Christopher Nolan to Write & Direct INTERSTELLAR, Co-Produced & Distributed by Paramount & Warner Bros.; Opens November 7, 2014 in IMAX

     March 8, 2013


When last we reported on the sci-fi flick Interstellar, it was to tell you that Christopher Nolan (The Dark Knight trilogy) would be re-writing brother Jonathan Nolan’s script and was circling the director’s chair.  Now, Christopher Nolan has been confirmed as a director, but his partnership with brother Jonathan isn’t the biggest team-up news.  In a rare bit of cooperation by major studios, Paramount Pictures and Warner Bros. will team up to co-produce; Paramount will handle domestic distribution while WB goes international.  Legendary Pictures will not be involved, despite having backed The Dark Knight Trilogy and Inception.  Few plot details are available for the film, but it’s said to “depict a heroic interstellar voyage to the furthest reaches of our scientific understanding.”  We do know, however, that Interstellar is now slated for a November 7, 2014 release in IMAX.  Hit the jump for more.

christopher-nolanThe Nolan brothers’ Interstellar involves a group of explorers traveling through a wormhole and deals with time travel and alternate dimensions.  The script is said to be inspired by the work of Kip Thorne, a physicist at Caltech.

Check out the full press release below:

HOLLYWOOD, CA (March 8, 2013) – Paramount Pictures and Warner Bros. Pictures jointly announced today that writer/director Christopher Nolan’s “INTERSTELLAR” will be co-produced and distributed by the two studios, with Paramount Pictures handling Domestic distribution and Warner Bros. Pictures distributing the film Internationally.  “INTERSTELLAR” will be released beginning November 7, 2014, in theaters and IMAX®.

Directed and written by Academy Award-nominee Nolan (“INCEPTION,” “THE DARK KNIGHT RISES”), “INTERSTELLAR” is based on a script by Jonathan Nolan. The film will be produced by Emma Thomas and Christopher Nolan of Syncopy Films and Obst of Lynda Obst Productions. Kip Thorne will executive produce. The film will depict a heroic interstellar voyage to the furthest reaches of our scientific understanding. 

Brad Grey, Chairman and CEO of Paramount Pictures said, “As a filmmaker and storyteller, Chris has continuously entertained the world with his extraordinary and unparalleled talents. I am pleased beyond measure to welcome him to the Paramount Pictures family. Partnering with Chris, Emma, Lynda and Warner Bros. to release this original idea next November is the perfect way to start the Thanksgiving and holiday movie season for audiences around the world.”

Jeff Robinov, President, Warner Bros. Pictures Group, said, “Christopher Nolan is truly one of the great auteurs working in film today, and we’re extremely proud of our successful and ongoing collaboration with him and Emma Thomas.  We are excited to be teaming with Paramount, and look forward to working with the Nolans, and producer Lynda Obst, on this extraordinary new project.”

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  • Nolan’s a fool

    HACK!!!!! FRAUD!!!! SCUMBAG!!!!! You blow Nolan.

    • will

      The minute I saw there were comments, I knew there would be at least one Nolan-hating troll. Go away.

      • Nolan’s a fool

        It’s not crying if it’s the truth. Go play in your Batman jam jams fanboy punk.

      • Danny

        I was thinking the same exact thing. There is always one dedicated troll that acts like Nolan slept with their girlfriend or something like that. It’s a shame they have nothing better to do with their lives.

    • Kroz

      Let me guess… Nolan ignored all your love letters!

    • Strong Enough

      i’m gay for Nolan!

      • Nolan’s a fool

        Typical Nolanite homophobia. Shows you the level of intelligence we’re dealing with here.

      • Dancing Llama

        ^^^^^LOL HAHAHA This “Nolan’s a fool” is a TOTAL LOSER. He’s still posting after 12 hours! HAHAHAHAHAHA. Pretty amazing how bitter this troll is.

      • Look at the guy with no self-awareness above

        You’re the overweight nerd crying in his cheetos about someone not creaming themselves over the announcement of a scifi movie. Enjoy pounding your own meat for the rest of your life shut in! Hahahahahaahaha. You clowns are to easy to clown.

  • Lance

    C’mon. Kip Thorne? The famous physicist?

    This could be a combination akin to Kubrick and Clarke on 2001. I really do hope this could be a 2001 for the 21st Century. Now that you know… we’re actually over a decade beyond 2001.

    • Germ-X

      You make an excellent point!

    • Nolan’s a fool

      Yeah, except Kubrick was the ultimate cinematic genius and Nolan wrote “there’s only one police in this town” and shat out one of the most dire scripts outside of a the Transformers franchise. Kubrick =visionary, Nolan= dumbfuckery.

      • Anonymous

        Give your ratings for Nolan’s films.

      • Matt

        C’mon man. While Nolan is nowhere close to Kubrick, his movies are pretty good.

      • Nolan’s a fool

        Memento 7/10
        Insomnia 5/10
        Batman Begins 6/10 Boring with a distastrous third act problems, hasn’t aged well at all
        Prestige 2/10 Alternating current cloning device? Bawhahaahahaha
        Dark Knight 9/10 Still contains all of Nolan’s scripwriting flaws but he harnessed Ledger’s genius and actually found an emotional core to the story.
        Inception 6/10 largely due to effects and cinematography inspite of it’s horrendous dialogue and non-existant characterization.
        Dark Knight Rises 1/10 Too many flaws to recount here that have been written about ad nauseum on the internet. If you choose to ignore them, you are being willfully ignorant. This was Nolan’s George Lucas moment where he gave up on the minimal effort he put into story and decided empty spectacle trumps genuine art.

      • J

        Your “ratings” are so embarrassing that I won’t address them. But if you feel so strongly about Nolan why do you always have to comment on his articles? You are always the first person to comment about how bad he is as a director. We know Batman and Robin is your favorite movie, so I understand how offended you are in Nolans trilogy. However, it’s time to move on now.

      • Random

        So do you have any stories to tell? If so, write a script.

  • Farzan

    I wouldn’t consider it rare when both studios did this for Benjamin Button.

    • Matt

      As well as Friday the 13th, Payback, South Park: Bigger, Longer, and Uncut, Zodiac, Beowulf, and Watchmen.

      I would consider it rare when the two studios have only done 7 other films together.

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  • jackjack

    Nov 7 2014 heh? Nolan is pretty nasty… next Bond was supposed to debut on that day.

  • Amar

    Nolan makes a smart blockbuster movies and have fans all over the world. And one of the most recognized( all over the world) filmmaker may be he top the list of his generation

    • Nolan’s a fool

      It’s statement like this that make my grand fight against Nolan’s debased fanboys a noble crusade. People who tout Nolan’s mediocrity perpetuate the myth that he is a filmmaker of merit. The children, who don’t know better, then begin to believe that he’s films are something to praise and not deride. You, sir, are actively holding back the progress of mankind toward enlightenment and are on the same level of villainy as those who would have the school system teach creationism over evolution.

      • matthew

        haha i’m so glad i’m “ignorant” then. This dude’s so fuckin angry

      • Chris “Limey Bastard” Nolan

        Maybe people are just sick of people not being honest about Nolan and Nolan not being honest about himself. People are fans of the Transformers’ films. They can be like “it’s not great art but I enjoy the spectacle of it”- that’s honesty. But Nolan makes a Transformers level film in Rises his fan base are like “Genius” “High art” “Breathtaking” and Nolan talks in grandiose terms of “epic conclusion” and takes stabs at political relevancy. It’s all so much fluff. Just admit it. Say “it was stupid, I liked it anyway”. Instead if someone criticizes his stuff “Omg, you don’t understandz art”. I suggest to all those who would claim Nolan makes intelligent films to broaden your cinematic horizons.

      • J

        “Limey bastard”- so because people dont agree with you, that means we are all sheep that dont know what a good movie is? Ever think that people actually like him? No matter what metric you use, Nolans films are major successes. Financially, critically, public opinion (despite you). As for my “cinematic horizens”, I watch pretty much every relevant movie, from blockbusters, to indies, to foreign, and everything inbetween. If you think the quality of TDKR is on par with Transformers, its you that needs to broaden your horizens. Come on man, try harder.

      • junierizzle


        You’re right. Nolan received zero criticism for TDKR and it went on to win Best Picture right?

      • Titan47

        I think that the truth is in the middle. Nolan is a great talent of a director, but he follows the money instead of the art. I mean, Memento is 200 times better than TDK, but it costed just 2 millions, despite the multimilionare machine behind Batman. TDK has no originality, Memento is a masterpiece for its original structure. I’m afraid he’s becoming a moneywhore…

        Also, the only beautiful thing of Batman franchise is Nolan’s directing. It’s like Kubrick’s Spatacus: a great talent on a crappy story (WARNING: I am not comparing K. and N., Kubrick plays another sport). Really, no one shouldn’t consider Batman trilogy cinematic art. It’s not art, it’s a cinecomic. A popcorn movie for teenagers. Period.

        And, if you consider Inception an intellectual and difficult movie, I dare you to see Mulhalland Drive. LOL

    • DG

      Exactly, and this is the reason why his haters will be so vocal about their hatred towards him. Since he is one of the best in the business, expect some people to hate on him every chance they get. It’s just how our world operates man.

  • yourallfollwersjustlikeholloywoodwantsyoutobegivethemyourmoney

    I like nolan but the MAJORITY of his fans are just left overs from the JOKER-hype of 2008 and this is a fact. …..nolan is smart and now pandering to the geek nerd audience becuz he knows that is where his ticket buyers are. if he was making insomnia now it would not work.

    and anyone who refers to me in that trendy internet terminology such as “troll” curses themselves a virgin for life.

    • Melvin White

      Hahaha you ain’t a troll. you actually seem like a perfectly normal person. your opinion is that nolan ain’t that great. totally valid its your opinion. but not all of us who like nolan are left over from the joker/ledger hype. memento and the prestige were great before those even came out.

    • triggacity

      “and this is a fact…” LMAO oh yeah? And what study did you put together to get to this conclusion? How did the vote’s come out, can you throw us some percentages to get an idea of how many people are “left overs from the Joker-hype of 2008″? Really bro, that is called an OPINION, not a fact.

  • Adam

    The final installment in the “IN” trilogy! I look forward to Michael Caine playing an elderly physicist at CERN…

  • evan

    Though I am not the biggest fan of Rises, Dark Knight and Inception are still masterpieces. I have faith that Nolan will bring it back this time!

    I wonder who Michael Caine will play?

  • Chris “Limey Bastard” Nolan

    Maybe people are just sick of people not being honest about Nolan and Nolan not being honest about himself. People are fans of the Transformers’ films. They can be “it’s not great art but I enjoy the spectacle of it” that’s honesty. But Nolan makes a Transformers level film in Rises his fan base are like”Genius” “High art” “Breathtaking” and Nolan talks in grandiose terms of “epic conclusion” and takes stabs at political relevancy. It’s all so much fluff. Just admit it. Say “it was stupid, I liked it anyway”.Instead if someone criticizes his stuff “Omg, you don’t understandz”. I suggest to all those who would claim Nolan makes intelligent films to broaden your cinematic horizons. It’s really hard to stomach fanboys lionizing mediocrity. Look at these comments. As if Nolan could make a “2001″ for the 21st century. He had his shot with Inception. He took 12 years crafting it. At best it was a good popcorn film.

    • Nate

      I hated Dark Knight Rises. In fact I am still kinda pissed about it. Regardless, Nolan has had way more hits than misses. I’ll be seeing his next movie on opening night.

  • Person

    November 7th = prime Oscar release date. Nolan’s not giving them any excuse to ignore him anymore haha

  • celluloid

    I wonder who’s going to be the cinematographer since Wally Pfister is out doing Transcendence?

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  • Freejumper

    I can see a Matt Damon in this one,anyone,Matt Damon.

    • tom

      without knowing anything about the plot, i like that choice. Matt Damon is someone who will always be able to play a soldier/pilot/astronaut/etc. he just looks like that kind of guy

  • tom

    and to those people hating on Nolan, i’m not gonna say you don’t know what you’re talking about. if you think his films are bad, that’s your opinion. and i have no problems with that. but when you immediately come out and comment on these stories and call Nolan a (to paraphrase) “talentless hack,” that just makes YOU sound ignorant. no, his movies aren’t perfect. but what movies are perfect? Citizen Kane? i fucking dare you to say that’s one of your favorite movies ever. it’s dated and boring but since it’s considered a “classic,” people are willing to overlook that. my point is, Nolan doesn’t deserve the hate he’s getting. but since his star rose after The Dark Knight, people love this dude. and now it’s the trendy thing to talk shit about him. so please, trolls, shut the fuck up, and let’s just see how the movie turns out

    • Bloot

      Citizen Kane is perfect, idiot. Go watch Transformers.

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  • Chris “Limey Bastard” Nolan

    This is what’s so infuriating about Nolanites. Someone makes valid critiques of his films, pointing out obvious flaws, they’re all like “You don’t understand lulz, he’s a dope filmmaker brah”. Then when asked to defend their position or counter argue, they are all like “it’s super deep derp”. I haven’t heard one valid defense of Rises plotholes since it came out. People resort to the sophistry of “that’s not a plothole derp”. Why isn’t it a plot hole? Well usually it would be a plothole but because Nolan made the movie it’s not a plot hole derp. Batman materializing in a lockeddown Gotham isn’t a plothole derp.

    • Griz

      “Valid Critiques”?
      HA HA HA HA HA HA . . . . . spurned loverboy has a manic episode during EVERY story that even remotely mentions Chris Nolan, and he thinks he’s making valid critiques. . . . . Priceless!

      “We could’ve been so happy together, babe! But YOU had to go marry that loser who isn’t good enough for you! NOW LOOK WHAT YOU’VE MADE ME DO ! ! ! “

      • Nolan’s a fool

        Let me guess 13 years old? 14? Wanna be thug gangster tween making homophobic jabs cause you’re immature.

      • Griz

        Exactly how many 13 year olds do you know use words like “manic episode”? And saying you’re acting like a spurned lover is not homophobic, its attempting to find the root cause of your Nolan-obsessed psychosis. You want him, you can’t have him, thus you act the way you’re acting right now.
        Its like when a boy likes a girl, but he knows he’s not good enough for her and she’ll never go out with him so he runs around telling everyone what a whore she is and will sleep with every guy she meets. Thus, once it becomes synonymous with that girl’s reputation, he can rest easy saying “Ha, who wants to go out with a whore!”
        Its called Reaction Formation, and you’re revealing it in spades on behalf of Chris Nolan.

      • Bahaahahah

        So misogynistic and homophobic? Wow. Nolan’s fan base in a nutshell folks. That’s why they love all the strong parts he writes for women.

    • B

      Every movie has plotholes, it’s an easy attack. If you really don’t think Bruce Wayne could find a way back into Gotham, and you needed screen time wasted on that, you’re a fucking tardfart.

  • Strong Enough

    This is awesome news. can;t wait

    • Griz

      Totally! I wonder how hard its gonna be to go into this movie without having seen a single trailer or interview explaining what its going to be about. Finger crossed!

      • Get a room you two

        Speaking of reaction formation look at these two. They love each other. Griz is “projecting” (see you’re not the only one who took psych 101) his homoerotic infatuation with his Nolanite brothers and the big man himself. Ahahahahaahaa

      • Griz

        Oh, you poor illiterate bastard. Reaction Formation, as its taught in non-community college campuses (or on the internet if you had bothered to google it before talking about it) is not an act of projecting, nor does it involve hiding someone’s homosexuality (the way you implied it was while attacking me for being homophobic a few posts earlier . . . . which is kinda like accusing someone of being racist, and then calling them the N word). Reaction formation is a defense mechanism by which a person (you) feels emotions that you feel are overpowering, but at the same time wrong and unnatural. You try to suppress it, but it just makes it stronger. Ergo, your response is to go to the most public place you can find and LOUDLY proclaim that you believe in the exact opposite. Its like when a habitual gambler goes around telling people gambling is a sin, or a religious authority figure spends all his time screaming to everyone that pre-marital sex is bad cause that’s all he can think about.
        In short, you’re loud and obnoxious rants against Nolan make one thing absolutely clear: You feel dirty about being an ardent fan, hence, you troll on message boards because you’re not trying to convince us, you’re trying to convince yourself.

  • PJ Sleepwalker

    Why are you guys feeding the trolls? Just agree to disagree and walk away or in this case just ignore them.

  • Mickey

    Nolan is wack. In a film with the hype
    and consequences of TDKR, you have no room for error. Nolan erred big time so therefore he is an ultimate choke and hack. End.

  • rogerthat11

    Great news .. my life has purpose again

  • barrnone

    Remember Remember the 7th of November

  • Bahaahahah

    hahahahahahah! This guy cares more than anyone. He responded 7 times. HAHAHAHAHAhHHAHAA. Damn pissing off Nolanites this bad gets me sprung hard. My work here is done.

    • B

      I hope something terrible happens to you soon.

    • Griz

      What, like he finally gets a job?

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  • CatSan

    “The Nolan brothers’ Interstellar involves a group of explorers traveling through a wormhole and deals with time travel and alternate dimensions.”
    Err wasn’t the synopsis for Sliders?

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