Christopher Nolan’s INCEPTION Budgeted at $200 Million?

     June 15, 2009

chris_nolan_image__1_.jpgHoly Crap Batman!  How happy did director Christopher Nolan make Warner Brothers in 2008?  So happy that they are apparently throwing shit loads of money at him to make that little “in-between Batmans” movie of his: “Inception”.  According to the Calgary Sun (think of it as a knock-off of The Sun – Britain’s tabloid of choice) quotes a source as saying that the film is budgeted at $200 million.  I’m not sure if that is in real money or the Canada-kind, but either way – that is holy crap money.

“It’s not just some CBC mini-series… It’s pretty substantial. These guys are going to spend more money before lunchtime than most (networks) will spend on a series. It’s as big a movie as has ever been shot here,” explains the ubiquitous tabloid ‘source’ on the benefits of a Calgary-based “Inception” shoot.

So, OK – the source for this story has “Sun” in its title so we have to take the info with a grain of salt.  But just to put the number $200 million in perspective for you – “The Dark Knight”, with all of its cash-intensive action sequences, only cost $185 million.  Aside from the fact that its cast – featuring Leonardo DiCaprio, Ellen Page, Michael Caine and Marion Cotillard – is pretty impressive, we still don’t know much about “Inception”.  Until today it was just a “contemporary actioner set in the architecture of the mind”.  But if that price tag is correct I think we can assume that the architecture of that mind is going to look awesome in IMAX.

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