Clark Gregg and Kate Mara Sign on for IRON MAN 2

     April 23, 2009

Written by Matt Goldberg

Clark Gregg was a charming presence in the first “Iron Man” movie as he played at the outskirts of the story before slamming home the reveal of “SHIELD”. But after the credits rolled and we saw Mr. Nick Fury, Director of SHIELD(Samuel L. Jackson), it wasn’t an unreasonable assumption that Gregg’s time in the franchise was done because we now had the big gun. With Jackson signing a nine-picture deal to play Fury, that gun now has a lot of bullets so why would you need Gregg other than he’s great?

I’m not sure but The Hollywood Reporter says Gregg has officially signed on to “Iron Man 2” and I’m anxious to know in what capacity. Yes, he’ll be playing Agent Phil Coulson again but what’s the size of the role? Is it bigger than it was in the first film? Smaller? Bigger than a bread box? Do we still keep bread in boxes? And what does his involvement say about the size of Jackson’s role in this movie?

And then there’s the million-dollar question: since SHIELD is probably key to an “Avengers” movie, what kind of set-up are they making in “Iron Man 2” for that film? Clearly, it’s going to be considered since there’s no “Iron Man 3” planned between “Iron Man 2” and “The Avengers” movie and this will presumably be the last we see of Mr. Tony Stark until “The Avengers” short of cameos in other Marvel movies. So how does it all work out and where does Mr. Coulson factor into all of this if he factors in at all?

Seriously, if he’s only in the film for five seconds, I am going to print and frame this article as a testament to my speculative skills (or lack thereof).

Oh, and Kate Mara is also going to be in “Iron Man 2” but in an unknown capacity. We know nothing about her character so just enjoy this photo of her being sexy.

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