Christopher Nolan Won’t Be Involved with JUSTICE LEAGUE Movie or BATMAN Reboot

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Assuming a Justice League movie ever happens, it won’t involve Christopher Nolan.  Last month we reported that Gangster Squad scribe Will Beall was set to work on the mega-superhero film, which (traditionally) features Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, Aquaman, Martian Manhunter, and the Flash.  Speaking at the press junket for The Dark Knight Rises, Nolan said

“I’ve got no plans to do anything more, and certainly, no involvement with any Justice League project.”

Hit the jump for Nolan once again reiterating his commitment to leaving the Batman franchise, and how these latest comments refute a previous statement regarding his involvement in the series’ reboot.

the-dark-knight-rises-christopher-nolanAccording to EW, Nolan responded to the Justice League question by saying:

“No, none at all,” Nolan said. “We’re finished with all we’re doing with Batman. This is the end of our take on this character.”

He added:

“Batman will outlive us all, and our interpretation was ours. Obviously, we consider it definitive and kind of finished. The great thing about Batman is he lives on for future generations to reinterpret, and obviously, Warners will have to decide in the future what they’re going to do with him,” Nolan said. “We’ve had our say on the character”

However, in March 2011, Warner Bros. President and COO Jeff Robinov said:

“We have the third Batman, but then we’ll have to reinvent Batman…” says Robinov.  “Chris Nolan and [producing partner and wife] Emma Thomas will be producing it, so it will be a conversation with them about what the next phase is.”

Of course, Nolan and Thomas could have changed their minds about being involved with future Batman films.  However, the duo isn’t finished with the DC Universe yet.  They’re attached as producers on Zack Snyder‘s Superman reboot, Man of Steel.  While Man of Steel may seem like a starting point for an eventual Justice League picture, Snyder has stated that his take on Superman doesn’t fit with a superhero crossover.  Right now, it looks like Justice League will be its own beast, and Warner Bros. will double-up on superheroes.


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  • This Guy

    As much as I want to see a JL movie, it doesn’t seem to me like Warners has a clue on how to go about it. Doubling up on superheroes leaves people confused and is just an awkward situation. I honestly would rather them leave it alone if it isn’t going to be done right.

  • Lance

    Are these people serious? Avengers didn’t become the third biggest movie of all time just because of Whedon. Marvel had to build up to that movie, and they had a very careful and skillfully executed game plan to reach this moment.

    Warners is apparently going to put out a Justice League movie in a situation where the public is going to wonder why Batman and Superman don’t look or act like the Batman and Superman they saw in recent films. But it’ll be okay because Ryan Reynolds will be there from the smash hit Green Lantern! That’s who’ve they’ve got anchoring Justice League!

    • terry

      I hate to burst your bubble but the Avengers wasn’t that good. Yeah it made bank but so what. Thor was sh**, Iron man 1 was awesome, IM 2 was crap, the Hulk with Norton was trash and Cap was eh.

      • Scott

        Yeah it’s only at 95% on rottentomatoes and has a score of 8.6 on imdb but you’re right the movie is trash. It just got the most positive reaction from a big summer movie in years but you are right it’s not that good. Everyone else is wrong and you are right.

  • Kyle

    i dont want a justice league…i just want more batman

  • Mike91

    Why would anyone want Nolan to direct another superhero film? We should want him to use his significant talent to explore different topics and themes, not be a one trick pony. Despite the fact that I have never ever been more excited for a movie in my whole life (TDKR), him doing a 4th Batman, or a Justice League, not only takes away from the enormity of TDKR, but would deprive of us of seeing another complex non-superhero based narrative like The Prestige or Inception.

    • GET OVER IT!

      haha, what a stupid, pointless article post and discussion, cant believe people are bringing this shite up when Nolans third Batman film isn’t even out yet. Why the f**k would Nolan reboot Batman, im sure he’s very proud of what he and his crew have done with the franchise, why go and piss on his own work. What a load of rubbish!
      As for a Justice League film, they cant just bring it out without establishing the other characters first as Marvel did with the Avengers members. Wait and see how Supes does next year and get Green Lantern right, and sort out a Wonder Woman film ect ect, then worry about the Justice League film.

      Anyway, good call Nolan, keep up the good work and look forward to watching whatever you do next.

  • Nomis1700

    I think it’s fine that Nolan doesn’t want to be involved with JLA or a Batman reboot which could be stolen to me. I absolutely LOVE his Batman films and I can’t wait to see them in a marathon next week!!!!!! I’m VERY glad he’s the executive producer on MOS. Hopefully, that’ll turn out a trilogy as well with Snyder directing and Nolan producing.

  • eowyn

    Rebooting Batman? The final film hasn’t even come out yet!!!

  • Jake

    I have no interest at all in a Justice League movie, they are just a lame version of the Avengers. And i have the same feelings as Nolan, THIS is the definitive Batman, everything after this will pale in comparison.

  • CanIHaveASlice?

    I don’t like Christopher Nolan, so if he isn’t involved in any other DC properties from here on out, I think that is a positive thing. I, too, can’t wait for the DKR to come out, but only because it signifies the end of Nolans run with the Batman franchise.

  • ozzie

    Making a Justice League live action movie is a BAD idea as most of DC’s heroes will not translate to live action without being ridiculous.

    Superman has proved that movie after movie … wonder women is just silly …

    they would also have to assume everyone knows the back story on all the characters involved which the general public doesn’t.

  • Banes

    Justice League won’t work for live action for sure.

  • Django9000

    The Kevin Mcguire run on Justice League is ACTUALLY the book that set the tone for what became Marvel’s The Avengers.

    It was sardonically hilarious, showing a completely dysfunctional, power-struggle laden group who was confused as to their identity & purpose, until they were forced to pull their act together for a common cause.

    Part of the reason Avengers worked is because Joss Whedon recognized that to a non-comics reading, non-superhero fan audience, you still need to explain why the heck these guys are all in the same room together. The answer: They don’t belong. Not together, not on a team – not even on EARTH (in some cases).

    So – Warner bros. would have to build up their separate franchises separately over the next decade, and keep a tight lid on the shared realities of Metropolis, Gotham, Emerald city (?) whatever the connective tissue is that holds together DC’s book. (HELL if I know what that’d be)

    Fact is they’re just jealous. They saw Marvel pull off a trick that they’ve backed their way into a corner, unable to pull out of.

    But who knows. If Marvel decided to go ALL COSMIC with their next run of movies – DC & Warner could be on the winning end, if Marvel’s movies fail to connect with a broad audience. (Or if they re-cast RDJ or something stupid like that!~)

    Nolan’s smart. He’s got his eyes on finishing Batman. And moving toward BOND as his cash cow, independent film financier.

  • Nineflash

    How about a Flash movie first ?

  • spongefist

    Justice League doesn’t work period, in any medium. The characters are too powerful.

    As for a Flash movie, who gives a shit about someone who can run fast?

    • Joe

      “Justice League doesn’t work period, in any medium. The characters are too powerful.”

      Just from this statement it’s clear that you haven’t seen any of the Justice League animated films (The New Frontier, Crisis on Two Earths, Doom) and the Justice League Unlimited animated series of the early 2000s. They are amazingly good.

      The depiction of Flash in these series is very good. Spider-man level humor and sacrificial.

  • Jack Burton

    Glad he aint involved in a JLA movie, its the wrong tone, and frankly i’m not a fan of that team-up.

    Glad he isn’t involved in a Batman REBOOT, I would love to see a reboot because as a fan of the character and comics, theres sooooo much to tell and so many other iterations of the character and his world. Arkham city being my number 1 style i’d love to see on film.

    That said, I would love to see Nolan return for a 4th part of his version, if only to see Nolanized versions of Penguin, Freeze and RIDDLER who has soooo much potential as a great villain if done right. David fincheresque with a bit of SE7EN and a dash of Hannible lecter etc…

  • LEM

    I think the best thing they can do is just make a Batman Beyond movie as it would be a natural progression instead of just going back to the beginning again. There’s no reason for any of these comic book movies to tell the origin anymore because even people who aren’t comic fans know these movies they should just pull great story arcs from the books and do them over the course of a few films which would allow many crossovers.

  • Joe

    Ladies and Gentlemen. It’s clear DC needs a Kevin Feige type to tie things together. It all starts with a vision. Then you execute plan towards goal.

    No vision = No goal

    Well at the bare minimum, let’s hope they don’t screw up the standalone movies. Dark Knight notwithstanding, the rest of their ‘franchise’ is very weak.

    • Strong Enough

      shut up you pompous prick

      • Joe

        Forgot the meds again eh son?
        Try to keep up.

  • Proud scientologist

    Who didn’t already know this

  • Phil Beta

    Well, we can see how different Marvel’s plans have been all along this time regarding hero management and plot entanglement in comparison to DC. Marvel really set up a mega project, whereas DCs have been more standalone products.

    I truly hope Chris doesn’t get into Justice League. He has done a great job with super heroes, but we don’t want him wearing out on the hero genre.

  • Joshua Wilburn

    I’m thrilled by this news! I love Christopher Nolan’s Batman films but like he said, Batman has many arks and there are many different ways to show them. It’s obvious that Nolan had his ideas for Batman and he did what he wanted to do. Nolan truly believes in artist vision and it’s best when a writer/director makes the film they want to make without extra people getting their fingers in the bowl. I actually hope one day there will be a live action Batman TV show with the style of Law & Order and turn more to the detective side of Batman. And other then characters like Clayface, many of the parts in Batman can be brought out. But that’s just my opinion. Just keep people like Schumacher away from this!

  • Chris138

    Thank God. All a Justice League film shows to me is desperation by Warner Brothers to match Marvel and what they’re doing with The Avengers. Like the latter film, it would be more about $$$ than actual quality. The Avengers was fine, but I wouldn’t rank it among the best movies I have seen this year or even just the summer.

  • ckyarber

    I loved comments of Many here LEM has a bright point. I like Batman a lot, his story should intergrate from his downtime and walk him into the justice league. Wonder woman is merely too much push for a superior Woman who has a amazonian attitude. Idk maybe she should be as scarlette in marvel movies, they exercised her intellectual side sexy side and agent side. Green lantern? He I imagine more like Stark because he would be more even with knowledge or maybe he be the more vurnerable to nothing but the wage to become a respect, he needs a real edge to shape him as a one odd ass ability he is like a car with no keys. His powered ring visually involved with the league cgi wise,raw. Cus he would be topped next to flash, who’s intelligence with advancing. Ahead would. Be a great benefit to mold his team n him earning patience from the team. Man martian is nice, he was a detective on smallville which was surprising downed but look at what they left. Warner bros. Ain’t gota movie. Hell id turn to the team smallville, they molded odd characters in line accordingly with One another. Dbz anime worked with enemy n allies, will n grace n jake n karen worked. Sex in the city. Dc has so many timelines to pull from n
    references, we need a team to capture the right wind of this storm. Present it to comiccon or who the hell ever. Ya hit me up. Cameron.yarbergmail I’m full of ideas


      Ummm… WHAT??

  • Jana

    Rebooting Batman immediately after finishing a 3 film trilogy. Seriously now, that’s just ridiculous. -__-’ And while I loved the Avengers etc. and am excited about Dredd, I’m really getting rather tired of superhero movies or the latest, hottest book trend being hyped into Hollywood. That’s not good film-making, that’s being greedy and lazy.

  • mr mystery

    Well you could do a Final Crises movie, that would be some cool shit right there.

  • Trevor126

    I like Nolan’s Batman movies but I’m actually pretty glad to hear that he won’t be involved in any of the future DC comic-book character movies—- after Man of Steel of course.

    IMO the “realistic” Batman and tone works perfectly in the Dark Knight films but would be a detriment to audiences excepting the existence of an Amazonian Princess, a Man from Mars, or a guy in a bright red and yellow suit that runs fast enough to vibrate through walls.

    Even though he’s only producing —I’m curious as to how the Man of Steel is going to turn out with Nolan’s influence.

    Also for my 0.02 —I think DC could get away with doing the opposite of what Marvel did by going straight into a JLA movie and then spinning the characters off into their own flicks from there.

    While characters like Iron-Man and Thor needed to be introduced to most movie-goers—the DC characters–especially the big 3–are pretty well known as most every generation has grown up watching some version of the JLA on the telly.

    I’d like to see a JLA flick told from a rebooted Batman’s POV— where maybe he comes across a threat that he realizes he can’t handle alone— and then goes and tries to recruit other heroes that he’s heard about and kept tabs on but had previously and purposefully avoided until now.

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