Max Landis to Write CHRONICLE 2

     March 7, 2012


Max Landis’ Chronicle was one of Collider’s Most Anticipated Films for the first quarter of 2012 and was a nice little box office surprise for Fox. The studio is hoping that lightning strikes twice as Landis has been tapped to write the sequel to the found-footage superhero film. Chronicle’s plot line followed three teenagers (Dane DeHaan, Alex Russell and Michael B. Jordan) as they acquired superhuman powers and attempted to gain control over them. Without giving too much of the plot away, let’s just say that not all of them were able to walk the straight and narrow path. Chronicle played out in such a way that a direct sequel involving all of the principal characters would be difficult, but fans of comics know that, in the world of superhuman powers, quite literally anything is possible. Hit the jump for more on Chronicle.

Deadline reported that Landis will be gearing up to write the sequel to Chronicle. As a big fan of the original film, I’d love to see what kind of spin Landis has in store for the sequel. It’s hard to say whether or not director Josh Trank will return to direct the sequel as he was recently reported to be in talks for Sony’s The Amazing Spider-Man spin-off, Venom. It will also be difficult to replicate the feel of the original, which employed “self-shot” footage from the teens documenting the testing of their superpowers. While I felt that the first film suffered from a bit of a disjointed plot towards the end, it was an overall solid effort for a group of relative newcomers. Even our Matt Goldberg enjoyed the film; you can read his review here to see for yourself. If you’re a fan of Akira, properly done found-footage films or just superheroes in general, you owe it to yourself to check out Chronicle, if you haven’t already. Check out all of our previous coverage here. Here’s the trailer for the original:


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  • IllusionOfLife

    Chronicle was surprisingly really good, and I was happy that it did well at the box office. I knew this announcement was inevitable, but I really had hoped that Fox would be above this. Apparently not.

    There’s no reason for this film to have a sequel. The characters reached the ultimate progression in their respective arcs and the story was neatly contained and didn’t need any further exploration. Having a sequel using the same characters would be horribly, *horribly* stupid. And having a “in name only” sequel focussing on the same thing happening to different kids would likely just end up being a boring retread.

    • Max Landis

      Hi, I’m Max Landis, I wrote that movie you liked, and this is my once-per-announcement response to a comment :)

      I’m really happy Chronicle was able to surprise you and that you enjoyed it.

      I ask you, as the creator of a piece of art you liked, to give us the opportunity to surprise you with the sequel.

      Know that I too hate arbitrary franchises.

      Be assured that this is not that.

      Also, remember that people probably thought sequels to Alien, Terminator, and Back To The Future were bad ideas too.

      Thanks for caring enough to comment in such an elegant way, and thank you for seeing Chronicle!

      • Monique

        Hi Mr. Landis,

        I absolutely loved going along on the ride for Chronicle. Can’t wait to see what you have up your sleeve for Chronicle 2.

        Hurry up! : )

    • Julian

      No it wouldn’t be a stupid idea to make another sequal to chronical. The movie was pretty good and a simple storyline. But there was THOUSANDS of questions that need to be answered. If they left it as this it leaves the audience confused considering the fact that we dont even know what game them the superpowers, Why andrew is stronger, if he really died, or what happend to his cousin.

  • Strong Enough

    daddy’s little girl

    • cloxlider

      Oh oh, somebody needs a friend.

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  • patrick

    District 9 is still the best found footage

    • IllusionOfLife

      District 9 really isn’t found footage as much as it is “mock-umentary.”

  • Michelle

    I’d love to see a second Chronicle, though I think the original is great as a standalone.
    I want to know what the thing was that gave them the powers, why did the police/government get involved in it, why did Andrew get stronger than the other two- was it because he was weaker than them in the beginning? Did his line in the movie about stopping the baseball by thinking about it not hurting him possibly foreshadow that there was other superpowers other than just telekinesis at play (so in the end, did he really die, or was there more to come after)?
    If a sequel doesn’t work out, I think these would be some awesome special features to have on the DVD/BluRay release.. I’ll be buying it at midnight on the release date!

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