CLIFFHANGER Remake in the Works

     May 29, 2014


Studio Canal and producer Neal Moritz (Fast & Furious franchise) are moving forward with a Cliffhanger remake, mining the 1993 Sylvester Stallone action-adventure film for a modern day update.  Directed by Renny Harlin (Die Hard 2), the original pic starred Stallone as a traumatized mountain climber/rescue ranger who is summoned by thieves to help recover three briefcases carrying $100 million in total that were strewn across the Rocky Mountains.  Deadline reports that Joe Gazzam has been hired to write the script for the remake after impressing Moritz with his take on the redo, which could end up at Sony given the producer’s relationship with the studio.

This is a bit of a baffling property to choose for a remake, but I guess if an extreme sports-centered Point Break redo can exist, a Cliffhanger do-over is par for the course.  Hit the jump for more on the film.

Moritz has plenty of experience steering action-oriented spectacle films, having produced the entirety of the Fast & Furious franchise in addition to pics like xXx, S.W.A.T., and the recent Total Recall remake.  It’ll be interesting to see how the Cliffhanger redo is approached given Hollywood’s over-reliance on CG effects versus practical stuntwork, but hopefully Moritz takes a cue from his Fast & Furious series and opts for more practical mountain climbing stunts.

Stallone’s original film isn’t necessarily beloved, but it was a sufficient offering to the early 1990s action boom.  Since big summer tentpoles are almost always envisioned as part of a trilogy/quadrilogy/never-ending universe, perhaps Gazzam’s script will end the Cliffhanger remake on an actual cliffhanger?

Watch the gloriously over-dramatic trailer for the original film below.


  • Neo Racer

    for fucks sakes

    • MCP

      Yep, pretty much….

      Wasn’t the best movie, but was fun. Lithgow as the bad was a good choice, minus the accent!

      • Neo Racer

        Now I hear Emmerich is doing a re-make of his own movie StarGate..its really scraping the bottom of the barrel now. F**K hollywood.

  • HeSaidSheSaidMv

    You know, I got nothing against remakes. Some are actually pretty good. The Crazies is far better than the original. The Thing (82) is also a damn good movie. I enjoy the shit out of the new Trek movies, BSG was a great TV show, as well as Bates Motel and Hannibal. I can probably come up with a dozen more remakes that are good. But remaking stuff just for the sake of it is dumb. Point Break does not need to be remade. Cliffhanger does not need to be remade. Especially when you consider that Hollywood rarely makes a good action movie anymore, people don’t go to see them anyway! Unless it’s named Expendables or F&F, audiences generally ignore it. It’s a shame too, because there are a few good action movies here and there.

  • LEM

    It must be great to be a Hollywood executive.

  • Old Soldier

    I pray the remake the Goonies.
    Not because they should, but because that will convince the childeren of the ’80s to finally rise up and burn Hollywood to the ground.
    Burn in Hell Neil Moritz!

  • utazdevl

    Say what you will about the idea of a remake, but the first 20 minutes of the original were as tense as anything I had ever seen in a movie theater.

  • The Flobbit

    Why, Hollywood? Why?

    • DNAsplitter

      Maybe they’ll pull a Roland Emmerich and hire Renny Harlin to remake his own film. Either way it makes no sense at all as this film was a pure 90′s action pop corn film that should not be remade.

  • God’s Diamond

    I liked the remake they did in ace ventura 2 when ace couldn’t save the monkey. I don’t know about a whole movie though

  • nNark

    Say what you will about the movie as a whole, but that first ten minutes will not be remade any more suspensefully!

    • nNark

      (Although, without a doubt, it will have hundreds more edits)

  • Mike

    all right this whole remake/reboot shit is getting out of hand.

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  • Giovanni Luis Jiminez

    This movie actually had a game for Sega and Super Nintendo lol