Christopher Nolan On Board to Direct DARK KNIGHT Sequel and “Godfather” the SUPERMAN Franchise

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Yesterday, we reported on David Goyer leaving his showrunning duties for ABC’s FlashForward focus on his film career, which included a mention of the inevitable Batman 3. At the time, it seemed like a continuation of the logical but as-of-yet unconfirmed rumor that director Christopher Nolan and screenwriter Goyer would return to Gotham.  A new report Deadline, advances said heresay and ups the ante by about a million chips.  Not only has Nolan cracked the story of the sequel to The Dark Knight and committed to participate, but Warner Bros. has recruited the modern auteur to “godfather” the newest film in the Superman franchise.  It’s unlikely that Nolan will direct the Superman sequel, but any portion of the reins handed to the man indicates a serious effort on the studio’s part to make the best Superman while they still have the time.

For speculation on the future of two of the biggest superhero franchises on the planet, hit the break.

Christopher Nolan (1).jpgRecall that Superman sequel is in its own kind of production hell right now due to the critical and commercial underperformance (relatively speaking) of Superman Returns as well sa the ongoing legal battle for the rights for the iconic tale of Clark Kent.  Last time we checked, all story rights will return to the families of Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster, the creators of the Superman comics, in 2013.  Not only does this create a deadline for Warner Bros. to make a movie, but it puts into question the profitability of such a move.  After all, why should the studio spend $232 million (the budget of Superman Returns) to reboot a struggling franchise if they do not have the rights to sequels to capitalize on the theoretical success of said film?

Nolan’s involvement is surely a sign, however, that the studio has hope for the franchise.  Superman is, of course, one of the most recognizable superhero brands on the planet.  Warner Bros. values its relationship with Nolan, particularly after he delivered a billion dollar success in The Dark Knight; they bought into his mysterious (and expensive) Inception despite a premise that seems impossible to advertise, and they have let Nolan take his time in crafting a worthy follow-up to The Dark Knight, perhaps foregoing the opportunity to strike while the iron is hot.

I don’t want to overstate Nolan’s control over the project; it seems very unlikely that he will direct any Metropolis-based adventures.  But if you’re Warner Bros., and you truly want to unleash a successful Superman film on the moviegoing public, this seems the best way to announce your intentions: hire the guy who created the most critically acclaimed (and most profitable) superhero movie of all time to mentor the attempt.  The sequel is now closer to fruition than before, but perhaps only marginally so.  They still need a solid script, a director who knows what to do with the material, a star who can fill every inch of the Superman’s red boots, and in all likelihood a deal for sequel rights beyond 2013 before this thing really gets going.

superman_returns_image_screenshot__2___medium_.jpgSo what exactly will the next film look like if Warner Bros. makes it in the next couple of years?  It seems that Bryan Singer and Brandon Routh of Superman Returns are out for good.  Many directors–including Tim Burton, JJ Abrams, McG, and Brett Rattner–came and went before Singer was chosen.  Clearly it’s no easy task to find the director right for such a vision, though I imagine they are searching far and wide as we speak.

Consider the influence Nolan will have in his peculiar involvement.  He is famous for bringing a gritty, realistic touch to his Batman films while shying away from a more traditional escapist approach to comic adaptations.  Warner Bros. Pictures Group president Jeff Robinov has previously mentioned interest in making the Superman franchise “edgier”.  Especially after the announcement that Spider-Man franchise will be rebooted in a “gritty, contemporary” style, confirming a sea change in Hollywood’s approach to costumed heroes, we have every reason to believe that any new Superman movie will be grounded in some form of realism.  I’m excited about any forward motion on a new Superman movie, and am even more jazzed that Nolan, who has yet to make a bad movie, is attached in any manner.  But I do wonder if a gritty Metropolis is the best approach to the infinitely wholesome character of Superman.

batman_the_dark_knight_image.jpgI approach the news of Nolan’s commitment to a Batman sequel with much less reservation.  Though The Dark Knight has the makings of a perfectly suitable end to Nolan’s Bruce Wayne saga, it also set up a potential third movie that could conclude a wonderful trilogy.  If you recall, at the end of The Dark Knight, Batman sacrificed his reputation for the good of Gotham to become an enemy of the state.  I would suggest that the theoretical third chapter would be a redemption story for Batman, as he finds some way to balance the nobility of his intentions with the moral ambiguity of his vigilantism.  It will be hard to top The Dark Knight, of course, in either the critical or commercial realm.  But I trust Nolan’s sense of integrity; if he didn’t believe he had anything more to say on the subject, I truly believe he simply wouldn’t return to the world, and let another director depict his own vision of Gotham.  For me, his participation is confirmation that a Dark Knight sequel could be terrific.

Really, for how cool all this news is, we probably aren’t much closer to seeing either Superman or Batman on the screen than we were yesterday.  Warner Bros. always wanted to make a new Superman movie, but there still isn’t a script, star, or director.  Likewise, the studio always wanted Nolan to return (and he has!), and the story is “cracked”, but the script is unwritten.  But “cool” this news undoubtedly is, and I think it serves as a great foundation upon which to bat around theories on both of these franchises which permeate pop culture so thoroughly.  I would love to hear your views in the comments below.


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  • jake

    i just nerdgasmed all over the computer

  • bradco

    I know this will be met with derision, but why not make the next movie based on the story arc from Smallville?

  • MonsterKilledThePilot

    best news ever!


    Meh, people that say Bat-3 will be a dissapointment compared the TDK really should start reading the source materials. Heath was a FANTASTC JOKER, yes, and its a shame he wont be in 3, yes.
    But Batman has always had a fantastic array of villains and storylines.

    People that say “No Riddler, he's too silly a character, or hes too much like Joker, or he's boring etc” dont have the imagination to make it work for them. I've read that a lot too. Same for Penguin, I read somewhere that even Nolan thought Penguin was too far fetched for his take, I dont know if that factual, but whats far fetched about a fat crime boss that wears a tux and smokes cigars?
    Maybe his sources on Penguin only come from the foul sewer dwelling Burton version (who i really liked by the way but it was stylized)

    My take would be… CRISPIN GLOVER as Riddler, a serial killer that is obsessed with finding out who Batman is (using Mr Reece's almost blab from TDK as his inspiration?) Hmm Mr Reece sounds like Mysteries by the way.

    Penguin, simple a Mob Boss who takes over from Falcone & Maroni. A restaurant/night club owner from Chicago that acts like a kingpin.
    I would cast… TIMOTHY SPALL as Penguin, nicknames that because of his tuxedo obsession.

    Besides all that, theres limitless possibilities to finish off the franchise, we still need to see the BAT-CAVE, a better Bat-suit too I hope.

    Maybe Riddler, exposes Bruce as Batman, forcing the Fox Dept to flee to the Cave so when the cops get to Wayne Enterprises its empty.
    TDK was great, but still so many unresolved Bat issues left over from Begins. (I also hope the cheesy bits are left out this time too. TDK was a huge phenomenon, but it still had plenty of issues that could be bettered.)

    Maybe Talia Al Ghul could make an appearance?

  • game104

    Amazing News about Batman, hope it is true


    Bradco, I'm not the greatest fan of Smallville, i like the kalel aspect of it though, but not so much the teen-kryptonite villains each week.

    BUT, I have always said that a BRUCE (or Gotham) based tv show could be awesome, kinda before Batman is established. Maybe a younger Bruce in basic vigilante mode, and showing his studying and trainng etc. More of a character piece with some action thrown in, and the birth of some of Gothams crime syndicate. Falcone, and Penguin etc, Pre Joker though.

    I think with talented writers, from LOST etc, we could have a great TV series.

  • junierizzle

    IF NOLAN is back then it should be amazing. As stated in the article, he hasn't made a bad movie yet. I think it will be great. But I don't want to jinx it so I'll just maintain.
    I know NOLAN has said he only makes the BATMAN movies as their own entity and doesn't think about sequels, but I find it hard to believe that he didn't at least know where to take the story. i mean, he isn't a moron. I'm sure it had to alter with the unfortunate passing of Ledger but he knows what he's doing.
    As for SUPERMAN, unless he is directing I can't get too excited. BUt that doesn't mean he can't help make a good movie. Kinda like what Guillermo Del Toro “produced” THE ORPHANGE.

  • nom79

    I've had Crispin Glover as a prime candidate for the Riddler as well. He has the wicked and creepy look(with or without makeup…..McFLY!). I can see it working really well. Philip Seymour Hoffman as the penguin is an outstanding performance waiting to happen as well. Nolan take these 2 actors into consideration. If not, I still trust your judgement.

  • Gus

    Mr. Bettinger, I just wanted to say that you were 100% right when you said that Christopher Nolan has yet to make a bad film. he was the director of the decade, in my opinion. Even if you remove the Batman franchise from his resume, you still have Memento, Insomnia and The Prestige, all of which are amazing movies!

  • Christopher_M


    nothing in Deadline's article confirms you're claim that Nolan will direct the third Batman movie…don't assume until it's official..he's only contributing to the script…don't mislead readers with you're headline…at lest put a question mark at the end of it…

  • helveticaconspiracy

    Best news in a long time! As a side note, I have been reading movie news sites for many years. I tend to hate visiting most sides; as I want the updates, but find the writers to be obnoxious. But, Collider has recently come to my attention and you're a breath of fresh air. Intelligent, balanced movie journalism! My favorite site. Sorry to go off topic, but wanted to share that. Thanks!

  • [A]

    Nolan should start his own directing school.. and his brother, a scripting school!

  • [A]


  • [A]

    Just thought of it: can't they make the new Supes movie a cheap one? Cheap, as in the Spidey reboot: $80mil..

  • Shawn

    It's great to hear news of a Batman: The Dark Knight Sequel! I love Nolan's realistic style of superhero storytelling…you can actually believe a person like Batman could exist. I hope for the sequel they have an awesome Catwoman. Her conflicted personality would work well…is she good or evil?

    As for the next Superman, I though Singer and Routh did a great job. The problem was that this reboot should have been planned as a trilogy….the first film being followed by two and three, each year, as Harry Potter. We needed to be re-introduced to Superman, which Singer's movie accomplished. We just needed to get to other villians like Doomsday sooner to keep the viewers' interest. If Singer's out, then I hope they bring back Routh.

    And for both films, Warner should take Marvel's lead and have character cameos for a future Justice League movie.

  • Dawnell_do

    I just nut in my pants.

  • Brendan Bettinger

    You're absolutely right: I did rather carelessly jump to conclusions in the headline, regardless of whether the assumption is valid or not.

    If we find out that he's not directing, but only helping with the screenplay, I promise to eat all sorts of crow.

  • Brendan Bettinger

    That's a very good question, and an apt comparison.

    I think the star/director choice will indicate budget size when (if?) we eventually get there.

  • Brendan Bettinger

    I don't write enough of the articles to speak on behalf the site, but on behalf of me, thanks! I'm proud to write what little I do for your favorite site.

  • [A]

    ..not before 2012, I'm sure

  • billymatt

    Nolan should seek the counsel of Richard Donner. If they put their heads together on
    Superman, we'd have one hell of movie.

  • Christopher_M

    no worries..I just got very stoked when I saw the headline then disappointed when it wasn't confirmed…I'm sure it's happening in the long run…Nolan understands he'll have total creative freedom plus massive budgets for his original projects at WB if he does one more movie…

  • Guest

    AWESOME!! Chris Nolan for Superman and Batman! my dreams have come true! We won't see the Superman movie for a while though, if Nolan is presumably working on it. I'd rather him continue with a lot more Batmans though, he does an absolute great job!

  • pjcampbell

    I am thoroughly excited by the news that Nolan is returning for the next Batman flick. I still think it would be interesting to have The Riddler as a guy who is kinda like the Zodiac killer, sending out Zodiac style letters to the Gotham Newspapers while trying to gain power over the city. Cast David Tennant in the role because he has the right look and acting chops to pull over a darker, edgier version of The Riddler

  • maziarlahooti

    The greatest superman story never told is the novel by Tom DeHaven titled : It's superman. It boggles my mind that hollywood has not jumped on making this film yet. It is by far the best superman story ever. Completely grounded in realism, set in depression era united states, on the brink of world war two with a confused Clark Kent travelling the country side trying to figure out exactly who he is and ending up in New York City (Metropolis does not exist in this version)

    I mean why has no film maker considered the significance of the fact that Superman is a depression era icon. That means something. Superman won't work in present day. He's boring in present day.

    I think a new realistic approach to superman is exactly the right way to go.

  • nerdvana555

    This is incredible news!!! I love Nolan and couldn't be happier. I expected him to return for Batman 3, though changing is original vision slightly since the death of Heath Ledger who was most likely going to be in the third installment. I hope Batman 3 has The Riddler, I would love to see Nolan's take on the character, maybe played by Johnny Depp.
    As a huge fanboy I really liked Singer's take on X-Men, but despised Superman Returns. I would love it if Nolan would do the honor of directing a Superman origins story. I believe his attention to detail would work really well in the Superman universe. Although I will still be happy if he chooses to only produce.

  • Corin Prendiville

    The problem with Superman is he looks like a big flaming fag (no offense to homosexuals), Batman just looks like a BDSM participator. More importantly Superman villains suck.. big time. Whereas Batman's villains are actually interesting and very dark and disturbing. It also helps that we can't see Batmans dorky outfit in the night whereas Supermans tights are out in the air for all to see.

    In an age of film where realism is everything, Superman doesn't quite make the cut. That to me is why he is failing, and why movies like Ironman, Spiderman and X-Men are successful. They have a realism to them that Superman in his little outfit, and with his perfect existence can't come close to. Unless they knock him down a notch they are screwed.

    Smallsville did just that of course, it put him in a teen body without the lame costume and with human emotions and issues.

  • deano

    Great news about Batman really. superman is no good let it die, he is a kids comic book hero at best, the boring invincible hero called Superman should be laid to rest. He is a primitive comic hero & concept that has over run its originality & hey-day & simply put is out-dated.

    He will not be as successful as realistic comic heros such as Batman, because simply audiences cannot identify with him. The mere notion of Superman threatens to make a mockery of the whole Comic book-movie adaptions, some of which have great relevency in present time cinema due to their realistic themes and attitudes which many can relate to, however Superman has no place amongst them.

  • G – DOPE

    Nolan adapts to the material. He did do a movie that has to do with the Fantastical. The end of the Prestige where Hugh Jackman's magician was cloning himself. I think Nolan will understand that. Superman I and II are the Superman movies obviously. Even if they are a little corny they still are the blueprint on how to make a solid Superman film that explores the actual character of the superhero while at the same time having that spectacle. That being said None of the previous superman movies have never been true to the comics any sort of way besides the basic premise. In Superman II he fights Aliens but Zod and his crew were made up for the movie. They weren't original comic book villians. They're has been a lot of great Superman stories in the Comics. Especially recently. I think Nolan will have DC focus on these tales to come up with a solid Superman story. Just like he used Batman Year One, Long Halloween, The Killing Joke, and early Bob Kane Batman for influence on Batman Begins and Dark Knight. It would be interesting to see a Superman movie that was actually true to Comic books. Kind of like the Animated Series was back in the nineties.

  • rover

    Sounds good to me, bradco.

  • saje3d

    Smallville hasn't been doing the freak of the week crap since the second season, really. Anyone who watched the first couple seasons and decided they'd had enough missed out on how much better the writing became once Lex started his inexorable slide into evil. It has its faults but at least THAT ended. I almost gave up on the show myself but am now glad I gave it the chance to redeem itself.

    That said, I'm afraid I'm on the side of those who look at the idea of a gritty superman as unnecessary and a bit disturbing. The guy laughs off everything except bullets and magic. Where's the grit going to come from? Killing off Lois? Or millions of innocent civilians?

    Grittiness, despite Hollywood's assumptions to the contrary, isn't the end-all. The goal should be to tell a fascinating story with characters we care about, not spit in the Dark Knight's eye. A goal of “grittiness” without dedication to the mythology and the characters is celluloid masturbation and little else. Rather like the last three movies of the original series… except in the other direction.

    And that goes double for the wankers who decided a “gritty” reboot of Spider man was either necessary or desirable. Get a grip. Spider man isn't supposed to be gritty. It's supposed to be a superhero action comedy. That's the character and the mythos. Sure, there can be tragedy–and has been–but the thing about Peter is that he always manages to rise above it. Kill that and kill the character.

  • Bram Eisenthal

    First off, as a lifelong Supes fan with an S-shield tat on my shoulder, I eat, drink and bleed Superman. And I have to say that, despite its inherent problems, I liked the film. A lot. And I thought Routh was excellent, so I am sorry to hear that he won't be playing the role again. But regardless of who plays him, or who helms (though, Chris, I think you w3ould be an excellent choice), I'd love to be attached to that movie in any capacity. It would be a life dream for me. Does 60 films' worth of experience and a career in media qualify me for a role as unit publicist?

    Here's my chance to add that not ALL studio execs and associate producers are over-rated… LOL (see my comments on the poll).

    Nice report on what's going on. Congrats!

  • bradco

    My fear is that Nolan will make the next Superman into some dark and gloomy movie like Batman. I loved Batman and the tone Nolan set was perfect for the character. However, Superman represents the optimist, the one who believes in the inherent good in everyone, fights for the underdog. Fashion Lex Luthor more like the Lex portrayed in Smallville, with a touch of Nixon.

    • teratogen

      well i think nolan has the talent to pull off a darker version of superman while at the same time preserving the optimist aspect of superman…that i think would be the ultimate reboot….if it happens!!!!!

    • teratogen

      well i think nolan has the talent to pull off a darker version of superman while at the same time preserving the optimist aspect of superman…that i think would be the ultimate reboot….if it happens!!!!!

  • Corin Prendiville

    Sorry but this generation wants realism, which naturally is dark and gritty and painful and disturbing. Which is why Superman can't work, its like the classic '50s comic book. Cheezy as all hell, false and hides the issues of life. Sorry, but Superman is the dumbest character ever. He is a Marty Sue, he has no weaknesses (except some damn rock), he is the perfect person, has perfect morals. It is ridiculous, nobody is that perfect and you can't create any interesting or real conflict with a character like that. Which is why I think the only way for Superman to survive in this day and age is for them to bring him down to earth a little bit, give him a character flaw not just a bald super villain who wants to destroy the world for god knows what reason.

  • jonathan

    Corin, I think you have a couple of emotional issues. You sound disturbed and hateful in your post regarding some fictional comic book character called superman. You do know an entire country is in epic disaster due to an earthquake?

    If Superman was the “dumbest character ever”, Superman Returns wouldnt have grossed$200MM domestic, 78% Positive RT Meter, Superman I and II wouldnt have been the success they were. You must have a personal agenda in attacking a fictional character with so much hate and passion. You do know he's not real?

    You do know that Cyclops (who is also a fictional character by way) shoots massive amounts of high energy lasers that can cut through steel, iron, and just about any metal on earth, while his eye sockets, skin around his eyes, and hair are utterly untouched? Oh and by the way, superman was written to have the same power.

    Your argument is emotion ridden and flawed.

  • Bram

    Good point. I guess this is the Superman I grew up with, but I was also covering Superman and other DC comics in mainstream media in 1993 when the Death of Superman hit, when he was replaced by the four characters before being brought back a year later… and it was exciting to see something new. I admit that the Return was a lot like the original series of films in that Superman was too much of a Boy Scout, but I liked the fact he was at least a bit grittier. Bottom line: I would not have a problem with a dark, gritty Metropolis and a Superman that isn't perfect. Maybe Tim Burton would be a good director for that sort of film, after all. Or JJ Abrams. I mean, the guy can reimagine anything, I believe.

    Whatever it is, I hope they at least put lots of effort and thought into it. I also hope the upcoming Green Lantern film is a kick-ass effort. It has certainly taken long enough for one of comicdom's best characters. In brightest day, in blackest night…

  • Corin Prendiville

    No it is not.

    a) Cyclops has one power, sure he can shoot flares from his eyes but he can also be shot and die and has a slew of emotional issues that continuously cause his downfall in the comics (though X-Men characters constantly miraculously coming back from the dead does get old… a major flaw of the Marvel Universe).

    a2) Superman on the other hand has that as one power. He can also fly, deflect bullets off of his man-chest, punch someone into oblivion, doesn't ever seem to do anything wrong but instead is thrown into situations that he ultimately fixes. This may not be the case with ALL superman comics, but the popularization of him and the films especially the originals all emphasized this Superman which is something I think needs to be strayed away from. Also $200 million is not an achievement in the world of comic book films, especially when you consider the movie cost $270 million to make and only made $390 worldwide so it hardly made a profit. 78% is not a bad rating (though not as good as any other comic book film to come out this decade)- and it is the most beloved comic book hero in American history, and yet Iron Man still managed to do way more business and get a 93% rating on rotten tomatoes without the prestige of Superman).

    b) The dumbest character ever is an expression of my personal feelings towards the popular Superman. I'm sorry, but I don't see how a man who is essentially perfect can be interesting unless your the kind of person who likes to imagine the world is a perfect place and fantasize about being perfect. If you knew anything about writing you would know that literary conflict is almost entirely created through internal struggle, which is impossible if a character has no flaws or always know the best options. Which only leaves external struggle, and external struggle isn't good for much outside some amusing action and adventure (hence its a kiddie character), something adults can hardly take seriously which is why the movie didn't perform well because kids don't read Superman like they used to instead they watch Avatar The Last Airbender, Pokemon, etc. The only reason it did as well as it did was because all the nostalgic adults who used to read the books as kids.

    c) Superman I and II were created in a different time, a time I said people could buy the unrealistic crap. Not to mention they were the closest things anyone had to big budget blockbuster action flicks at the time, which explains the success. You couldn't release something like Superman I and expect it to be successful now like it was then.

    d) What does the Haitian Earthquake have anything to do with a discussion about Superman? Are you in some way implying that by my taking an interest in the direction a film takes that I must not be focusing enough on helping my fellow man?

    By the way, I am in no way saying Superman is just a dead superhero (though in his current incarnation he is slightly outdated), I am simply saying he needs a rebirth. I don't think they should make Superman as dark as Batman is because Batman has always been a darker and more disturbed Superhero, almost an original anti-hero. Superman should follow more down the path of Spiderman or hopefully the Green Lantern film.

  • Corin Prendiville

    Yeah, its just annoying watching a walking talking cliche on film for almost 3 hours. I didn't even finish the new Superman movie because it felt that forced, but there were more problems than just Superman being his super self – it just wasn't that well done a film.

  • deano

    Ok Bram you have some deep issues. Do you also dress up as Superman and parade around the house in that homosexual bright blue outfit of his. Superman is the apitome of lame, his name, costume & concept itself leaves much to be desired.

    The mere image of him flying across the screen in that bright blue spandex costume with a red cape makes me cringe my teeth, it is hard for me to imagine how anyone past the age of 10 could feel such a premise. Superman was a integral part of comic heyday as he was popular with the kids as he was simple & effective concept that anyone could understand. I too liked him as a young kid.

    The fact that a movie would be release called in present day with a name like Super-man & dressed the way he is, with the powers that he has, makes me feel ashamed for the whole population collectively as I feel we must be a bunch of absolute simpletons to even slightly embrace such a simple effortless concept. Comic-book movie adaptions today are as realistic & amongst the most enjoyable action blockbuster films today due to their believabilty and realism, but Superman makes a mockery of the industry all together. I guess by producing these films they will always have the young person audience, (12 and under) & maybe deserves a place amongst such films as he Spykids franchise or finding Nemo.

    PS. Dont feel too ashamed tho, Bram, as the Superman logo is quite clean.

  • saje3d

    I've never been that big a superman fan for those reasons… But while it's certainly possible to create a powerful being with human flaws–gawd knows I've done it–one must also keep in mind the limitations of the character and the mythology. What flaws could you paint for him? In Smallville one of his greatest flaws was his secretiveness. Of necessity, sure, but it can alienate people. How to humanize someone who isn't in any way human? Give him human flaws? Bad hygiene? A tendency toward Super-voyeurism? He has to be connected enough to get involved, to intercede on the behalf of strangers all the time, to be a symbol of justice and goodness, yet somehow flawed enough for people to say–”Yeah, I believe that.”

    On top of that, the idea that no one sees Clark Kent and Superman and says “They're the same person” because one of them wears glasses is ridiculous. They're clearly identical–of identical size, hair color, and eye color. Not to mention their voice would be identical as well.

    How to scuff up Superman in a believable way–that would be a challenge indeed.

    • Corin Prendiville

      I agree, I haven’t watched a whole lot of Smallsville but he seems to have human emotions and he does screw things up and make mistakes. His secretiveness is a start, but perhaps they could turn his good intentions in on him (kind of like what they did with Batman in The Dark Knight), choosing between two goods. He can’t be everywhere at once (unless I missed his cloning ability).

      Pride could be a flaw… and compassion.

  • kor

    oh my god! yes! i’m happy that nolan finally announced that he’s still the one to direct the dark knight sequel! but not only that, i’m also happy that he might direct a superman movie!

  • kor

    oh my god! yes! i’m happy that nolan finally announced that he’s still the one to direct the dark knight sequel! but not only that, i’m also happy that he might direct a superman movie!

  • ZackE

    Yeah, absolutely. I think that while Superman Returns had alot of flaws, it really got the tone of Superman down near perfect. At least the dramatic side of the tone.

    I'd love to see a funner, Star Trek esque reboot of Superman though.

  • ZackE

    Batman 3:
    Introduce Nightwing (not Robin) as a villian, and a second villian (maybe two face is back?) who becomes the real, real villian of the movie. But do the action with Nightwing, right? Anyways, do some kind of Braveheart thing, or something along those lines, where Batman finds someone to take his place and die, continuing the legend of Batman.

    But, they wouldn’t do that… Sooo…

    Keep the Nightwingish villian idea, someone who Batman is equal to, and can fight, keep Two Face alive, and have the political sup blot. And maybe a sci fi twist where Ras al Gul is back from the dead and Bruce Wayne questions his own mortality?

  • sam

    because smallville was AWFUL

  • Corin Prendiville

    Plus I doubt hes just going to drop a franchise on the potentially last film, that would be stupid.

  • Corin Prendiville

    Chris Nolan's movies have all been amazing, Heath Ledger was a great actor and his death did propel The Dark Knight forward, but it wasn't just that, it was also his role as Joker and the feathers it ruffled with Jack Nicholson's performance.

    Either way attaching Nolan to work with anything is going to give it a better chance because he has proven to be an amazing director. If Inception is a huge hit then he will definitely be a lasting voice in Hollywood.

  • supaman

    heath ledger made Dark Knight…he created the buzz Chris nolan aint allthat

  • antonn

    i think the joker will make an appearance in the next movie, either a lookalike or a photo-realistic 3d version, hope so anyway.


    As long as Christopher Nolan gets the correct atmosphere for Superman vs. Batman (light vs. dark), it could be genuinely fantastic!

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