar voyage to the furthest reaches of our scientific understanding.”  Matthew McConaughey is set as the film’s male lead, while Anne Hathaway recently signed on to reunite with the Dark Knight Rises filmmaker as Interstellar’s female lead.  Expect to hear more casting soon as we move closer towards the film’s summer production start-date.  Interstellar will open on November 7, 2014.


  • Lance

    Like him or not, Christopher Nolan is the preeminent director of his generation. I wish him the best with Interstellar. We’ve never seen him attempt science fiction on this scale before, so this is exciting.

    • Doug

      Second this.

    • Jack

      Although he is quite distinguished and one of the best directors of his generation, I would hesitate to call him the ‘best”, especially in a field so subjective as film. My pick would be Paul Thomas Anderson, but I think David Fincher, Quentin Tarantino, Darren Aronofsky etc. are all more significant to the generation than nolan. But its a matter of opinion

      • Ted

        Yeah, I would say PTA, Fincher, Tarantino, and Aronofsky have a bit more “edge” than Nolan, although he is a fine director of his generation. With the exception of Memento and Insomnia, I kind of wish Nolan directed more adult fare, with better scripts (PTA and Tarantino definitely edge out Nolan with this one. Nolan’s best script was for Memento.).

      • tina

        David Fincher is the only current filmmaker that can come close to Chris Nolan. I respect Quentin Tarantino ( I didn’t care for Django Unchained ) and Darren Aronofsky , but their directing style is not brilliant.

      • Melvin

        I don’t know about Aronofsky.

  • Anonymous

    Boring shots, had I the chance to recruit Oblivion cinematographer I would, I was BLOWN away, I can’t remember such a beautiful experience, shot by shot.

    • Rich woa

      It was AWESOME in Imax

    • Person

      Hoytema always shoots on film, which is prolly a huge reason Nolan picked him. Oblivion was shot by Claudio Miranda (Life of Pi), who basically exclusively shoots digital. He and Nolan prolly wouldn’t get along haha

  • RefnFan270

    Certainly a step in the right direction. The best thing about Tinker Tailor was the cinematography.

    • Derek

      Agreed. Can Hoytema has also done some amazing low-key photography on “Let the Right One In” and the grittiness of David O. Russell’s “The Fighter”. Honestly, Pfister is great, but I like this selection better.

    • tina

      The cinematography and the acting performances were tops in Tinker Tailor.

  • JandS

    Tinker Tailor has some of my favorite cinematography. Very moody yet beautiful. I’m excited!

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  • randommale7

    Great choice, Tinker Tailor has wonderful cinematography though at times it was a bit grainy but that was an aesthetic choice. And to the people say “great now we get boring shots of stuff” the director still gets the first and final word of what is shot and how it is edited on the film so don’t blame the DOP.

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